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漱口帮: Salt water dare to pull the cold off the horse

漱口帮: Salt water dare to pull the cold off the horse

“婕卞彛甯?: Salt water dare to pull the cold off the horse

The big anatomy of the lifestyle is the gangster. Character: Lin Biao, 58 years old, retired cadre of state-owned enterprises.

銆€銆€Features: It is recognized as the “internal contradictory mediator of the people”, the most intimate life consultant of relatives and friends.
I love watching Korean dramas. After retirement, I actively participated in various activities of the University of the Elderly. I have a strong interest in Tai Chi and vocal music.
銆€銆€鈼忓ス浜庝粖骞村垵鍔犲叆鈥滄急鍙e府鈥濓紝姣忓綋鎰熷埌鍠夊挋銆侀蓟瀛愮嚗鐑紝棰勬劅鍜藉枆鐐庛€佸枆鍜欑棝绛夊皢瑕佸彂浣滄椂锛屽氨璧剁揣鍦ㄦ櫄涓婄潯瑙夊墠鍐蹭竴鏉洂姘存急鍙c€€銆€鈼忎笓瀹惰〃绀猴紝鐩愭按婕卞枆棰勯槻涓婂懠鍚搁亾鎰熸煋璇佹嵁涓嶈冻锛屼絾鍙互缂撹В鎰熷啋鐥囩姸锛岀敤鑼舵按缁忓父婕卞彛杩樺彲浠ュ噺杞荤墮鏈川杩囨晱銆€銆€鐩愭按銆佽尪姘存棦渚垮疁锛屽張瀹规槗鑾峰緱锛屽洜姝や竴鏃︽湁浜鸿瀹冧滑鏄槻鐥呮不鐥呯殑灞呭鑹嵂锛屽彧瑕佺粡甯哥敤When you come to Sakaguchi, you will immediately attract a large number of believers, forming a “spoken gang”, and even swept the whole of Japan.
The cheaper and better drugs and therapies have to be scientifically tested. The Japanese scientists want to make a name for the mouth, but the research is to “search for no evidence.” The so-called efficacy is also likely to be a psychological effect.
灏界濡傛锛屼腑銆佺編銆佹棩涓夊浗鐨勫尰瀛︿笓瀹朵粛瀵规急鍙f姳鏈変竴涓濆笇鏈涳紝甯屾湜鐩愭按鎶婄粏鑿屻€佺梾姣掋€佺値鐥囩瓑娑帀涓€浜涙槸涓€浜涒€︹€︺€€銆€鍠夊挋涓€涓嶈垝鏈嶅氨璧剁揣鐢ㄧ洂姘存急鍙c€€銆€鏋楀Ж閫€浼慉fter the body gradually deteriorated, the previous year was diagnosed as mild diabetes, and there were pains in the hands and feet from time to time. Therefore, in recent years, information on health and wellness has been paid attention to. The clippings of the Daily Health and Health Week of the Guangzhou Daily have been revised.Several books.
銆€銆€At the beginning of this year, Lin Biao joined a secret health care martial art that was said to have originated from Dongpu Japan, 鈥淪akaguchi Gang鈥?
Whenever I feel a sore throat, a hot nose, a sensation of sore throat, sore throat, etc., she will rush to rinse a glass of salt water before going to bed at night – add about 2 grams of coarse salt in a medium-sized glass.Cold boiled water into a cup of light salt water, “I used to rush very light, too strong it is difficult to accept.
Then she poured a small cup of salt water into the mouth, but did not swallow it, raised her neck and slammed her into the salt water. This description has a special term: 婕?throat (gargar in English).
She believes that this salt water can penetrate the throat and cleanse it, thus suppressing the cold.
銆€銆€Lin Biao said that in the past, he had been suffering from pharyngitis for a long time. It would be nice to gargle with salt water for a few months.
In addition to preventing cold inflammation, she believes that light salt water can also help eliminate tooth swelling and pain, and can also eliminate toothache in the “bud.”
Sometimes she gargles with salt water in the morning, and also drinks a little into her stomach, thinking that there is a “heat and fire” effect.
銆€銆€Lin Biao was first introduced by a dentist to join the 鈥淪akaguchi Gang鈥? He felt that he had benefited a lot and was busy introducing it to friends and relatives.
However, her son who studied clinical medicine did not agree with this: “I don’t think there is sufficient scientific evidence for sputum prevention.
I have a sore throat and I don’t want to gargle with salt water.
The throat flu has not been confirmed. The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic has claimed tens of millions of lives in Europe.
A family survived this terrible plague. Their secret is to take a bath and often use a solution containing antibiotics to lick their throats.
Since then, people in many countries have used throats to prevent upper respiratory tract infections such as flu, common cold, pharyngitis, and laryngitis.
The US Centers for Disease Control did not mention the throat in the prevention of influenza A, but the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare encouraged the public to wash their hands and lick their throats in the prevention and control of influenza A outbreaks.
Is there any basis for sputum?
A team of physicians in Japan conducted a group-controlled study of 387 healthy volunteers aged 18 to 65 between 2002 and 2003, and published a paper in the Journal of Preventive Medicine in 2005, using clear water.The throat is very effective in preventing upper respiratory tract infections.
銆€銆€However, in 2007, the team published a paper in the Journal of Internal Medicine, overturning the previous conclusion: “We have not found that the throat has a significant preventive effect on diseases such as influenza.
“In the past, there were some shortcomings in the 2005 study. For example, people who were enrolled in the larynx group in the study washed their hands more frequently. As a control, the experimenters without sputum were mostly from northern Japan, and the local people had a chance of respiratory infection.Other places are high 1.
7 times.
銆€銆€According to the theory of sputum, the throat can block the spread of viruses that cause upper respiratory tract infections.
However, the virus is bound to the receptors on the cell surface. Dr. Kawamura, the head of the above research and the Department of Preventive Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, Nagoya University, Japan, said: “The disease-causing virus is unlikely to be washed away by occasional throat water.However, some proteases that promote viral infection can be removed by oral cleaning measures.
That is to say, the throat may reduce the virus infection.
銆€銆€In addition, scientists have also studied the use of tea and throat, and it has not been proven that tea and tea catechins have a preventive effect on the flu.
銆€銆€Expert Comments: 婕?throat can relieve cold symptoms The cold caused by the virus can not be cured by drugs, patients often have to squat for a week or two, until the autoimmune system removes the virus to recover.
If the cold has already come out, is it like Lin Biao’s throat?
銆€銆€Experts at the famous Mayo Medical Center in the United States believe that some measures can be taken during the cold to relieve symptoms, including rubbing the throat with salt water: “After 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of salt, dissolve into a cup of 8 ounces (about 240 ml)) in warm water, then rubbing the throat, can temporarily relieve the pain and itching of the throat.
Song Wenguang, director of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital, said that the term “skull throat” is not professionally accurate because it contains salt water and exhales, and the water is blocked by the epiglottis and stays in the hypopharynx, which can reach the surface of the tonsil.But did not enter the throat – if the throat, trachea, etc. really enter the water, it will be picked up.
銆€銆€Song Wenguang believes that the health care of Sakaguchi still has some truth.
Virus and bacteria are lurking in any part of the upper respiratory tract. They usually do not cause disease. However, when the individual has a bad rest and diabetes, the body’s immunity will drop. The virus will cause a cold and cause a cold.Infection and spread everywhere, such as chronic tonsillitis can develop into peritons around the tonsils, development of the parapharyngeal space can cause pharyngitis, and some people have secondary periodontitis, and even fatal myocarditis.
銆€銆€Salt water gargle chemically inhibits bacteria and physically reduces inflammation.
For example, there are 8 to 20 crypts on the tonsils on each side of the human body. Secretions, food debris, etc. are easily blocked in these crypts to produce chronic inflammation, and saline can act to wash the tonsils.
Song Wenguang said: “The use of tap water can also have a physical flushing effect.The brine is preferably used at a concentration of zero.

9% of normal saline, after the inflammation can be used with a thicker saline, but be careful to absorb too much sodium in the saline to raise high blood pressure.

Of course, the specialist can make the patient gargle with a compound borax solution with better bacteriostatic effect.

“, but can not make the virus infected, can only accept the role of clean health care, to avoid complications such as bacterial infection, more suitable for the elderly who are immune replacement, and patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma who have glandular dysfunction after radiotherapy.
As for Lin Biao’s mouthwash with salt water to suppress the initial cold, he thinks that a slight infection may be able to withstand it, but it can’t be severe, and some people feel that the body can pay attention to rest – this is better than the salt water in enhancing immunity.The mouth is more important, it is hard to say whether it is a mouthwash or a break to suppress the cold.

銆€銆€Using tea to rinse mouth can alleviate the essence of teeth. Liu Bing, director of the Department of Stomatology at the Guangzhou Red Cross Hospital, believes that if it is not a cold pandemic, it is not in the acute episode of the oropharynx or there is an oral wound, there is no need to use it frequently.A mouthwash containing a bacteriostatic agent to prevent excessive inhibition of the normal flora of the mouth.

It is generally possible to flush the pathogen with saline with a slight antibacterial action, which helps to restore the internal and external balance of the osmotic pressure of the oral wound and damaged tissue cells.

Tea is also a good choice for daily sputum, because the premise is that tea can remove the bad smell of the mouth. The tea polyphenol in the tea also has a sealing effect on the dentinal tubules, which can alleviate the inherent allergies of the teeth.

It is best to use tea such as green tea so that the teeth do not leave tea stains.

If you can brush your teeth and rinse your mouth after three meals a day, it will definitely help to maintain the health of your mouth.

Sometimes drinking light salt water can compress the fluid and restore electrolyte balance, and also promote blood circulation.

銆€銆€Can salt water suppress toothache?

Liu Bing weighed, toothache attack caused by many reasons, salt water may be a little used for soft tissue complications such as gingivitis, pericoronitis, oral ulcers, but there is nothing to do with inflammatory pain caused by tooth disease such as dental caries – in these casesIt is necessary for the dentist to use the device to drill the drainage pus, or to sterilize the pus with 3% hydrogen peroxide, and even to treat the systemic diseases such as hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia.

Political game in the office

Political game in the office

“Political game” in the office

When it comes to “office politics,” if your first reaction is to frown, face helpless, or even a corner of your mouth, it is very disdainful, it is not very good.

Because this means that you are working hard in the workplace, lacking a key EQ skill – political awareness.
According to an EQ research authority, this ability often determines a person’s work achievements.
銆€銆€Unfortunately, such an important skill we can’t learn at school.
Therefore, people who have just left school and entered the workplace, although they have the ability to do things, are always exhausted, bruised and 鈥渞eactive鈥?by the complex political activities of the office, and finally leave.
銆€銆€It’s indeed a bit more tragic.
However, if you are smart, you can definitely practice a good effort and become a highly politically sensitive EQ master, so that you can play happily and succeed happily.
銆€銆€People are born political animals First, let us clarify a few important concepts: First, you are happy to coexist with office politics.
To be honest, as long as there is a group of people, coupled with unbalanced power and distribution of interests, naturally there will be office politics.
Aristotle told us more than two thousand years ago: “People are born political animals.
“So in the office, political behavior is the norm, and it is strange that there is no political activity.
銆€銆€Second, office politics can be elegant and artistic.
At the thought of politics, the always filthy association that comes to mind.
However, please don’t be misled by the inferior words and deeds of those politicians. As long as they are used properly, the same thing will be done by different people, and it will have a very different style. Therefore, you can definitely manage the office political activities with style and style.Become an elegant art.
銆€銆€After adjusting your mindset, let’s take a look at the basic actions of office politics!
Understanding the personal information of those in power The purpose of political activities is to own and protect rights.
So as soon as you get to the new working environment, the first thing you should do is to understand the people who really have the power in this work system.
In addition to the bosses at all levels who have management titles, the list may also include 鈥渋nvisible powers鈥?with special titles and special powers and information, such as the special assistant of the general manager, the spouse of the boss, the secretary of the boss,Informal leaders in the work team (everyone’s respected big brother, big brothers and sisters), even the switchboard, general affairs staff, etc.
More observations, more advice, as a group of “novice” you can get a deeper understanding of each person’s personal data, such as education, family background, work experience, the company’s promotion process and important contributions.
These materials can not only help you understand the characteristics of the company’s key talents, but also provide a good foundation for future interaction with these objects as a reference for future efforts.

After grasping the 鈥減ersonal network鈥?(faction) of the authorities, marking each 鈥減oint鈥? then you should try to interpret the political power of the office from the aspect of 鈥渇ace鈥? that is, to understand the so-called factions.
Perhaps, the general manager and the head of the marketing department are university classmates, and your boss and the financial supervisor have a “Yuliang complex”, or the manager A was the manager of the B, and a certain vice president is the distant relatives of the chairman.Wait.
At this stage, please pay attention to listening to less comments, and don’t feel free to make negative comments about the content you hear (“He is too much!
“,” she really doesn’t know how!
“), otherwise it is very likely that you are in political chaos before you are ready!

涓庡綋鏉冭€呭彂灞曡壇濂藉叧绯汇€€銆€闄ら潪浣犳槸涓嶅彲澶氬緱鐨勨€滃ぉ鎵嶅瀷鈥濆憳宸ワ紝鍏徃闈炲緱闈犱綘鎵嶈兘娲伙紝鍚﹀垯锛屼綘澶氬皯寰楀鎺屾潈鑰呬互绀肩浉寰咃紝缁寸郴鑹ソ鍏崇郴锛堝叾瀹烇紝鍗充娇鏄ぉ鎵嶅憳宸ワ紝It is also a minimum of cultivation to treat people.
Developing a good relationship doesn’t mean you have to be arrogant, because doing so can easily be counterproductive.
銆€銆€Political art on-site teaching How to adapt to office politics?
Here are some good ways for management experts to suggest: Help each other succeed Pre-imagine the difficulties that the other party may encounter at work (or even private life), remind and help him as much as possible to help him succeed.
銆€銆€Showing loyalty When someone hits him, he comes forward and helps him explain and resolve.
When encountering an outsider attacking the company’s products or business methods, finding out the data to clarify, etc., can appropriately reveal their attention and loyalty to the other party and the company.
銆€銆€Establishing a sincere communication model Appropriate and specific praise is absolutely beneficial to others.
If you want to express different opinions, please use “in order to make your (you) ideas go smoothly, I suggest doing this.” to eliminate hostility and establish a mutual trust communication mode.
銆€銆€Developing appropriate public-private relationships If you have the right opportunities, playing with your supervisor or inviting them to a private party is a great way to build a private relationship.
After all, if you have more contact, you will have more friendship.However, you must also master the size, do not overdo it.

You know, once the player returns to the office, it is still your boss, don’t forget the role conversion.

銆€銆€Office politics is not equal to fighting. No matter whether you are not doing it or not, when you are sitting in the office, you have unknowingly entered politics.

銆€銆€The purpose of office political activities is to obtain and protect their rights.

Therefore, unless you don’t care whether your rights (and rights) are damaged at all, you will always be more or less diligent.

銆€銆€Therefore, regarding office politics, since you are in it, you should adjust your mentality and participate gracefully.

銆€銆€Here are some practical practices: 1.

Establishing an interpersonal alliance In the company, more intimate and friendly relationships are established with colleagues from different departments and different levels.

From the operator of the switchboard to the secretary of the general manager, you can have your friends from general affairs to finance. These 鈥渙wn people鈥?make your work easier, and you can help you when you need it.
What can we do to build a human alliance?

銆€銆€Express a sincere interest in the work of others: understand his work and hardships, express your compassion and pay attention to listening.

銆€銆€Seeking advice: Another way is to seek advice.

“This is something that hurts me, and I always think that you have good judgment in this area. Can you give me some advice?

“It is always a good thing to ask for advice from many parties, and it is possible to correctly convey your understanding of each other’s appreciation.

銆€銆€Help others, don’t seek immediate rewards: Actively helping colleagues within their capabilities is a win-win approach to accumulating interpersonal assets.

One business person said well: “The more people owe me, the more people will help me in the future.

“So, next time a colleague needs someone to help, don’t forget to help yourself!”

銆€銆€Don’t become an enemy even if you are not a friend: Remember that the focus is on developing interpersonal alliances, not on enemies.

Therefore, even if you can’t make your partner a friend, don’t become a dead-end. It is an elegant expression to keep the basic courtesy.

銆€銆€2.Avoiding political mistakes Some behaviors are definitely harmful to your political performance. Please remind yourself not to mistake the following political mines: Despise your boss for arrogance: privately, or in public, be arrogant to your boss.A contemptuous attitude will only hurt yourself in the opposite direction.

Interrupting the boss’s jokes, publicly correcting his mistakes, and questioning his determination, etc., are standard unwise moves.

銆€銆€Cross-level report: Some business management experts believe that the leapfrog report is a valid 鈥渦pward management鈥?strategy.

However, most of the evidence suggests that it is likely that the boss will be tied to the boss.

Therefore, first report, after the understanding of the boss, and then communicate with the senior executives, I am afraid it is a more correct political action.

銆€銆€Openly challenge the company’s beliefs: Each company has some variables and beliefs that are convinced. If you openly criticize these beliefs, it is easy to be labeled as “disloyal.”

銆€銆€Accept the credit you think: Anyway, it’s not right.

Leading the rush to the subordinates will kill the morale of the staff; robbing the colleague’s merits, clearly posing to enemies; and robbing the boss’s merits is to find death.

What’s more, this action is not elegant at all.

銆€銆€Feel free to “true confession”: Some people can’t hide a word, and when they see people, they will vomit bitter water (“I am really unlucky in this department.”), or it is just behind the criticism (“Our manager, it is terrible.”), so do not pick the object of “true confession”, will only make their image damaged, more likely because of the person is not good, and give others a reason for not suitable for this position.

銆€銆€3.It is just right for some management experts to suggest that if you want to maximize the benefits of interpersonal reciprocity, you can master some principles when giving help or benefits: not giving it lightly (making the other party feel hard to come by)(To choose an object), don’t give it (if you want to give it, you would rather give it generously).


Politics is the art of compromise. Don’t forget that compromises are often necessary to prevent and defend your rights.

If you have to take the lead in everything, it is easy to become a target.

Not seeking a moment of victory, even strategic “small things to win, big things to win”, will be smart political actions.

Because, the pursuit of defeat can hide the strength, in order to prepare for more important timing.

But don’t lose without fighting, otherwise it will cause dissatisfaction and suspicion.


Strength is the most solid foundation of power. Finally, we must remind you that the basic skill of accumulating strength is to accumulate professional strength.
Otherwise, the fancy political art can’t help the straw bag.
銆€銆€As long as you can use your wisdom, in the political game of the office, you will be able to come and go gracefully and become a real workplace star.

Food plan for the fattening plan

Food plan for the fattening plan


Food plan for the fattening plan

Daily food package for the fattening plan: Every day the food must be nutritious enough, protein and slight absorption are the most important, especially protein is an important component of muscle.

銆€銆€Different from fattening and losing weight, you don’t need to deliberately limit the food for each meal, as long as you follow the following points: 1.

Two cups of whole milk a day, one of which is to be drunk in the morning.


More than two servings of meat, chicken, duck, fish, eggs or meat substitutes with high protein per day.


Eat 2-3 internal organs every week, such as liver, heart, and sage.


Eat seafood 3-4 times a week, such as fish, shrimp, clams, etc.


One citrus fruit a day, eat with a white film.


Eat more than three cooked vegetables every day for lunch and dinner.


Desserts such as sugar water and cakes can be eaten every afternoon during tea time.


If you don’t have an appetite, you can add raw onions, raw garlic, pepper, pepper and other appetizing seasonings to your food.


If you don’t like milk, you can drink a cup of honey in the morning and evening. The monosaccharide in honey can be directly absorbed by the body, increase the absorption of transformation, help accumulate sputum, but can not drink with milk.


Eating a tea egg or omelet before going to sleep helps the body to store aunt and muscle.

銆€銆€The method of fattening mainly relies on diet, but some people are born with weak constitution and are not easy to absorb, so they will not eat fat; other mental stress and lack of sleep will hinder the body from gaining weight.

It is said that people who are easy to sleep are more likely to gain weight than those who do not sleep well, because they are better absorbed by the spirit, so they have to find a way to sleep well.

銆€銆€Note: It is not necessary to eat a lot of sugar, because a large amount of sugar will suddenly stimulate the copying, and the sugar will suddenly become a neutral aunt. This unfortunate can not be transformed into transformation, which can affect the cardiovascular health of the heart and brain.

Moreover, excessive blood sugar secretion is rapidly reduced, resulting in hypoglycemia, which is detrimental to health.

銆€銆€Fat meat can eat a little, but can not eat roasted or fried, will produce free radicals.

Dietary advice should start from a small amount, because the body is very thin may be poor digestion and absorption function, digestion and absorption function is not good, eating a lot is harmful.

銆€銆€In addition, some people have stronger thyroid function, so the body’s energy “burns” too fast, even if it is better to eat, it is not easy to get fat.

Why not want to be familiar with yourself –

Why not want to be familiar with yourself –


Why not want to be familiar with yourself?

The United States “Happiness” magazine has published such a translation in the levy title: If you let you choose again, what do you do?

銆€銆€The answer from a military dignitary is to go to the countryside to open a grocery store; the answer of a female minister is to run a small hotel on the waterfront; a mayor’s wish is to become a photojournalist.

銆€銆€The answers of several businessmen are the most bizarre: one wants to be a woman and one wants to be a dog.

In the meantime, there are also answers from ordinary people. If you want to be a president, you want to be a diplomat, you want to be a baker.

銆€銆€However, few people want to be their own.

銆€銆€People are sometimes very contradictory.

Originally living well, all aspects of the environment are good, but the parties are often bored.

銆€銆€A friend of mine worked in an electronics company in Shenzhen. It has been replaced by a substantial number of copyrights and a lot of money. A year ago, he resolutely took up his position and opened a small computer accessories sales company with several friends.The business situation has not been very good.

When I asked why I resigned, my friend smiled and said to me: “The original company is indeed a place that many people envy. I don’t deny that it is good, but I have become passionate there.

He believes that there is not much prospect for development and nostalgia, and it is far less than developing a new world.

銆€銆€At the time, my feeling was that there was no passion in the familiar place.

銆€銆€My friend is too familiar with the company, working in a circular environment, causing him to no longer have a passionate collision in the next few years. At best, it is just a working machine.

The ministers, businessmen and civilians in “Happiness” magazine are not willing to be their own self. I think this is probably the same as the reason for the resignation of a friend. It is a passion for the longing for career, has become accustomed to it, and even numb.
銆€銆€In the journey of life, the worst situation is often not poverty, not bad luck, but the mental and state of mind is in a state of ignorance and fatigue.

銆€銆€When everything that has touched you can no longer touch you, everything that has attracted you can no longer attract you, and even angered you will not irritate you. At this time, people need to find another way to satisfy the passion.Ground.
銆€銆€Many times, we choose to resign, not all of the cost factors of work, or because there is no passion in the familiar place.

Kitchen oil dirty removal

Kitchen oil dirty removal


Kitchen oil dirty removal

Ground oil can be removed by rubbing a little vinegar on the mop.

If the oil on the concrete floor is difficult to remove, you can make up the hay ash in the first night, mix it with water, and rinse it again with water. The concrete floor can be renewed.

銆€銆€After the oil stained gas stove of the cooker is stained with oil, it can be coated on the cooker with sticky rice soup. After the rice soup is dried, the iron scrape is lightly scraped, and the oil stain will be removed together with the rice soup.

If you use a thin rice soup, the soup is directly cleaned, or washed with mullet bone, the effect is not bad.

銆€銆€The glass oil stain can be wiped with alkaline decontamination powder, and then coated on the glass with sodium hydroxide or dilute ammonia solution. After half an hour, scrub with a cloth, and the glass will become bright and bright.

銆€銆€Screen oil stains first use the sputum to sweep the surface of the dust, then add 15 ml of 15 grams of cleansing water, stir evenly and wipe with both sides of the rag to remove greasy.

Or add a small amount of milk to the washing powder solution, and the screen window will be the same as the new one.

銆€銆€Add furniture oil to the water and add a small amount of vinegar, then wipe to remove the oil.

Or soak it with a bleaching solution for a while and then wipe it off. The decontamination effect is also very good.

Breast enhancement recipe growth method

Breast enhancement recipe growth method


Breast enhancement recipe growth method

Breast enhancement recipe growth method 1.

Papaya, fish, meat and fresh milk and other protein-rich foods, similar to breasts.


Soy beans, peanuts, almonds, peach kernels, sesame seeds and corn seeds and nuts are effective breast foods.


Vitamin C-containing foods such as oranges, grapes, grapefruits and tomatoes prevent vertical deformation.


Foods containing vitamin E such as celery, walnuts and red kidney beans help dark hair.


Foods containing vitamin A, such as broccoli, broccoli and sunflower oil, are beneficial for the secretion of hormones.


Foods containing vitamin B, such as beef, milk, beans and pig liver, also help in the synthesis of hormones.


Milk stewed chicken – with tender chicken added to the milk and stew, can play a role in breast enhancement.

銆€銆€A pair of bodybuilding breasts is determined by various factors, depending on innate factors, such as heredity.

It depends on the factors that are acquired, such as food nutrition, bodybuilding and so on.

Breast development and systemic development are the same as the nutrition that is scheduled to be provided by the food. The breast is the aunt’s storage room. The breast is slightly more, and the breast is naturally full enough. Therefore, the balance is established and the correct supplement is the breast.The basic guarantee of bodybuilding, want to increase the amount of micro-increment, in the normal amount of micro-replenishment, to increase the intake of plant manure, because the main source of plant-based manure is vegetable oil, containing essential fatty acids.

In addition, eat more seaweed plants such as seaweed, eat less sweets, eat high-fat foods, especially unsaturated sputum, eat less meat, eat more foods rich in cellulose, have the function of preventing breast cancer.

銆€銆€Dried fruits: red dates, longan is a material that is very suitable for use as a breast enhancement dessert.

These have the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing yin and nourishing yang.

銆€銆€Another 1.

Keeping you active for more than an hour a day can effectively reduce your chances of developing breast cancer, including aerobics such as walking and jogging.


Women who smoked or smoked second-hand smoke increased their chances of developing breast cancer by up to 7 compared to women who did not smoke or smoked second-hand smoke.

5 times.


Do not wear a tight chest circumference. Because the chest is pressed for a long time, it will affect blood circulation and hinder the development and health of the tibia.


Care must be taken to adopt breast enhancement products: women who take breast-conserving products should pay special attention because some products on the surface of the city contain estrogen. If a large amount of estrogen is absorbed, it may inhibit the secretion of estrogen in the body, and the result may be self-defeating.Attacked the development of darkness.

Generally, healthy breast foods contain soybeans, puerarin or placenta, while healthy breast creams contain herbs or moisturizing ingredients. However, pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children and breast cancer patients should be very careful when using such products.First consult your doctor.

Five tricks to create a small face beauty

Five tricks to create a small face beauty


Five tricks to create a small face beauty

Today’s popular skinny beauty, slap in the face is the object of the pursuit of beauty women.

A large pie face has been somewhat dissatisfied, plus the skin is slack, and the face overlaps a lot.

It’s not difficult to be a small-faced beauty. Now teach you five face-lifting tricks.


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銆€銆€2, shaping the sharp three-dimensional massage technique Round face or egg-shaped face is not easy to appear in the law, but the line of the chin is easy to deviate, and even double chin, from the young face to the big cake face.

Use massage to tighten the lines, eliminate edema, squat to the arc of the ear will be three-dimensional, full of femininity.


The index finger is fixed at the temple, the thumb is aligned with the chin line, sliding from bottom to top, and the double chin is closed.


Use the pinch method to go back and forth along the lower jaw line.

This action can eliminate edema and is usually suitable for use.


Hands into a cup, pat the face double, as the end.

銆€銆€3, lifting the face of the line of massage techniques Apple pear is an age indicator, known as baby fat rounded double-curved transformation of the age-old growth, the apple retina will become no elastic, but will show aging.


The fingertips are spiraled from bottom to top, massaged from the inside out, and the cheeks are divided into two parts for massage.

The forehead is lifted from the eyebrow to the hairline.


It is best to massage spirally from bottom to top. After pressing, the entire magnetic field is applied to the palm and slides left and right to promote absorption.


Finally, use your fingers to slide from the ear to the clavicle to promote lymphatic drainage.

銆€銆€Second, high temperature bathing We all know that high temperature bathing is a good way to slim down and firm the skin. It can also use firming facial skin to eliminate facial swelling.

You can sit in the bathtub at a temperature of 38 掳 C every day, deep into the heart of the heart, and massage the face with a face cream, bath time is 20 minutes.

銆€銆€Third, every day, facial exercises practice the sound of English a, i, u, e, o letters, which can help exercise the skin muscles that are not easy to exercise, and make the skin firmer and contoured.

銆€銆€Fourth, the food helps you to reduce the face to take advantage of the special effects of certain foods, to promote the function of the body’s circulating metabolism, and also to help reduce the occurrence of facial edema, such as the whitening, drainage effect of the barley, can accelerate the metabolism of coffee drinks, melon, corn, etc., which have good functions of eliminating edema and enhancing abnormal metabolism of cells, are good choices.

Affordable and convenient face-lifting method, it is worth a try!

Six rice to double nutrition

Six rice to double nutrition


Six rice to double nutrition

Nowadays, many people like to mix some grains such as rice, black rice and glutinous rice in the diet. But do you know their nutritional characteristics and health benefits?

銆€銆€Who else is not suitable for eating these foods?

In this regard, our reporter interviewed the member of the Chinese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine Thrombosis Branch, Dr. Gu Wanli, Ph.D., Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.

銆€銆€The most nourishing is the ordinary rice used in the daily use of rice for rice. It is also known as the former rice or polished rice. It is translucent oval or oval, with high rice yield and small expansion of rice, but it is sticky.

As a daily edible rice, the previous rice contains essential starch, protein, trace, vitamin B1, niacin, vitamin C and calcium, iron and other nutrients, which can provide the nutrients and content required by the human body.

銆€銆€Gu Wanli said that with the previous rice porridge to maintain health and prolong the years, in the history of 2000 years, the top layer of porridge oil can replenish and fill the essence, nourishing the body’s Yin liquid and kidney essence.There are alternative benefits, most suitable for patients, maternal and elderly.

The previous rice has the functions of strengthening the spleen and stomach, replenishing the qi, nourishing yin and fluid, eliminating the troubles of quenching thirst, solidifying the intestines and stopping diarrhea. It can be used for spleen and stomach weakness, polydipsia, malnutrition, post-illness and other complications, but diabetic patients shouldBe careful not to eat more.

銆€銆€The most digestible is the so-called coarse rice, which is the 鈥渓ight yellow rice鈥?that removes the rough outer shell and retains the germ and cobalt during the milling process.

The protein, trace amount and vitamin content in the crude rice are more than the fine white rice.

銆€銆€The crude fiber molecules of the rice bran layer contribute to the peristalsis in the body and are effective for diseases such as stomach diseases, constipation, and hemorrhoids.

Compared with white rice, nutrients can reduce blood plasma and reduce the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.

Slightly suitable for the general population to eat, but because it is slightly larger than the rice, the gap is tight, and the cooking is also time-consuming. Gu Wanli suggests that it can be washed with cold water before cooking, and then the water is used together with the soaking water for half an hour.the above.
銆€銆€The most tonifying kidney is black rice and black rice, which is rich in nutrients and contains protein, trace, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other substances. The nutritional value is more than ordinary rice.

It can significantly improve the content of human hemoglobin and hemoglobin, is conducive to the health of the cardiovascular system, is conducive to the development of children’s bones and brain, and promotes the recovery of maternal and post-physical physical weakness, so it is an ideal

銆€銆€Gu Wanli pointed out that black rice has the functions of nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney, strengthening the body, strengthening the spleen and appetizing, nourishing the liver and improving eyesight, and nourishing the essence and strengthening the body. It is a nourishing good for anti-aging beauty and disease prevention.

Regular consumption of black rice has a better nourishing effect on chronic patients, convalescent patients and young children.

Since black rice is not easy to be boiled, it should be soaked overnight for cooking.

Young children with weak digestive function and old and weak patients are not suitable for consumption.

銆€銆€The most detoxifying is the glutinous rice glutinous rice, also known as Jiangmi. Because of its sticky and fragrant, it is often made into a snack, which is very popular among you.

Glutinous rice contains protein, trace, sugar, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin B2, and a lot of starch.

銆€銆€Glutinous rice has Buzhong Yiqi, nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen, solid table antiperspirant, diarrhea, fetus, detoxification and so on. It can be used for debilitating stomach pain, stomach and duodenal ulcer, thirst and polyuria, qi deficiencySelf-sweat, pox and other diseases.

Gu Wanli also reminded that glutinous rice is not easy to digest, and it is not suitable for eating too much. The elderly, children, and spleen and stomach are especially concerned.

銆€銆€The most beautiful is the glutinous rice glutinous rice, also known as glutinous rice, glutinous rice.

The nutritional value of glutinous rice is very high, and it is known as the 鈥渒ing of the world’s grass plants鈥?

Coix seed rice is rich in nutrients and contains various amino acid components such as oyster barley oil, barley fat, sterol, amino acid, arginine, vitamin B1, diet and other nutrients. It has the effect of moisturizing, spleen and diarrhea, clearing away heat and detoxifying.

銆€銆€Gu Wanli said that Chinese medicine believes that glutinous rice is sweet, light, slightly cold, into the spleen, stomach, lung, spleen diarrhea, muscle soreness, joint pain and other symptoms have a therapeutic and preventive effect.

銆€銆€The effect of glutinous rice on beauty is also very significant. It can make the skin smooth, reduce wrinkles, eliminate pigment spots, and has obvious curative effect on facial acne and rough skin.

However, it should be noted that dry stools, insufficient semen, and more urine, pregnant women should not eat more.

銆€銆€The most stomach-raising is millet millet, also known as glutinous rice, corn, millet.

Its protein, trace, sugar, vitamin B2, niacin and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.

Because millet is very easy to be digested and absorbed by the human body, it is called 鈥渉ealth meter鈥?by nutrition experts.

銆€銆€Millet has the functions of strengthening the spleen and the middle, benefiting the kidney, clearing the heat, benefiting the urine, and treating the polydipsia. It is a nutritional rehabilitation product for treating spleen and stomach weakness, physical weakness, impaired blood, postpartum deficiency and loss of appetite.

Gu Wanli pointed out that because the millet is slightly colder, the qi stagnation and physical fitness are too cold, and the urinary elders should not eat too much.



10 lifestyles away from cancer

Scientific research has confirmed that the cause of most cancers is related to lifestyle.

According to the Cancer Cancer Stop published by the American Cancer Institute, 77% of cancers are rooted in lifestyle, while genetics and the environment account for only 14% and 9%. Therefore, everyone should learn to take the initiative to cut off the risk of cancer.factor.

Recently, Taiwan’s Kang Jian magazine pointed out that 10 lifestyles have caused people to stay away from cancer.

Here also interview authoritative experts to teach you the secrets of cancer prevention.

銆€銆€Peg to the body mass index The United States survey of 188 countries around the world shows that China’s obese population is about 46 million, second only to the United States, is the world’s “second fat” country, and obesity may induce cancer.

American studies have shown that about 49% of endometrial cancer, 35% of esophageal cancer, and 28% of pancreatic cancer are obesity.

銆€銆€Experts believe that sputum cells may indirectly promote polymer growth.

Experts suggest that people should pay attention to maintaining the body mass index (BMI) by dividing the body weight (kg) by the square of height (m). If the BMI exceeds 24, it is overweight, and if it exceeds 30, it is obese.

Obese people should eat less and move more, reduce the intake of adults and sugar, exercise every day, and control weight.

銆€銆€Timely birth, breast milk replacement Today, late marriage and late childbearing has become a common trend in urban women.

However, late birth or giving up is not conducive to cancer prevention.

American studies have pointed out that if a woman has a complete gestation process in her lifetime, she can increase her immunity for 10 years, and the risk of gynecological tumors such as ovarian cancer and cancer will be greatly reduced.

Breast milk can also have a similar effect.

British studies have found that adhering to breast milk for 6 months can reduce the risk of cancer death in women by 10%.

Professor of the Gynecologic Oncology Branch of the Chinese Medical Association pointed out that the best adult age for women is 25 years old?
33 years old.

銆€銆€Finding Emotional Catharsis Channels Many cancer patients will see the shadow of negative emotions when they look back on their two or three years of illness.

Experts say that bad mood is a guide to cancer. Repression, worry, depression, and negative emotions alleviate the recognition of the immune system. The function of eliminating cancer cells is greatly discounted, so it is easy to develop cancer.

He suggested that in life, try to stay relaxed, find healthy ways to express emotions, talk to others, write diaries, and do things that are interesting to cause bad feelings.

銆€銆€A little sweat every day is the most economical way to prevent cancer.

American studies have shown that people who exercise regularly can reduce the risk of lung cancer by 68%, and the risk of colorectal cancer by 38%. As long as the exercise lasts for more than 30 minutes, the risk of cancer can be reduced.

銆€銆€The researchers pointed out that sweating during exercise can not only burn excess fat, but also promote the body to transfer a variety of carcinogens; exercise is beneficial to the body to move, reduce the accumulation of feces, reduce the risk of colorectal cancer; most importantly, exercise can enhance immunityForce to help people resist arthritis and cellulose attack.

Experts point out that it is best to insist on walking, jogging, dancing, cycling, swimming and other aerobic exercises every day. It is advisable to sweat slightly in the body. Do not exercise too much.

銆€銆€Fresh fruits and vegetables can’t be less The World Cancer Research Foundation points out that there is sufficient evidence that vegetables and fruits can reduce the risk of cancers in the mouth, throat, esophagus, lungs, stomach, and colorectal.

Experts explained that the replacement of vitamin C and other antioxidants by fresh fruits and vegetables can cause apoptosis and reduce mutations.

In addition, fruits and vegetables are expected to grow fiber, which can change the food residue to stay at the initial time and transfer potential carcinogens.

銆€銆€The “Chinese Residents’ Guide” recommends that adults should eat 300 grams a day?
500 grams of vegetables, dark vegetables are best half; fruit 200 grams?
400 grams.

Garlic, green onions, onions, cabbage, broccoli, radish, etc. are all good anti-cancer foods.

銆€銆€Refused to aunt’s temptation to braised pork, cream cake and other foods are often coveted, but the aunt may bring health problems.

American studies have pointed out that ticks are closely related to cancer, especially diabetes, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer; children who have been eating babies since childhood are more likely to develop cancer with age.

銆€銆€Experts recommend some tips for eating less: 1.

Choose low fat or skimmed milk; 2.

Replace some meat with beans or soy products;

Eat less skin, fat and fried foods; 4.

Eat less creamy cake and scrape off some of the cream when you eat it;

Use more steamed, boiled cooking methods, less frying.
銆€銆€Eat more chicken, fish pork, lamb, beef and other “red meat” is really delicious, but more food may increase the risk of cancer.

American studies have shown that people who eat more red meat have a 16% increased risk of cancer; excessive intake of red meat can increase the risk of cancer in women by 22%.

Experts suggest that people should limit the intake of red meat and try to replace it with “white meat” such as poultry and aquatic products, especially to eat more aquatic products.
銆€銆€Salmon, yellow croaker, small flat fish and other aquatic products are good choices, two or three times a week is appropriate.

It is worth reminding that salted fish, ham, sausage and other processed meat products often contain high nitrite, which is easy to cause cancer of the digestive system. It is best to eat less.

銆€銆€Drinking green tea and drinking tea every day helps prevent cancer.

Japanese people who love tea have spent nine years investigating and found that drinking tea every day can reduce the risk of cancer by 40%.

National studies have also found that drinking tea can effectively prevent cancers such as lung cancer, liver cancer, esophageal cancer, and oral cancer.

銆€銆€However, studies have shown that Longjing, Biluochun, Maofeng and other green teas have the best anti-cancer effect, and their anti-cancer ingredients are five times that of other teas, followed by oolong tea and black tea.

Green tea is toxic tea polyphenols, which can inhibit the growth of vitamins. Should people develop 2 drinks a day?
3 cups of green tea habit, but you must pay attention to the tea is not too strong and too hot.

銆€銆€Studies on smoking cessation and alcohol reduction show that smokers are 13 times more likely to suffer from lung disease than non-smokers. As a result, smoking still causes harm. Carcinogens in smoke can affect the risk through the placenta, resulting in a significant increase in cancer risk.
Long-term excessive drinking can lead to alcoholic liver and cirrhosis, and then liver cancer will come to the door.

Salt and cancer are “relative” relationships, and the more you eat salty areas, the higher the incidence of gastric cancer.

銆€銆€Experts suggest that smokers should stop drinking immediately, as long as they are on the ring today, thereby reducing the risk of cancer.

Male drinking is suspected of more than 20 grams per day?
30 grams of alcohol, women do not have 10 grams?
15 grams.

The best diet is light, except for every day, if you eat more than 5 grams of salt, you should pay attention to the “hidden salt” such as MSG, soy sauce and sauce.

銆€銆€Careful selection of daily necessities World Health Organization research indicates that brominated flame retardants, plasticizers, and bisphenol A may cause cancer, and these substances are found in some household items.

Dong Dong Jin Lion, Secretary-General of the International Food Packaging Association, suggested that if you smell the odor of carbides when you buy daily necessities, you should use it decisively. It is best to use less plastic products in your life. You don’t need plastic cups to boil water, and you don’t need plastic bags to pack hot food.Toxic substances are released at high temperatures; when purchasing furniture, try to choose linen, wool fabric products; wash hands after touching the supermarket ticket.

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