the other side。

Just in Baidu, I have been in a hurry.,Discuss how to deal with threats from Tiansheng,The start of the car is in the Municipal Land Bureau,Sign contract contract。
After Wen Yanqi dredge,The last mountain climbing,The development http://www.bfe of the market is not in the market.。
Sign the contract,Put down,Li Ke lifted his body to the king,Laugh:“Congratulations on Wang,This mountain developed,The city also sent a hopes。
Can you develop a tourism industry?,Add a new motivation to the city economy,I can rely on you.,I hope that Hongxing will continue to be the Royal Bay.、After two projects in Hongxing Square,Bring a surprise to the city。”
“Li Ji rest assured,I will go all out.。”Wang Flow Handshake。
Say the conversation,Also:“in addition,The company has not only taken place for a long time.,I don’t know if there is any place in the city.,Can give us a piece?”
Li Ke pointed him,Laughter:“Such a big mountain is packaged.,Not enough to be developed?You still want?”
Wang Li, a smile,road:“You also said,This is just a mountain,It is only a tourism industry to be developed.,Development cycle,Investment is also big,Even if it is developed,I can’t see how profitable in the short term.,How long does it take for the cost?。
Such a big pen,You have to let us earn a money in other places is not?
Otherwise, in case an accident,Can’t keep up,Don’t say that you can develop this mountain.,Hongxing can live a problem.。”
Li Ke minor:“Your concern I also understand,How about this,At the moment, there is a block,Not large in size,30,000 flat,Location is not good,But it is not bad,In the main city。
If you are not afraid that the two projects have too big,How do I give this place to you??”
That feeling.,Originally just wants to complain,Can you follow the benefits of fishing?,I didn’t expect him to get it.。
Wang traffic is happy,Deconsive:“I have no problem,When can I sign a contract??”
Li Keyi,一 道:“You are too anxious.?how,I am afraid that night long dreams,I don’t give you a night.?”
Distinguished road:“That can’t be,I am not a long time.,Is it excited??”
Li Ke smile,I haven’t going to get,Faint:“Do not worry,Since I have to give you a place,That’s less you.。”
Said to see Cao Guohua next to,Told:“Go to the information of the ground of the Fengping District,Rebond to the contract,Given it,A piece of hand to Wang。”
“Yes。”Cao Guohua station is next to it for a long time,Wen said that one should be,Hourly turned around the moment,I still have a slight bitterness in my heart.。
I want to come to the city.,In order to take a block,I have to burn him。
Nowadays,The king has become a guest of Like,And he only has a copy of the side and the legacy.……
Take the information and contract,Li Ke Shuang is fast and the king is signing the contract.。
Another way,The king is not true,I have a few words with Li Kehan.,Then left the landlocker with the harvest。
Back to the company。
Wang Zhixin、Yang Kai、Wu Hui and others have been waiting for a long time。
Things are the trip to say,These days have been established in these days.,Waiting for the mountain to hand,Then carry out subsequent development。
“How about it?Did the project take it??”Meet,Wang Zhixin first expected the question。
Wang traffic nodded,Laugh:“Take it down,And there is additional harvest,Not only successful contracting,The Land and Resources Bureau also gives us an extra.,This is information,Take a look。”
Said to throw the information on the table。
A few people first face each other.,Then suddenly:“Oy,I got it?This is an accident.。”
“Let’s haven’t got it for more than a year.?I finally have a project to do it.。”
Two projects made last year,The land is included in the acquisition of waters,Hongxing has since won the Hongxing Plaza project,I didn’t get over the city in the city.,Calculate, it is not more than a year.。
Yang Kai got the information and looked down,The more you look at it:“More than 30,000 flat,Still in the main city,Volume rate also25,The size and position are not bad,According to the current rate,The development benefits have been at least 100 million,Very good。”
Wang Zhixin、Wu Hui and others also join next to it,Looking around and laughing。
Wang traffic knocked on the table,Break the road:“okay,A project,Here you are happy,Except,There is still a mountain.,The project team is set up.,First hurry,Start this project.。
Give design company seal invitation,First tender design。”

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