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6 cheats to ease workplace tensions

6 cheats to ease workplace tensions

6 cheats to ease workplace tensions

Properly handling interpersonal relationships in the workplace is the foundation and importance of workplace people to do a good job and develop healthily.

So when entering the workplace, the first thing to deal with is the relationship with people.

Interpersonal relationships seem to be a complex science, but the secret to success is 6 points to start with.

  One is self-confidence. Whether you are a manager, supervisor or newcomer in the workplace, you must first be confident and confident in yourself.

  A confident person firmly believes that as long as I work hard, I will be able to succeed.

People without self-confidence lack the backbone of their hearts and only have an inferiority complex. They always feel that they are inferior to others. They are afraid to deal with others, and they look down and see that they are short.

  When encountering difficulties, people with self-confidence will regard difficulties as “springs”, face them openly, overcome difficulties, and win the respect of others by their confidence.

Unconfident people, when they encounter difficulties, blame themselves for being unlucky, walk away from difficulties, and bow their heads when they see difficulties. They have no confidence in themselves and make others look down on them.

People, only by self-confidence, can they realize the value and discover their potential.

  The second is that the relationship between a smiling person is like a mirror. If you smile at him beautifully, he will return your bright smile.

The communication between people is first of all a face and eye communication.

Every morning in life, when you leave your troubles in the corner, get up with a sincere smile, and at work, when facing everyone, you will find that most people are amiable and give you backA brighter smile, and will resolve those worries in the corner of my heart little by little.

  Know, start with a smile; communicate, start with a smile; cooperate, start with a smile; reconcile, start with a smile; when you treat the world with a smile, treat everyone, and treat every day, you will find: success, start with a smile; happinessStart with a smile!

  The third is how to see the rainbow without doing hardships and hardships; how can you get rewards without hard work and dedication?

Hard work is a manifestation of your ability and ability; without self-confidence, it is an “air tower”; without a hard smile, it is a “helpless smile”.

Only by relying on your own hard work and hard work can you win the understanding and respect of others, make your self-confidence a long time, and make your smile more beautiful.

  The fourth is to be honest and be honest. The “colleague friendship” obtained by lying and showing off skills will not last long.

Be honest.

Without credibility, there will be no real friends.

Be kind.

Defensive hearts must be indispensable, and hurtful hearts must not be!

Harming people is actually hurting themselves.

  Fifth is the modest “three people, there must be our teacher”, “the openness makes people progress, pride makes people lag behind”, the ancient and modern great people taught the unbreakable truth!

No one is perfect, no matter if you are the “Pride of Heaven” of a famous school or the general manager of “Supreme Supreme”.

An important task of a manager is to discover the strengths of his subordinates and put him in a suitable position to give play to his strengths, so that he can play a better role, more effectively, and fully fulfill his own shortcomings and weaknesses.A smart manager.

  Sixth, the attitude is long-lasting, sincere smile comes from a good, peaceful and healthy attitude.

People who appreciate “beginning with humanity and being good at nature”, as long as this kind of good attitude, treat employees as “internal customers”, coupled with effective scientific management, the company will develop healthily.

And treating employees as “Diaomin” or “wage earners” will not have a good mentality, and companies will not have a big improvement.

  Maintaining a positive and peaceful mindset is a good and healthy mindset.

The method is simple: think of something good when things go wrong.

When you go out for an outing, you can see the sun is shining and the sky is clear. If you want to have a good day outing today, you can see the blue sky and green mountains. Standing on the top of the mountain, you can see thousands of miles.I am surging and ambitious.

When it rains the next day, you should think, the misty mountains, the pattering rain, we experience the misty, tranquil, mysterious nature of nature on the mountain road, experience the outing in the rain, the beauty of nature, and the beauty of nature.

In this way, you will definitely be in a good mood and bring it into your life after you return.

  Some people would call this “self-deception.”

In fact, anyone will encounter difficulties or frustrations.

Good-minded people can adjust quickly and actively handle the work that follows.

People with good attitudes have greater hopes for success.

A recipe full of oxidants all day

A recipe full of oxidants all day

A recipe full of oxidants all day

After a long and hot summer, the body consumes large amounts of energy and substitutes for food. Therefore, in the autumn when the temperature is gradually lowering, it is necessary to replenish the body and store energy for the coming of winter.

People often ignore the requirements for daily diet because of fast-paced life. Many people are just satisfied with simply eating and neglecting a reasonable mix of nutrition.

A fast food, a bottle of pure water, and a burger and a cola may fool our stomachs, but this often often poses a threat to health.

  Breakfast: The day starts in the morning.

The essence of breakfast is to awaken your brain vitality, so that you can start a full day of stressful life.

  Sample menu: 1.

1 cup of fresh milk + 1 slice of whole wheat bread + ham scrambled eggs (1 ham and 1 egg) + braised cucumber (1) 2.

Red bean porridge (1 small bowl) + dried celery tofu (100g) nutritional review: coarse grains are rich in B vitamins, which can protect the blood supply to the brain; soybean, egg yolk contains phospholipids, which is beneficial to intellectual development;The lysine and vitamin B content ranks first among various legumes; the vitamins in coriander vegetables can enhance the function of brain cell proteins, such as the volatile oil contained in celery can stimulate the entire nervous system of the human and promote brain cell excitement, Stimulate people’s inspiration and innovative consciousness; Adults are the basic components of human cells. If the adults are insufficient, it will cause the human brain to degenerate. Therefore, breakfast does not prevent the addition of some meat foods. Milk is rich in calcium and phosphorus.Iron, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin B family, etc., are traditional brain-building foods that can maintain the normal function of the brain.

  Lunch: Usually in the morning, it is a sort of highly concentrated mental labor, the process of thinking activities is strengthened, the consumption of intracellular materials and neurotransmitters is increased, the metabolism is also accelerated, and the brain’s demand for various nutrients is increased.

Therefore, lunch should increase the amount of high-quality protein, unsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and iron and other nutrients.

  Sample menu: 1.

Prawns (100g) + shiitake mushroom heart (50g) + seaweed tofu soup (1 small bowl) + rice (1 small bowl) 2.

Beef Stew with Carrots (100g) + Stir-fried Pea Seedlings (50g) + Mahjong Flower Roll (1?
2) Nutrition comments: beef and tofu are protein-rich foods, and the fatty acids rich in sea shrimp can provide energy to the brain and keep people focused; carrots can accelerate the brain’s metabolism and improve memory; laverRich in iodine, it can relieve psychological tension and improve the mental state; the mushrooms can clear the garbage in the body and ensure that the brain supplies too much oxygen.

  Dinner: After a hard day’s work, dinner should be based on peace of mind, adjust the state of the brain, help the body relax, rest as soon as possible, and enter the dreamland smoothly.

  Sample menu: 1.

Spicy fish fillet (50g) + garlic broccoli (100g) + millet porridge (1 small bowl) or steamed bun (1/2) 2.

Fish-flavored liver tip (50g) + shredded lettuce (50g) + lotus seed Tremella (1 small bowl) + rice (1/2 small bowl) nutrition review: animal liver is rich in lecithin, fish and shrimp and deep waterMarine fish, such as sardines and tuna, contain DHA and EPA, which can maintain the normal function of brain cells.

  In a state of stressful use of the brain for a long time, it changes people’s qi and blood deficiency, so eating some foods that strengthen the spleen and qi, such as millet and lotus seeds, can nourish the blood and nourish the heart, nourish the middle and nourish the spirit, and treat the nightmare and dreams, which can helpThe brain is fully rested.

Good sleep can stay away from summer emotional psychosis

Good sleep can stay away from summer emotional psychosis

Good sleep can stay away from summer emotional psychosis

In the hot and humid weather in summer, you should open the windows and ventilate for a short time in the early morning and evening. When the boiling temperature is high at noon, doors and windows should be closed tightly, curtains should be closed, and if necessary, fans, air conditioners and other cooling equipment should be used.In a shady environment, people are at peace.

Reduce work stress, try to eat light, digestible food, drink plenty of green tea and plain water; do not sleep too late, people who are prone to insomnia can try to drink half a glass of milk before going to bed; using radish, meat and bones to make soup can improve depression and help sleep.
  Summer nights are sweltering and hot, and many people don’t sleep well, staying in bed and turning to the other side is very uncomfortable.

If you reduce your sleep time as a result, you will often feel particularly bad.

“Actually, one hour less sleep in summer than in other seasons, there is no problem, just pay attention, do not fall asleep longer than 12 pm.

“Xu Liang, deputy chief physician of Internal Medicine of Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, pointed out.

  Summer is characterized by long days and short nights, people sleep late and get up early, and the sleep time is relatively changed, which is in line with the natural health principles.

Dr. Xu Liang said: “It’s too hot to fall asleep easily, and sleep is shortened by about half an hour than usual. In the morning, it usually starts from the usual time, or even rises about half an hour earlier. It has no impact on health.

“However, it is not possible to forcefully insert sleep time or stay up late.

“Outdated and not waiting” is a characteristic of people’s sleep. If you don’t fall asleep in time when you are drowsy, it will be difficult to enter sleep or even insomnia after the best time.

  Dr. Hsu recommends going to bed more than 12 o’clock in the summer evening.

People advocated by Chinese medicine must take a nap. The child is between 11:00 a.m. and 1 a.m. the next day, and noon is between 11:00 and 13:00 a day. If the elderly can take a nap every day at noon, it is good for health.

  Summer health should pay special attention to siesta.

At noon in summer, the sun is shining, and it is most likely to cause heat stroke. In addition, short summer nights, it is necessary to supplement the daytime siesta to eliminate fatigue and add benefits.

It is advisable to take a nap within half an hour.

  Recognized as a summer sleep regimen, dietary issues have also been replaced.

Summer diet should be light, less greasy and easy to digest.

In the heat of the season, sweat is out of the body and supplemented with some drinks to help the body radiate transformation.

Supplementing water, salt and vitamins can work together to clear the heat and relieve heat.

Such as watermelon, mung bean, lily, etc., all have a good effect of clearing away heat and relieving heat, strengthening the spleen and nourishing yin.

Don’t just take a quick trip, gluttony and cold drinks, damage the spleen and stomach, and boots interfere with sleep.

Black prescription for speed toothache

Black prescription for speed toothache

Black prescription for speed toothache

Lead: As the saying goes, “Toothache is not a disease. It hurts really.”

What if it really hurts?

Go to the doctor?

Let’s learn some Chinese medicine recipes for speed toothache first.

  1.Take an appropriate amount of garlic and smash it, and apply it on the pain points after warming to relieve symptoms such as pulpitis, periodontitis and toothache.

  2.Mix MSG and warm water at a ratio of 1:50, and then spit out the MSG solution in the mouth.

This two consecutive times, the toothache will disappear after two days.

  3.When you have a toothache, you can cut a small piece of ginger and bite it, and you can reuse it if necessary.

  4.Take 10 grams of white pepper and grind it, add white wine to make a paste, and put it into the tooth cavity 4 times.

  5.Take an appropriate amount of hive, add an appropriate amount of pure alcohol, ignite and burn. When the hive burns to black ash, apply dipped ash to the affected tooth.
Pain relief in 5 minutes.

  6.Take raw lard, fresh cotton parts, wrap the lard with cotton and heat, bite the toothache for a while, change it once, and repeat several times.

  7.Take Liushen Pill 1?
2 capsules, crushed and placed on the gums of the affected teeth 5?
10 minutes, once a day, generally no more than 3 times.

  8.Add 100 grams of white wine to the cup, add 10 grams of salt, stir, and wait for the salt to melt.

With a bite in the painful area (don’t swallow), the toothache will stop immediately.

How to choose the right quality of leggings

How to choose the right quality of leggings

How to choose the right quality of leggings

The weather is getting colder, the girls love to be beautiful, and they like to wear leggings, but they must know how to choose, especially the quality of leggings on urban surfaces is uneven. Some inferior fabrics hurt the skin.

  Leggings are mostly “three-none” products. Leggings vary in thickness, color, location, and price, ranging from less than 20 yuan to more than 100 yuan. Thick leggings suitable for autumn and winter wear. ValueMore than 60 yuan.

Most of these leggings are “unidentified”, without a tag, or the tag is too simple. How can the quality be guaranteed for products that do not even have the raw material composition, content, and quality level?

  According to the counter, hundreds of pieces of leggings in brand stores are easy. For MMs who are looking for cheap and good quality, they are too expensive to see, and they are not too far away from the brand styles.So, when buying leggings, many people do n’t have any smell once they choose it, they feel good, and they do n’t care about the quality.

  Intimate clothing should still be safe. According to national hygiene standards for textiles and other clothing, textiles are divided into A, B, and C categories, which are baby products, products that directly contact the skin and products that do not directly contact the skin. Leggings are intimateFor clothing, it is best to choose products of category B and above.

  When choosing leggings, you should avoid spreading the goods as much as possible, and there is no product that is far from the trademark. Do not choose another legging that is too beautifully coated.

Beware of unqualified leggings, which will cause excessive free formaldehyde, cause itchy skin, redness and other allergic symptoms, and even cause bronchitis and decreased immunity.

  The first choice of leggings depends on the material. In order to achieve the effect of self-cultivation, many leggings have good elasticity. If the elasticity is not good enough, they will be too tight when worn, and may even become too loose.

The elasticity of leggings mainly comes from the spandex in the material.

Leggings containing a large amount of spandex, if the quality is relatively low, it can easily irritate the skin and increase the risk of skin allergies. For patients with frostbite, it may also lead to exacerbation of frostbite.

  From a health perspective, the best course is to choose more comfortable cotton leggings.

The nine-point style or skirt style can make the cotton material not significantly bloated. Also, try to choose those cotton leggings with dark and light color stitching, initial color blocks and other styles.

  The workmanship of leggings is very important to fit the workmanship of leggings. One is to look at the waist design and choose an elastic foot. It is best to have a wide waist design. It will be more comfortable when worn and will not be easily scratched.

To test the elasticity of the waist, you just need to grasp the scattered stretch to see if the rebound force is good or not. The elasticity that is easy to stretch and rebound is even better.

  In essence, it depends on whether the stitches are flat and whether there are loose lines, which determines whether the leggings are beautiful and comfortable to wear.

  In the end, the leggings must fit well. MMs don’t feel that the leggings are elastic and fat, thin and thin.

Wearing leggings has a suitable range, not everyone is suitable, too much or too thin, not even obvious appearance, and hurt health.

Constipation Eat more of these three porridges to treat constipation

Constipation Eat more of these three porridges to treat constipation

Constipation Eat more of these three porridges to treat constipation

Click to buy constipation is a secret for many people.

Constipation is always uncomfortable and will be accompanied by many other diseases, such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, insomnia, bad breath, too much, bowel cancer, etc. Therefore, constipation should be actively prevented and treated.

So, what to eat to relieve constipation?

… What to eat for constipation For the diet, don’t make the food too fine, and don’t be partial. You should usually increase the fiber content in your intake, such as grains, vegetables (radish, leeks, raw garlic, etc.), and fruits (apples, red dates,Bananas, pears, etc.).

  Get enough water, about 2000 ml of water per day.

Properly eat foods that help intestines, such as honey, yogurt and so on.

  Eat less irritating and hot foods such as pepper, curry and other condiments, and avoid drinking alcohol or strong tea.

  For constipation, try the following diet recipe: Sesame Porridge with Black Sesame.

First take an appropriate amount of black sesame seeds, wash, dry, stir-fry and grind. Take 30 grams at a time, 100 grams of porridge as before.

  Suitable for elderly constipation patients who are frail, dizzy and tinnitus.

  Baiziren porridge 30 grams, 100 grams of previous rice.

Wash 30 grams of Baiziren to remove impurities and smash, add 100 grams of rice porridge, and mix with honey when eating.

Suitable for elderly constipation patients with heart palpitations and insomnia.

  Pine nut porridge 15
20 grams, previously 60 grams.

Ground pine nuts, and porridge with rice.

Can nourish yin and intestines.

Interpreting the five major effects of grapes

Interpreting the five major effects of grapes

Interpreting the five major effects of grapes

The nutritional value of grapes is very high: intake of sugars, vitamins A, B1, B2, C, protein, mineral potassium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, a lot of fruit acids in grapes help digestion.

Grapes are medicines and foods of the same origin. Properly eating grapes can strengthen the spleen and stomach.

  Traditional Chinese medicine interprets the “medicinal efficacy” of grapes: supplementary explanations on the efficacy of grapes from internal medical classics.

“Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” contains a text saying: “The grape master” weak bones and muscles, replenishing qi, replenishing strength, and being strong, fat, hungry, and cold-tolerant. ”

Eat a long time, light and not old.

“Traditional Chinese medicine believes that grape flavor is slightly acidic and flat, and has the effects of nourishing liver and kidney, replenishing qi and blood, appetizing power, promoting fluid and urination.


hzh {display: none; }  现代医学解读葡萄的“药效”:  1、迅速缓解低血糖:现在医学认为葡萄的含糖量达8%~10%,葡萄中的糖主要是葡萄糖,能很快Is absorbed by the body.
When hypoglycemia occurs in the human body, timely inclusion of grape juice can relieve symptoms quickly; 2, anti-aging: flavonoids contained in grapes are a powerful antioxidant that can fight aging and recognize and remove free radicals in the body; 3, prevent cancer: Grapes contain an anti-cancer trace element, which can prevent healthy cells from becoming cancerous and prevent the spread of cellulose.

  4, fight fatigue and neurasthenia: grapes also contain a variety of amino acids needed by the human body, often eat grapes to the neurasthenia, fatigue is greatly beneficial.

  5, tonicity: after the grapes are made into raisins, the sugar and iron content will be relatively high, it is a tonic for women, children and frail anemia.

The elderly chew a few grains of raisins before meals, which can both appetite and supplement weakness.

  Delicious foods are also harmful to the diet: grapes have high sugar content, eating more can cause internal heat, twisted teeth, obesity, and eating more can cause complications such as diarrhea.

People with weak stomachs and diabetics should eat less.

Diet and nourishing blood is the king of health in winter

Diet and nourishing blood is the king of health in winter

Diet and nourishing blood is the king of health in winter

The main qi in winter is cold, cold condensate and stagnant blood circulation, meanwhile, cold evil easily hurts yang, the human body does not have an increase in yang temperature, and lack of qi and blood circulation will bring a series of uncomfortable reactions.

“In general, people with yang deficiency, blood deficiency and qi deficiency will feel more obvious.

However, from the perspective of disease prevention, men, women, and children may be affected by weakened blood circulation, such as recurrent colds, irregular menstruation, bloating and stomach pain, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease attacks.

Therefore, diet and nourishing blood are suitable for the public’s winter regimen.

“Blood circulation is poor and there are concerns. When the temperature is very low, the first thing people feel is that their hands and feet are cold.

This phenomenon is well understood. When the weather is cold, the blood vessels in the human body contract, and the ability to return blood is weakened, it will cause poor blood circulation in the hands and feet, especially the fingertips, so that everyone will not care.

However, it is not enough to look at the problem just to look at the surface. In addition to the cold hands and feet, there are many problems caused by poor blood circulation.

  Chinese medicine believes that “qi is the handsome of blood, and blood is the mother of qi. Qi can produce blood, and blood can carry gas. The two cannot be separated.”

People with poor qi and blood are already physically weak. In addition, the “cold evil” in winter hurts yang, and the body’s resistance becomes lower. The cold evil penetrates from the muscle surface, and it is easy to cause a cold, especially children and the elderly.

In addition, cold stagnation, qi stagnation and blood stasis, meridian failure, body organs can not get blood nutrition, and pain comes along.

Such as women’s dysmenorrhea and prolonged menstruation, spleen and stomach weakness in patients with stomach pain and bloating, and sudden chest tightness, chest pain, dizziness, myocardial infarction, stroke, etc. in patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are all related, but often ignored.

  Nourishing blood and activating blood is the first food to treat swelling, mutton can nourish qi and blood, and warm and cold, and not to dry, is the best food for qi and blood in winter.

The following recipes for nourishing blood can be used for reference (it should be noted that those who suffer from yin deficiency and fire, and those whose constitution is too hot should not be taken) — ★ Angelica ginger mutton soup ingredients: 500 grams of mutton, 30 grams of angelica, 50 grams of ginger.

Wash the lamb with water and stir-fry it with ginger. Angelica is wrapped in gauze and cook with the fried lamb.

This soup is particularly suitable for qi and blood deficiency, severe illness and postpartum women, and has significant effects on improving dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation.

  ★ Korean ginseng stewed pork trotters ingredients: 15 grams of Korean ginseng, 10 grams of ginseng, and 50 grams of trotters (can also be replaced with chicken or lean meat)

Let simmer for an hour.

This soup has the effects of nourishing qi, activating blood, and clearing collaterals, and is suitable for patients with hyperlipidemia, hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease and osteoarthritis.

  ★ Ejiao Candied Chicken Ingredients: 15g Ejiao, 1 candied date, 50g chicken.

Let simmer for an hour.
This soup has the effect of nourishing blood and nourishing the nerves, and is suitable for those who are weak in qi and blood, dizzy, insomnia, and stomachache.

  ★ Dangshen, Chinese wolfberry and red date stewed chicken ingredients: 30 grams of Codonopsis, 15 grams of wolfberry, 15 grams of red dates, 150 grams of chicken.

Stew over water.

This soup can not only replenish qi and blood, but also relatively peaceful, you can eat it twice a week.

Suitable for the helpless.

Headhunters are remembering nine types of people this year!

Headhunters are remembering nine types of people this year!

Headhunters are remembering nine types of people this year!

Compared to high-educational backgrounds and prestigious schools, they have excellent working ability and communication skills, and have a large network of interpersonal relationships. People who have accurate positioning for themselves are more likely to enter the line of sight of headhunters.

  ”People go high”, the tendency of headhunting companies to dig people often reflects the direction of talent flow in the future. They complete the enterprise to find outstanding talents and help individuals to improve their career development. They were once considered as “headhunters and digging walls”The company is becoming an important player in the workplace, and headhunters are getting closer and closer to us.

  What are the characteristics that the headhunter most favors the candidate without trimming his ability?

Ability to overcome charm than academic qualifications, “excellent work ability” ranked first with 42%; “rich work experience” 31%; “well-known company background” 16%; “excellent personality charm” 9%;”Low frequency” is 1%; “High education” is only 1%.

  Jiuxiang also fears that the alley is deep, and he is capable of doing nothing, but the unknown lonely hero or cooking dumplings in a teapot is difficult to become a “prey” if he does not know how to do it.

“If you want to be looked after by headhunters, do you think individuals should have sufficient qualities?

“” Shows that “excellent in showing self-communication skills” is the most important, accounting for 21%; followed by “obtaining distinctive performance”, 18%; “has a clear career plan” 18%; “accumulate a wide range of”Interpersonal relationships” 15%; “Become a key person in the company” 13%; “Multi-participate in social activities in the circle” 8%; “Possess education or training experience in a prestigious school” has the lowest proportion, only 6%.

  From the above data polishing, no matter in the eyes of “hunters” or “prey”, the attractiveness of high education and famous school comes last.

People who have excellent work ability and performance, strong network of friends, and have an accurate career development positioning and good communication skills are more likely to enter the line of sight of headhunters.

  From a professional point of view, promising talents can be experts and managers in various industries. Among them, managers with professional backgrounds become the main target, the proportion is 40%; sales talents are 15%; market development personnel are 15%; technology.12% of staff; 10% of financial experts; 8% of human resources staff.

  Nine types of mid-level talents have become the new favorite. The management team of foreign companies in China has gradually stabilized. The competition for the independent development of core technologies and the transformation of market share has spread from central large cities to small and medium cities. It has the ability to execute and master professional technology.Mid-level talents with the ability to develop the secondary market are gradually becoming the focus of competition among enterprises.

Zhilian Recruitment Agency’s recruitment information in the first quarter of 2005 showed that the chief designer of RF / microwave devices, R & D purchasing manager, retail showroom supervision, senior circuit design engineer, senior automotive industry, water meter product manager, Japanese software test engineer,Mid-level talents such as legal translators, store location developers, etc. have been caught up by headhunters and are becoming the upstarts in the workplace.

  61% of the participants in the “love letter” survey who treat headhunting carefully will “carefully ask the other party’s situation before making a decision” when headhunting finds themselves; 32% “think about it before responding to the answer”;”Those who would consider it too much” were 3%; the percentage of “want to jump, and jumped quickly” was not high, with 3%; and only 1% “refused without thinking”.

  Due to industry rules, headhunters must “hide” specific recruiting companies. After all, companies are still “shy” after digging their feet. It is understandable, but headhunters must tell you the industry, field, nature and position of the company. Job descriptions are headhunters.The “love letter” for your appointment is worth studying with a magnifying glass, such as who to report to, who is responsible, the scope of the task, and the environmental occupation.

The survey results show that 93% of the candidates will not immediately accept the invitation of the headhunter, but will act after serious consideration and consideration to further contact the headhunter.

  Only 4% of people do not like headhunters to come to your door. Do you want to be caught by headhunters?

48% of the survey participants chose “very hope” and “fair, both”; only 4% “do not want headhunting harassment” or “very hate the phone of the headhunting company”.

  Those who help headhunters to follow are those who do not worry about not being able to find a job. They may be immersed in the joy of working at the moment. The headhunter’s phone is a temptation and a shock, especially some unknown headhunting company phones, which are vague.The monk Zhang Er, who was scratching his head, had some troubles in the flat.

  However, the mountain is not high, and there is a name for the fairy. Regardless of its black headhunting and white headhunting, it is a good headhunting that can provide reliable positions.

Just like finding an object, you don’t need to care about how the matchmaker grows. Generally, the size of the headhunting company is not large. You should not underestimate it because it is small. The key is whether the position provided by the other party is consistent with your professional pursuit and the headhunting.Cross-talking will help straighten out your career. From the past to the future, won’t you refuse a free career consultation?

Adding complementary foods for 4 months has nothing to do with nutrition!

Adding complementary foods for 4 months has nothing to do with nutrition!

Adding complementary foods for 4 months has nothing to do with nutrition!

Supplementary food has nothing to do with nutrition. This month’s baby’s nutritional needs have not changed much, and the daily required dose is 1,000 kilocalories per thousand.

Supplementary foods are not for lack of nutrition in breast milk, nor are they used as a substitute for supplementary milk.

Infants who are breastfed can still meet their nutritional needs if they eat well.

The purpose of adding complementary food this month is to allow the baby to develop the habit of eating other dairy foods and stimulate the baby’s taste development.

Stimulate your baby’s desire to eat foods other than milk, prepare for semi-weaning, and prepare your baby for teething to eat solid food, exercise your baby’s ability to swallow, and promote the development of chewing muscles.

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