Cain more clearly to another identity。

“Mr. Xia,Things are like this,Miss Miss is just talking to him.。”
Some bureaus between Ajiu’s voice,Can’t look at Liu Qingqing next to it.,Also,“And I can feel it,That Gao Li people are not well in the heart。”
“Um,I know,You go back.。”
Summer nice head,Eye goddess willow clear,Two people re-step,Into the restaurant。
Beautiful woman always competes,And those beautiful women with everyone,Always win the focus of attention。
The moon is such a woman。
Liu Qingqing is also。
After the two entered the hall,Naturally attracted a lot of people’s attention。
Especially,Another woman went out,Seeing both sides will meet,This makes it surr sooner.,Dark comparison with two best beauty。
However,Let them fall in the glasses,These two best women,It seems to be aware?
“Summer,Clear,You……How did you come??”
The moon is the first to open,Shocked on the face without any concealing。
Just very fast,Shocked became awkward。
In fact,In private,The relationship between Liu Qingqing and the moon is quite good.,Also included Qinling。
If you are leisure,Three women often take a tea together。
If you say it is welcome.,They are all because of summer,Let each other get close to each other and close。
But when their private party,Never talk about anything about summer。
For three women,This is a tacit understanding。
Now I have seen the summer and Liu Qingqing.,If the moon is not lost,That is impossible。
Although she has already slammed her own mentality,But……If it is not in the past,Standing next to the summer,It should be yourself.。
“Moon,What happened to you?。”
Liu Qingqing immediately broke the silence,Resolution,Take the initiative to hold the arm of the moon,Concern,“Is it uncomfortable??”
Moon,Put a grateful look to Liu Qingqing,Shake the head,“I am fine.,It is a bit surprised,I didn’t expect to meet you here.,Do you come to eat?。”
After the end,What did she think of?,Hurry,“I am also accompanying a Korean customer to eat.,There,I am going to open up the market……”
Speech,Can’t look at the summer。
With it, give Liu Qingqing,It is better to explain it to the summer.。
Liu Qingqing is can’t help but laugh.,“We have just met Ajiu,She has told us.,What are you nervous??”
Moon,Pretty face is more like。

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