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How can I be a temperament beauty?

How can I be a temperament beauty?

How can I be a temperament beauty?

A good-looking woman or to be an attractive woman, people here are not just men. Of course, if a woman can convince another woman to take it orally, that’s the most important thing.

Everyone wants to be a woman with a temperament, so that people remember it at a glance. Of course, not all women are like this. Except for the beautiful face given by their parents, other temperaments can be cultivated the day after tomorrow.Women are beautiful, and Zhang Ailing also said so. Being a good-looking woman and believing in the pledge of the Shanmeng League means that every woman is beautiful, but this beauty is also the only appearance. It is more important to look at the heart.



  The first keyword reflects a different value.

In the eyes of women, the most beautiful woman should be “elegance”. Men also appreciate this view. After all, elegance is a temperament. Every woman likes to be described by others as elegance.

Elegance is the description of a woman’s temperament. Of course, an elegant woman not only needs to be generous and decent, but also needs to pay attention to some small details.

I think why the word elegance is so attractive to men and even women, it is still reflected in life. Basically, every woman wants to become a temperament woman. So speaking of elegance, being an elegant woman, doingA woman admires a woman that a man admires.



  That man doesn’t like gentle women. Although the times are always changing and our lives have changed a lot, gentleness has always been what men like and appreciate.

Every man will have a little bit of big man. Of course, he likes small women. Little bird is a way to show how tall a man is.

Petite and gentle, such phrases are not to say that women are on the low side, nor are they demeaning women, this is praise.

A woman is gentler on weekdays. This can both regulate the relationship between men and women and promote communication between women.



  Of course, every female body can have any quality, but this kindness is indispensable. Chinese women have another beauty of Oriental women. Then this kindness is the most important point.

Kindness, this vocabulary that is not exclusive to women, has shown its powerful charm in many disturbing choices.

It turns out that no matter how the society changes, the most basic judgment in our hearts has never been shaken.

Kindness is from the heart of one’s heart. If other qualities can be contrived, but kindness is not the case. Kindness is a kind of quality from the heart and the place that can best show a person’s qualities.



  This is also a relatively unfamiliar word, but think about whether such qualities are important. Women may smile at it, but for men, it is very important.Communication, such communication will not be boring and embarrassing.

Good life requires common sense and knowledge. Love also belongs to the category of knowledge.

“Intellectuality” is probably the ability to use knowledge tools to make your life and emotions easier and easier to grasp. It is not necessarily related to paper such as diplomas.

At the same time, female netizens ‘recognition of“ intellectuality ”also reflects their knowledge and expectations of the workplace. After all, many women known as“ intellectuality ”have admirable professional skills in their professions.



  I once said that cuteness is essential for a woman. A male classmate laughed at me and said, then what is cute when a person is old or married, I said this is not the case, a married woman needs cuteness to dress herself more.

Think about what cuteness is. After a big meal, dessert is essential after dinner. So cuteness is this dessert. Women who are occasionally cute can better reflect the taste of women. Beauty, a naughtynice.


  Maybe many people say that these phrases are still used in any age, but this is a very important quality. China’s Baishan regards filial piety first. Such words need not be said more. A virtuous woman is half the familyEvery woman must learn to be virtuous. Even if she doesn’t do well, it means she is interested. Being a virtuous woman is a good helper for her husband.

  Of course, the quality of women is not only these, but also a topic that can never be talked about. Women are like flowers and need hobbies, but they also need to be displayed.

Being a woman in this life is a blessing. As a woman, you need to love yourself, and of course, you also need to take good care of the people around you. As a woman, you have to love men and women.

Appearance is always secondary, inner beauty is real beauty.

Beware of six misunderstandings about total bladder oil_1

Beware of six misunderstandings about total bladder oil_1

Beware of six misunderstandings of total bladder oil

Skin Oily skin is not an invasion of ordinary people, and it is often faced by some big stars.

They often apply makeup and make-up remover, which makes skin more prone to problems.

So how do you control the oil to avoid shine?

First of all, we must pay attention to six misunderstandings in oil control: Misunderstanding 1: Change the face to remove shine and replace the face, thinking that by increasing the number of times you can improve the shine, the result is that the more you wash, the more oil.

This is because our skin has a certain “water-oil balance” function. When the skin is too clean and a large amount of oil is washed away, the sebaceous glands will secrete more oil to replenish the lost oil, resulting in more washing.Awkward state of oil.

  Misunderstanding 2: Relying too much on shrinking water Alcoholic shrinking water can certainly control oil secretion and shrink pores, but it may make the skin drier in autumn and winter.

If the oil secretion is normal, you can use a toner with a cool feeling, or use frozen steamed water instead.

  Misunderstanding 3: Avoid opening oily skin care products. Many people think that people with oily skin should not moisturize, but in fact, most of the skin with thick pores will be more prone to dust if it is not coated with a protective film. In winter, the skin will be prone to lack of water.Avoid thick creams or lotions and use liquid, essence or gel-like formulas.

  Misunderstanding 4: Only oil control and no hydration, 80% of oily skin have dehydration. This exuberant amount of oil will conceal the fact that the skin is dehydrated.

If you only control the oil without replenishing water, the internal balance system of the body will start naturally, continuously secreting more oil to replenish a large amount of lost oil, forming a vicious cycle of “more control and more oil”.

  Misunderstanding 5: Keep using moisturizing sprays. Don’t be misled by the “moisturizing” of moisturizing sprays. In fact, moisturizing sprays do not contain water-moisturizing ingredients.

Continuous use of moisturizing spray on moisture can eliminate the short-term cooling and moisturizing of the skin, but when the moisture evaporates, it will take away the skin surface moisture and make the skin more dry.

Use only when your skin feels particularly dry.

  Myth 6: T-zone lacks care T-zone has always been the hardest hit area, especially in the greasy summer.

If these treatments are not just a matter of flooding, the problem of large pores, frequent blackheads, redness and swelling will follow.

Special T-zone care products with more oil-suppressing and oil-controlling ingredients can be selected.

Eat more corn to prevent aging

Eat more corn to prevent aging

Eat more corn to prevent aging

Deterioration of organs can cause certain diseases. Age-related macular degeneration is a disease caused by aging eyes. In severe cases, it can cause vision loss.

Relevant expert studies have found that lutein and zeaxanthin can prevent the occurrence of age-related macular degeneration.

The human body intake of proper amounts of lutein and zeaxanthin can reduce the prevalence by 43%.

  Corn is a very popular food.

Nutrition analysis found.

It contains proteins, sugars, carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, especially zeaxanthin.

Therefore, eating more corn can fight eye aging.

However, because lutein and zeaxanthin are fat-soluble, it is best to cook with oil to facilitate absorption.

Last 5 minutes before work

Last 5 minutes before work

Last 5 minutes before work

It ‘s almost time to get off work, but we ca n’t relax. Although it ‘s the “darkest 5 minutes before dawn”, you must also take care of yourself . Near the end of work, every woman will return to her heart, long in her mindImagine the evening TV show and meeting with lovers.

  But before that, you still need to set your mind and make a good summary of the work of the day.

  A summary of the day’s work is recorded on the revision guide for the finishing guide, including the people you met on the day, newly acquired business card information, and more.

The content is mostly complicated, so sort it out before the end of the day.

  In this way, you can not only grasp the progress of the work of the day, but also choose to read it later.

  Check the work items that should be performed on the day of the worksheet, mark the completed items, and know the unfinished items.

  The next day’s worksheet is planned to be checked. After the worksheet for the next day is checked, the work items to be performed on the next day are listed. The worksheet may be ordered. At this time, you can refer to it to prevent omissions.

  After finishing the work, the work will be done cleanly before work.

Especially female secretaries should pay more attention to this.

After doing this, you can take gentle steps and work easily.

Boat yoga to help you lose weight easily

Boat yoga to help you lose weight easily

Boat yoga to help you lose weight easily

How do you see the excess meat in the abdomen and the eye, and how can you reduce this layer of fat?

Xiao Bian finds a yoga technique for you, it only takes 5 minutes a day, allowing you to quickly transform into a small waist beauty.

  Efficacy: This asana can stimulate our thyroid, promote metabolism, increase blood circulation in women’s abdomen, improve indigestion and other problems; it can also help shape the sexy lines of the abdomen and waist.

  Sit back and naturally straighten back 1 Sit back and naturally straighten back slightly.

Put your feet close together, bend your knees, put your feet on the floor, and support your upper fossa with both hands.

  Lift your leg until the calf moves parallel to the ground. 2 Inhale, exhale, lift your leg until the calf is parallel to the ground, with your toes straight, and your upper body leaning back.

The abdomen is tightened and the entire body is adjusted to a balanced state.

  Inhale, exhale, slowly stretch your legs straight. 3 Inhale, exhale, slowly stretch your legs, stretch your hands slowly on the top of your head and spine.The feet form a “v” shape.

Gather waist strength and straighten your chest.

Clamp your feet together.

Keep breathing naturally.

Maintain this position for about 10 seconds.

  Tips * For beginners, raising your hands will have great potential. You can choose to stretch your hands on both sides of your legs.

  * When you do this, you will obviously feel abdominal force (the person with weak abdominal muscles will feel the belly tremble). Remember to keep the cross from bending, otherwise you may give up your previous work!

  * If you practice in a too soft place (on a mattress or sofa), it is difficult to keep your body stable and your back upright, which may cause spinal injuries. Therefore, you should practice with cushions on the floor;1 hour before bedtime; * Avoid exercises during the physiological period of women.

Five psychological effects on graduate employment

Five psychological effects on graduate employment

Five psychological effects on graduate employment

Love at home.

  Most graduates are ambitious at the beginning of their graduation and are looking for a job that suits them. This is what they call a “good boy”.

However, some college students are reluctant to go far, and only want to find employment in the “one acre and three points” at their doorstep, which artificially reduces the scope of employment and causes employment difficulties.


  At the job application site, some graduates often face the doubts of recruiters. They are so nervous and incoherent. They have forgotten all the prepared speeches and cannot sell themselves well.

Such job seekers lack self-confidence, and it is naturally difficult for them to be appreciated by employers.

  Excellent psychology.

  Some college students lack a sense of independence. They must always be accompanied by their parents and friends when they go out to apply for jobs. They can easily get an idea at a critical moment. These graduate-like graduates use employers to have doubts about his ability.Opinionless of the audacious graduate.

  Fake psychology.

  Some graduates are deeply aware of the increase in employment pressure. In the process of applying for a job, they use fake fortunes and fake honours to “follow the door” to deceive employers to knock on the door to employment.

As everyone knows, the establishment of the Ministry of Education’s online education certification system and the implementation of college graduates’ Internet access project have been counterfeit, thus only ruining their reputation and their own future.

  Low psychological.

  This part of graduates feels that the competition is fierce, consciously inferior to others, seemingly inferior to others, and then they are willing to give up, do not dare to explicitly price themselves, find a unit to marry themselves, and have adopted an alternative attitude to unequal agreements in employment, Which has hidden dangers for future work.

11 tips to make men love you?

11 tips to make men love you?

11 tips to make men love you?

Introduction: If your lover has a certain cultural literacy, then you should read more literary and artistic works, classical poems, and make your heart more delicate. Due to the influence of culture, you will naturally have a certain charm and temperament.A touch of wind and a drop of rain can hook up your feelings and make your lover feel that you are his confidante.

  Every woman hopes that she has a man who loves her deeply, but in life, the most frequently heard women repeat is: “I took my heart out to him, how could he do this to me?”

“If you want to have a lover’s heart and make him love yourself more, sometimes it’s not enough to just dig out your heart. It takes means and skills.

May wish to proceed from the following aspects: 1.

Grab your stomach first.

If you want to grab the other’s heart, you must first grab the other’s stomach.

No matter what you do, as long as you make it with your heart, the other person will certainly enjoy your food and your love with gratitude.

But you ca n’t make that dish or soup every day. No man likes to eat “home-cooked meals” all year round. You must also make great efforts in the art of cooking. When he finds that he leaves you, he may not eat a mealAt Ruyi’s dinner, he will follow you all his life.


Keep your stature.

All husbands want his wife to be a curvy woman. If you are overweight, you must immediately take action to eliminate those unwelcome aunts on your body. Otherwise, I am afraid that you will never be welcome again.

Show charming style and plan things.

Don’t forget to show your charming charm in front of your man at all times.

Women know how to dress before marriage and in love. They are happy, but when they get married, especially after giving birth, they no longer pay attention to dressing.

Huang Lianpo has no charm in front of the man.

When a man returns home, a woman is like a bowl of leftovers. If he is not particularly hungry, he will not ignite passion for you.

Therefore, the more you marry at the age of marriage, the more you need to take care of your body, the more you pack yourself, and the charm will last forever.

It is said that the degree of development of the city can be seen from a woman. Some people may not object to this view, but it is true.

When you walk on the bustling streets, you are greeted by women, all dazzling, and become the most beautiful scenery on the street.

Look at her, and approve a long linen-colored curly hair, it must be the most fashionable ceramic perm and bleaching, white temporary skin, although the skin is good or bad, but there are various colors in this developing societyAll kinds of cosmetics, as well as the enthusiastic beauty salon, they can make you have healthy white skin.

She also wore a well-dressed body, whether it was a famous brand or not, but she was so glorious.

Therefore, careful and deliberate packaging can bring a romantic atmosphere and make him always keep a fresh love for you.

It’s simple, and it’s time to pack your home.

The love nest of the two should be neat and tidy, and everything must be organized at home, spotless and uncluttered, and the composition of objects must have certain cultural and artistic beauty.

With two points, men like to go home and bring friends to their homes. They also like to talk to their loved ones in front of others, because you have barely faced him, and because he has you, he has face.


Encourage the demanding.

Love is like sand in your hand!

The more you want to hold fast, the more he wants to run away. If you give him free space and let him fly freely, he may be by your side, this is the man.

“If a husband is demanded, he would rather live on the open roof than come home.

“The endless demands make men more and more indulged in bad habits. If you can accept a” real husband “and inspire them, the husband will become the happiest and most loved person in the world.


Be kind to your relatives and friends.

Because they are your messengers to your lover’s heart.


Praise him at any time.

If you really love your husband, tell him now.
If you realize his benefits, then praise him at any time.
Women love sweet words, and men need it too.

Even if he is not tall, it doesn’t prevent him from feeling “high and equal”.


Be feminine.

Women must be feminine, strong women are not cute, and little women cannot love.

Whether you are a senior white-collar worker or an ordinary housewife, you must first be feminine, and must be gentle, docile, virtuous, careful and considerate.

Finding a balance between tradition and modernity, in the pursuit of sexy and hot fashion beauty, instead of abandoning the traditional elegance of the classic and graceful, while flying with men in business, without losing a small woman’s small mood, small means andLittle happiness.

  The femininity also comes from the beauty of a woman’s body. A woman with soft lines, long black hair like silk and snow-like skin, plus a serene eye wave like a lake and a delicate smile like a rose, her feminine flutters to her. If you do n’t have a beautiful appearance, it does n’t matter. The femininity is more from the heart. A woman with a crystal-like heart, understands and loves, and her femininity goes from inside to outside.People’s hearts.
The femininity is also reflected in the softness of water.

Her beautiful inner temperament can not only make men emotional, but also make women enthralled.

A woman with such a temperament is tolerant and kind.

A woman’s tolerance is grateful to a man. When a feminine woman truly loves a person, she not only loves his strengths but also his weaknesses.

Use a woman’s unique tenderness to help him overcome contradictions and correct inadequacy. Such women make men not want to love.


Use your temperament to make him love you more.

The beauty of a woman’s temperament is the full expression of a woman’s beauty.

Temperament is beautiful, and men pay attention to their beauty and ignore it forever.

Even if a girl with a beautiful temperament is ugly, people will never say that she is ugly.

The beauty of ignorance is actually difficult to imprint beauty on the bottom of men’s hearts.

The former is elegant and tacky.

Temperament is the internal unconscious exposure, but only the surface work.

If there is no lightness on the chest, then even if it is decorated in gorgeous clothes, this person is not temperament at all, but it gives a superficial feeling to others.

Therefore, if you want to improve your temperament and achieve superior temperament, in addition to dressing well and speaking appropriately, you must continuously improve your knowledge, moral integrity, continuously enrich yourself, and strengthen your lover’s career, professionalism, and hobbies.Understanding, learning, there will be room for communication between the two sides.

If your lover has a certain cultural literacy, then you should read more literary and artistic works and classical poems to make your heart more delicate. Due to the influence of culture, you will naturally have a certain charm and temperament, and at this time there is a touch of wind, A drop of rain can hook up your same feelings and make your lover feel that you are his confidante.

Be a good management assistant.

At home, be a good assistant to manage your family.

Don’t blame your husband for not making enough money. Prudent spending in limited income, handling family finances in accordance with the budget, and stabilizing economic life are a good way to reduce spouses.


The family is properly managed.

A husband’s favorite wife is usually a good mother of a son, a good daughter-in-law of a mother-in-law, filial piety to her parents, and raising her children naturally, you will naturally tie your husband’s heart.


Have a confident heart.

It is not terrible for a woman to lose a man, it is terrible for a woman to lose confidence.

Without confidence, you lose all men.

If you can’t love yourself, you can’t love others, and you can’t let others love you, because people have nothing to do and nothing to do.

When you accept your husband, you must first accept yourself, because self-confidence enables you to do anything you think of.

  Post-editing: In fact, men are very emotional, and women accompany the vicissitudes of life with cosmetics, it is better to find a way to enter the hearts of men forever.

Check in seat: after the marriage, you belong to the first-class model wife

Check in seat: after the marriage, you belong to the first-class model wife

Check in seat: after the marriage, you belong to the first-class model wife

Introduction: A woman who silently pays for her husband for her family is a traditional motherhood woman.

This kind of wife doesn’t have so many fancy ways of love, but they need her husband to return her efforts with a down-to-earth life attitude.

  The love of the little bird depends on the person, and the tenderness is just like water. With the label of marriage, the woman may be transformed.

After the marriage, each woman is different, so please take a seat by yourself.

  Credit card type wife: too much money is too much money, but people with more money tend to be less secure. In every moment you reach out to her for money, the love and confidence in her heart are shaking.Rich women are afraid that men love her just because of money.

After marrying Mrs. Dokin, the man must know how to be more motivated and can accept her financial support, but it must make her feel the price paid.

The more gold a woman looks down on, “Ali Liu” who can’t afford it, and doesn’t want to raise her head for a lifetime, you have to prove her investment success with your own results.

In addition, Mrs. Dokin must avoid the “golden master” mentality in her marriage. She always has the attitude of “dominate everything when you pay.”

  Rechargeable card type wife: A woman who silently pays for her family and her husband is a traditional motherly woman.

This kind of wife doesn’t have so many fancy ways of love, but they need her husband to return her efforts with a down-to-earth life attitude.
In front of her, the groom can occasionally be a little childish naughty, which will make her feel the happiness you rely on.

And this feeling of being dependent and needed can support them to continue to work hard for you for a lifetime.

It ‘s just that you always pay. Women are easily eliminated in marriage, and even willing to recharge your groom. In the process, you must save your own strength, advance and attack, and retreat!

  VIP Card Lady: Marrying a little wife is a thing that men love and hate. The little bird who loves her depends on others and hates her over-reliance.

For such delicate brides, the grooms have to pay like fathers and brothers, and must learn to reject outside temptations and entertainment, otherwise they will make her tears when they go home late.

While pampering, we must know how to cultivate their ability to marry and live with encouragement.

Even if a little bit of housework is successful, she has to quarrel with her and help her build self-confidence and interest in housework. Over time, she is not far from perfect.

For Xiaojiao’s wives, it is the ultimate goal to temper their living ability and become more independent. There is no eternal backer, and the biggest pillar of a woman’s life is always herself!

Social security card type wife: all kinds of wives are slow-heating, and even living with her will be slightly uninteresting and enthusiastic.

But the greatest feature of this kind of wife is pragmatic. To live with her, you have to make all-round life plans. The purely flowery groom will make them feel insecure.

However, any woman loves small sparks of romance. This kind of bride is also a bit. Although the conservative personality makes them do not know how to ask, but if the groom can occasionally use small gifts to stimulate her love-sensitive nerves, it must beWill she love you even more deadly!

For conservative wives, they must inspire themselves to say “love”. Love must be passed before it can have temperature. Passion is always a good medicine to maintain feelings.

Healthy snacks: good friends for healthy growth

Healthy snacks: good friends for healthy growth

Healthy snacks: good friends for healthy growth

Case 1 The daughter is more than 3 years old and often clamors for snacks such as jelly, marshmallow, biscuits.

But I think a lot of snacks are very hot, not much nutrition, and even more annoying is that eating more snacks affects the meal, and it costs more.

So I didn’t let her eat snacks, but the more I banned her, the more aggressive she became. Therefore, her daughter was not beaten.

  Case 2 The son is 5 years old and has a good appetite since childhood. He loves to eat everything, biscuits, sugar, fried chicken legs, etc. After eating, it will not affect the meal, so he often eats many snacks.

But now my son is getting fatter. Every time I go to the medical examination, the doctor says that he is overweight. I do n’t know if I have eaten too many snacks?

  Are snacks really as useless as parents think?

A few days ago, it was said that a special survey of Chinese snacks in 2007 showed that snacks can provide children with certain energy and nutrients. Consuming snacks scientifically and reasonably, and supplementing the types of food caused by three meals a day, can achieve balance and promote their growth and development.the goal of.

Preschool children are always not delicious when eating, and it is difficult to fully eat.

As a result, I feel hungry before dinner, which directly affects the child’s development.

In this case, if you have a snack between meals, this problem can be solved well.

  It can be seen that snacks are also part of a reasonable estimate. Choosing the right snacks is even harmless and good for the body. The key is to see what to eat and how to eat it.

  Parents can choose snacks according to the three levels of “consumable consumption”, “appropriate consumption” and “restricted consumption”.

  ◎ Can be eaten often: low-fat, low-salt, low-sugar foods, unprocessed animal protein (boiled eggs, etc.), dairy products (fresh milk, yogurt, etc.), soy products (soy milk, fried soybeans, etc.),Natural fruit snacks (apple, banana, fresh juice, etc.), nut snacks (shelled chestnut, pine nuts, etc.).

  ◎ Appropriate: Food processed with appropriate amount of salt and sugar. Beef jerky, ham sausage, preserved meat, braised egg, fish fillet, tofu roll, weird broad beans, braised tofu, seaweed flakes, dried apples, raisins, dried bananas,Fish skin peanuts, hawthorn drinks, almond milk, lactic acid drinks, etc.

  ◎ Restricted consumption: high-fat, high-salt, high-sugar foods, high-sugar sodas, colas, and other carbonated beverages; particularly sweet and brightly colored ice cream, ice cream; fried chicken nuggets, fried chicken wings, etc.

  The principle of snacks should be fresh. Natural is the best around us. There are many fresh and natural foods, such as milk, fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. They are delicious and nutritious.

Therefore, you can often choose to eat.

However, the choice must not be based solely on the child’s own tastes and preferences, whether it is nutritious or not, and whether it is beneficial to health is the first consideration when choosing snacks.

  Snacks without affecting meals Snacks are small amounts of food or beverages that are consumed at non-meal times, that is, snacks can only be used as necessary nutritional supplements for meals.

Therefore, children should not eat snacks too close to the meal, they should eat between meals.

The number of snacks a day should be controlled within 3 times, and the amount should not be too much so as not to affect the meal.

  In addition, people also have snacks before going to bed, otherwise it is not conducive to digestion and sleep, and also increases the risk of dental caries.

  Avoid eating snacks unconsciously Many children like to watch TV and eat snacks. When they turn off the TV, they find that they have eaten two packs of crunchy rolls and one pack of popcorn . In this unconscious process, children often eat too much snack.

Therefore, parents are advised to help their children develop a habit of eating snacks, prepare small or small packages of snacks in advance, and avoid overeating unconsciously.

  In general, we are resolutely resistant to stop eating food, eat a small amount of food, and eat food in a timely and appropriate manner, so that snacks are no longer the enemy, but will become good friends for healthy growth of children.

4 homemade fruit masks in summer to keep your skin hydrated and clear for a whole season

4 homemade fruit masks in summer to keep your skin hydrated and clear for a whole season

4 homemade fruit masks in summer to keep your skin hydrated and clear for a whole season

With a lot of fruits in summer, we women can eat fresh fruits after beauty.

Can I only eat fruit?

In fact, there are wonderful uses of fruits, which can make our skin more supple and white.

You can make your own fruit mask for beautiful skin.

Let’s see how to make a fruit mask together!

. 4 homemade fruit masks made of lemon milk honey in summer: 2 tablespoons of lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of yogurt, 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 capsule of vitamin E

  Method: Put lemon juice, yogurt, honey into a container and stir into a paste.

Cut the vitamin E capsules with scissors, pour the oil into the mixed paste and stir well.

After cleansing, apply this mask evenly on both ends.

Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and wash with water.

  Cosmetic effect: fully penetrate, nourish the skin, keep the skin in a state of drinking enough water, and promote cell regeneration.

  Papaya exfoliating mask material: a small piece of papaya, the amount of oatmeal method: Wash the papaya, peel, seed, and mash it into a mud.

Add oat flour to the papaya puree and stir well to make a paste.

After cleansing, apply this mask evenly on both ends to avoid opening around the eyes and lips.

After about 30 minutes, wash thoroughly with warm water.

Use 1-2 times a week.

  Cosmetic effect: Papaya contains papaya enzymes, which has a good cleansing and softening effect, can whiten well and moisturize the skin.

Papaya is used with oats to make the skin soft, white and shiny.

  Orange milk mask material: orange, medical alcohol, honey, milk Practice: smash oranges with skin, add a small amount of medical alcohol, add an appropriate amount of honey, stir well and put it in the refrigerator for one week and use it.

Apply the mask evenly to your arms. After 10 minutes, wash off thoroughly with water.

  Cosmetic effect: This mask can lubricate the skin, remove excess excess oil, inhibit the generation of acne, and remove wrinkles and fade marks.

But pay attention to those who are allergic to alcohol should not be used.

  Apple whitening and hydrating mask material: 1 apple, 2 tablespoons honey.

  Method: Put 4 pieces of apples evenly, put them into a blender and crush them into juice, add honey and beat well, put them in the refrigerator to refrigerate, and take them out after about 10 minutes.

Helps pat it across the face until it feels a little sticky.

After holding it for about 30 minutes, wash it off with water.

  Beauty effect: moisturizing and nourishing, replenishing moisture.

This mask is suitable for normal skin.

It is recommended to use it twice a week for the first 3 weeks, and once a week afterwards, the effect will be more obvious.

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