Zhu Guoqing’s forehead is a little sweaty,Said:“There is this?”

Lu Hui says:“Guaranteed。I am not the only one who found this problem,I remember Shu Qing found me the next day,Before looking for me,She also found Minister Qingxuan,According to Shu Qing later told me,Minister Qingxuan also noticed this problem。”
“How did Wen Qingxuan explain this??”Zhu Guoqing said deliberately。
Lu Hui says:“What is going on,I do not know either,Shu Qing was fine at the time,Wen Qingxuan never mentioned it。But the news was not broadcast,Many people should have discovered。”
Zhu Guoqing pretended to take out the phone,Said:“Let me ask,How could such a thing happen。”
Peng Changyi smiled,Stopped him with gestures,Said:“Old Zhu,It’s been so long,I can’t tell the question,Moreover,This is not what we are discussing right now,If there is such a missed event,Let Minister Qingxuan ask about this matter。Let’s discuss today’s topic。”
Zhu Guoqing never thought,What’s wrong,Why do I travel every time I want to interfere with personnel issues?!originally,It’s been so long,He thought no one remembered,And he didn’t hear anyone telling him about the missed broadcast,No one even talked about it during a meeting,It turns out that these people are insidious and cunning,Waiting to throw this out at a critical moment。
Lu Hui,He always thought he and Peng Changyi had broken up a long time ago,did not expect,crucial moment,He still defends Peng Changyi。No wonder,His niece became Wang Jiadong’s daughter-in-law,They still have to maintain each other。It seems,He didn’t prepare enough this time,But I can’t blame myself,Blame Peng Changyi,I called him yesterday to talk about it in private,Who knew he was so formal,Although it’s not the secretary’s office,But he proposed to convene,This meeting,Still officially held。Then it means,Don’t even think about adjusting cadres this year。
Thought of here,He said:“If this matter is verified,Li Li will assume leadership responsibilities。”When saying this,He remembered the 100,000 yuan that Li Li had just given him some time ago。
He continued:“But the quality of the TV station staff varies,What caused this incident,Still to be investigated。Put this matter aside for now,Then please Secretary Peng、Secretary Lu discuss my adjustment opinions on other cadres。”
Peng Changyi deliberately checked his watch,Said:“I say a few words。After the Mayor of National Day called me yesterday afternoon,I did think about this issue seriously。Secretary Lu Hui just used a sentence,Forever、It’s inappropriate to transfer cadres all night,I told the Mayor of National Day on the phone yesterday,The Mayor of National Day also answered my question like today。He has a certain point,Cadre adjustment,Although it is mostly at the end of the year,Because this time period will be completed,It’s also the time for the organization department to conduct routine assessments,But it’s not just too rigid,Encounter special circumstances,Also need special treatment。So I decided to hold such a small meeting temporarily,We will study at the meeting……”
He emphasized again“Temporary intention”this means。
Peng Changyi continued:“I just said that in a special situation,Cadre adjustment is always on,Just like Zhang Liang, the partner director of the Mayor of National Day when he was working in Beicheng,People are seriously ill,I also applied for resignation,In this situation,Are we still waiting for the end of the year?Obviously not。In principle, if it’s not for the unit leader to have such problems,As for the promotion of young cadres into the leadership team of each unit,I don’t think it’s an urgent matter,young people,Have ideals,It’s good to have progress,We must actively cultivate,Be good at finding such a good seed,Now that I found it,Observe for another six months,Unified consideration at the end of the year,This is also conducive to the work of the organization department,Otherwise, the assessment work will be difficult to do。As for the question of the Director of Radio, Film and Television Bureau raised by the Mayor of National Day,I don’t think it’s a big problem,Although the Radio, Film and Television Bureau is a business unit,But as the unit leader,No need to be familiar with news writing methods,The task of the leader is to manage,Only manage this unit,Use good people,Is the most important,After all, Lao Liu has worked hard for decades,He didn’t make a big mistake,We don’t want to let people retire early,and so,Just wait,Overall consideration at the end of the year。Mayor Zhu,Do you think this works?Don’t worry,Tell the young people,As long as you have the ability,Some are using martial arts。”
Peng Changyi did not comment on the news omission。
Zhu Guoqing nodded decadently,Said:“It can only be so。I’m very sorry,It took Secretary Peng and everyone’s time。”Talking,He picked up the notebook,Stand up,Got out of the reception room first。

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