Shao Zhenyan nodded,“You can look good,Then I arranged it like this。”

“Worked hard,President。”Baby Ou teased。
Shao Zhenyan laughed,“Serve the people。”Stand up,“I’ll go ahead,You continue reading。”
Baby Ou nodded,Ok。
Shao Zhenyan took a few steps,Suddenly look back,ask,“I heard from Tong Jiaotie,I look a bit like your eldest son,Your big brother,What do you think?”
Baby Ou laughed,“The first time i saw you,Also feel a bit like。probably,You are all very beautiful types of fireworks, right?。”but,My eldest son is naturally better looking。
“You must look better。”Shao Zhenyan said it。
Baby Ou tilted his head,“why?”Shao Zhenyan is also very beautiful,The kind of eyes obsessed with invention,Make him look,Very bright。Different from Si Guangnian’s beauty,It’s the kind of mysterious and crazy appearance。Generally this kind of person,I think I am the only one。Like her elder brother and elder brother, they both feel this way。Rarely identify with others so sincerely。
“Because your brother-in-law is very beautiful。I always say my nephew is like my uncle,I also met your brother once by chance,Really better than me。”after all,Is it your elder brother。
Ou Baobao sincerely thank you,because,From Shao Zhen’s words,Speak praise,Even in appearance,It’s also extremely rare。
and so,“You also look in the mirror to appreciate your beauty?”Baby Ou is curious。
Shao Zhenyan laughed,“I will,I still shave my eyebrows。”
“.”real or fake!!!!
It’s been a long time since Shao Zhenyan left,Bao Bao Ou is still immersed in the fact that learning the gods would actually trim their eyebrows。
Xie Yun didn’t care on the surface,Shao Zhenyan kept getting needles in my heart。
It’s such a scheming gift!!!!

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