Peng Changyi laughed after listening,Lin Yan, who was smiling straight, felt guilty。

Peng Changyi rubbed his eyes and said:“Secretary Lin,You are so interesting,Actually believe these messy things?”
Lin Yan looked at Peng Changyi inexplicably,Said:“I feel it definitely makes sense,The motherland’s culture is vast and profound,Otherwise, why would Zhang Huai be willing to spend money on these things??”
Peng Changyi stopped smiling,Said:“I ask you,What did Zhang Huai do in the past?”
“Director of the Township Enterprise Bureau。”
“Go further。”
“Secretary of the Township Party Committee、Mayor。”
“Go further。”
“Commune secretary、vice secretary,Further ahead is the brigade cadres,Is a farmer。”
“What is his education?”
“Now fill in for college,Actually did not graduate from junior primary school。”
“This is incredible,Luckily you didn’t tell the mayor,He will criticize you too。Get a mirror and hang it there is Nightmare Town,so funny!It’s all conflicts between neighbors,Get a mirror to look at your home,Then your house hangs a mirror to look at his house。You also believe in this peasant trick in pediatrics?If you really did something illegal,Hanging a mirror with a sign will keep you safe?”
Lin Yan argued:“I don’t care about him!I am worried that it will hurt the mayor,Get a mirror to look at him every day,No wonder he didn’t sleep well this time,Haven’t you seen others lose weight??”

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