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How to effectively replenish water during the hot summer season

How to effectively replenish water during the hot summer season

How to effectively replenish water during the hot summer season

The hot summer season is a kind of “adversity” for the human body.

Many people feel that their appetite is falling and their thirst is hard to bear.

Indeed, in the case of sweat dripping, it is necessary to add a lot of water to avoid dehydration.

However, what method is used to replenish water?

  Sweat is not white water, it is rich in content, from a small amount of protein, amino acids, to sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and then to various vitamins, can be found in sweat.

The body evaporates sweat and concentrates the blood on the body surface. For some people who are physically weak, the secretion of digestive juice is reduced, which leads to loss of appetite and digestive function.

Lack of potassium will reduce people’s resistance to heat, and the lack of B vitamins will make people’s appetite even lower.

The hotter the more you don’t want to eat, the more you don’t want to eat, the hotter it is, and it becomes a vicious circle.

Therefore, hydration should be combined with supplementing various nutrients.

  ■ homemade porridge soup: the most nutritious hydration method is the best way to replenish water is to drink porridge, oysters, soup, pulp and other liquid and semi-liquid foods, a small amount of red beans, rice porridge, mung bean black bean soup, egg flower cornHey, millet lily porridge, grain soy milk, and so on.

They contain not only a small amount of starch, but also B vitamins, minerals and a small amount of protein, amino acids, etc., which is much better than the nutritional supplement of white water.

At the same time, porridge soup can also promote the secretion of digestive juice, which is conducive to maintaining a better digestion and absorption function in the summer and avoiding the lack of nutrients.

Room temperature porridge soup will not stimulate the vasoconstriction caused by the stomach, and the slightly hot porridge soup can promote perspiration, which is more conducive to body heat dissipation than iced cold drinks.

  In addition to three meals, summer is suitable for a variety of tea and fruit drinks, such as green tea, oolong tea, chrysanthemum tea, barley tea, lemonade, freshly squeezed fruit juice and so on.

These drinks contain potassium, and a small amount of B vitamins and vitamin C, the effect of continuous boiled water.

  It is naturally ideal to make a variety of healthy porridge soups, teas and drinks at home.

However, when you are walking outside, if you don’t have your own drinks, you can only rely on commercial drinks in many cases. Which of them is the best for summer?

  ■Beverages are preferred. Low-alcohol commercially available beverages are all sweet.

Which low sugar sugar contains 3%?
6%, the sweet taste is 8% sugar?

Below, low-sugar, decaffeinated beverages are beneficial for hydrating.

While supplementing the sugar, they do not significantly interfere with the absorption of water; while the generally sweetened beverage has a high osmotic pressure, which is not conducive to water absorption and delays gastric emptying.

  It should also be considered that the metabolism of sugar in the body needs to consume B vitamins, and high temperature sweating will lose a lot of B vitamins, so drinking a lot of sweet drinks will aggravate the problem of B vitamin deficiency.

Although vitamin C is added to many commercial beverages, most of them do not contain B vitamins.

  A variety of sports drinks add too much sodium and potassium, and some also add magnesium and calcium, and even niacin and vitamin C, relatively suitable as a lot of sweating drinks.

However, they do not contain vitamins B1 and B2 because of the poor taste and color of these two vitamins.

Therefore, they still can’t completely solve the problem of B-vitamin loss in summer sweating, and can’t use them to replace the staple food and soup in three meals.

  ■ Drinking cold drinks is worse than drinking yogurt. Children and young people like all kinds of frozen sweets and cold drinks, including ice cream and ice cream.

The cool frozen sweets in your mouth are very comfortable, but they are not the way to quench your thirst.

  The main ingredients of ice cream are sugar, milk, eggs, butter or hydrogenated vegetable oil, plus some stabilizers and other flavoring ingredients.

Its osmotic pressure is high and there is no thirst quenching effect.

However, ice cream contains high levels of trace amounts of protein, calcium, and other nutrients, as well as a certain amount of vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin B, should be regarded as a nutritious frozen dessert.

When the sugar and trace content are increased, the ice cream is more delicious and fragrant, but this overcomes the problem of excessive energy.

At the same time, ice cream with hydrogenated vegetable oil will date unhealthy trans.

  Ordinary ice cream, popsicles contain a small amount of ice cream, but the nutritional value is also lower, which contains a lot of sugar and a variety of flavors, pigments, not suitable for young children.

They do not have any “fire” effect. Excessive consumption can cause children to get angry, especially digestive and absorption functions, decreased throat resistance, increased respiratory infections and opportunities for infection.

  In a nutshell, yogurt is both cool and refreshing, sweet and sour, and has a high nutritional value, not inferior to milk, can help to supplement calcium, a variety of B vitamins, vitamin A, vitamin D and protein.
In the summer of insufficient diet, drinking yogurt is a healthy choice for cold drinks.

  ■ A certain beverage should not drink more refreshing beverages containing caffeine as a hydrating drink.
Because they contain a higher concentration of caffeine, and caffeine has a diuretic effect, which is not conducive to the retention of water in the body, it will increase the excretion of calcium, and it is easy to increase the risk of kidney stones in the summer of urine concentration.

Alcohol-containing beer should not be ingested too much, because alcohol is also a diuretic, and both sugar and alcohol contain energy, which increases the risk of excessive.

  Many people like inflatable carbonated drinks instead of summer health options.

Drinking iced inflated beverages, the gas takes a small amount of traces from the stomach, which makes people feel refreshed temporarily, but they will reduce the amount of perspiration of the skin, which is not conducive to heat dissipation.

The nutritional value of carbonated drinks is extremely low. It does not contain vitamins and electrolytes that need to be replenished after sweating. It is also easy to cause reflux of esophagus and stomach acid.

  ■When you are driving out of the car, you need to check and maintain the vehicle, bring along the documents, prepare some heatstroke prevention, refreshing medicines, and pay attention to storing enough water and food in the car.

Otherwise, it will be very dangerous if you encounter traffic jams, road collapse, or any problems with the vehicle.

In the hot summer, on the exposed road surface, the temperature will be as high as 40 ° C -60 ° C. Once the water is not timely, people may quickly become unresponsive and unconscious due to water loss.

  When preparing a drink, you need to prepare two types of products.

One is a beverage that can quickly replenish water, and the other is a beverage that provides nutrition and energy.

A low-sugar beverage (sweet sugar content of 3%-5%, slightly sweeter) containing a small amount of sugar is more beneficial to hydrating the human body than pure water, so that a certain beverage can be prepared.

In order to replenish the lost minerals, it is necessary to prepare some electrolyte drinks in high temperature weather, that is, low-sugar drinks containing some potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium. Most sports drinks meet this standard.

Drinks that provide energy and nutrition are mainly boxed milk, soy milk, more than 40% juice, walnut milk, coconut juice and the like.

They all have protein, traces and sugar, which can both quench their thirst and relieve their hunger. They are slightly fuller than ordinary drinks and can alleviate the feeling of palpitation during aging.

Because when driving out, it is often impossible to interrupt in time, or because of traffic jams and other reasons, it is delayed on the road and can not eat, the driver can not eat solid food when not parking, but can rely on drinking energy and nutritious drinks to supplement energy, avoidingLower blood sugar affects driving safety.

Among them, according to the unit energy, the soy milk has the strongest feeling of fullness, followed by milk.

Best choice for natural herbal tea

Best choice for natural herbal tea

Best choice for natural herbal tea

“One flower and one world”, in the eyes of the world, the posture of flowers, the fragrance of flowers, and the style of flowers are all fascinating existences. The edible flowers have a history of 2000 years.”The banquet of Xifan Qiuqizhiyingying” is the first record about edible chrysanthemum.

Here we pick some classic flower recipes from ancient recipes and introduce them to everyone!


hzh {display: none; }  不同种类花的功效  玫瑰  玫瑰花瓣单吃起来微微的甜又带少许苦味。Red rose flower can be stewed with chicken leg mushrooms, fresh bamboo shoots, trumpet mushrooms, etc. It is a tonic for winter, which makes women’s skin watery and elastic.

  Peach Blossom Peach Blossom is a natural emollient.

In March and March, peach blossoms are in full bloom. At this time, the peach petals are dried in the shade and put into the porridge.

  Osmanthus’ “Compendium of Materia Medica” records that Osmanthus “can support the spirit, and the color of Jiufu is light and not old, and the face is bright.”

  Rhododendron Rhododendron contains amino acids and vitamins. It has the effects of nourishing the lungs and clearing throats, nourishing qi and calming the nerves, recuperates menstrual blood, strengthens the brain and nerves, and adds luster to the skin.

  The lotus is often used as a spice or filling in Chinese dim sum. When the lotus is in full bloom, its petals are dried to cook the lotus porridge, which can make the complexion rosy, radiant, and smooth and delicate. It is the most tonic for women.

  The efficacy of different types of herbal teas Nutrition experts believe that regular drinking herbal teas can regulate nerves, promote metabolism, and improve the body’s immunity. Many of these flowers can effectively dilute the spots on shells, inhibit skin acne, and delay skin aging.

So, what flowers can be safely blended as tea?

Which herbal tea is so effective?

  Rose tea has a slightly bitter taste and is warm in nature.

The scent of roses is gentle and medicinal. It can both relieve stagnation of the liver and relieve stagnation, and regulate menstruation with blood stasis. It has the functions of softening the liver and refreshing the spleen, activating qi and activating blood, and is mainly suitable for dysfunction caused by liver and stomach discordTightness, epigastric pain, irregular menstruation, or premenstrual breast tenderness.

Roses also have a certain effect on the treatment of facial chloasma, which is very suitable for young and middle-aged women. It is the first choice for natural beverages for beauty and anti-inflammatory.

  For young women, when the mood is depressed, the stomach is full, painful or irregular menstruation, breast tenderness, take 5 grams?
10 grams of rose flower, boil for 20 minutes?
After 30 minutes of complications, symptoms improved.
  Chrysanthemum tea tastes sweet and bitter, and has a slightly cold nature. It has the functions of evacuating wind-heat, calming the liver and eyesight, and clearing heat and detoxifying.

Modern medical research has confirmed that chrysanthemum has the effects of lowering blood pressure, expanding coronary arteries and inhibiting bacteria. It has long been able to increase human calcium, regulate myocardial function, and reduce cholesterol. It is mainly suitable for middle-aged and elderly people and the prevention of epidemic conjunctivitis.

At the same time, chrysanthemum tea also has a certain effect of relaxing nerves and soothing headaches.

  Lily tea with 2 dried lilies, 10 ml of honey, brew the dried lilies in boiling water for 10 minutes, and add honey when necessary.

It can moisturize the lungs and relieve cough, soothe the nerves and calm the nerves, and also can recover stomachache. It also has certain detoxification and beauty effects.

  Lavender tea benefits: treat headache, insomnia, cough, treat respiratory problems, relieve nervous tension, migraine, stabilize digestive system, improve skin problems.

Take 1 teaspoon of lavender, put lavender in a pot, pour in hot water and cover and simmer for 10 minutes. Filter out the tea and mix with honey or sugar to serve.

At the same time, it also has certain anti-aging and beauty effects for moisturizing the skin.

  Effect of peppermint tea: Sanfeng clears away heat and relieves pain, can eliminate summer fire and gastrointestinal depression, and can also treat summer colds.

It has obvious effect on treating wind-heat toothache.

Method: Take 30 grams of fresh mint (or 10 grams of dried product), wash and crush them, and rinse with hot water.

At the same time, it also has the beauty effect of nourishing and moisturizing.

  Tips: Note that when herbal teas are placed overnight, some varieties are not suitable for continuous daily placement.

Experts teach you 8 ways to keep your eyes from growing old

Experts teach you 8 ways to keep your eyes from growing old

Experts teach you 8 ways to keep your eyes from growing old

Do you feel that the eyes around the summer look rougher and drier, and look older?

Because the weak eye area bans the test of the hot sun, let the stars, beauty experts, authoritative stylist give you the most effective summer eye protection program.

  Li Dongtian’s authoritative stylist must use the eye mask after sun exposure. Before using the eye mask, make sure that the skin around the eyes is completely clean, so that the maintenance ingredients are more easily absorbed.

After applying eye mask, be sure to apply eye cream, so that the eye skin can be fully moisturized.

In addition, if there is any remaining essence in the bag after taking out the sheet eye mask, it can be soaked with a small cut cotton pad and applied to the lines between the eyebrows, head lines or law lines. The effect is extraordinary.

  ”Pick” the small fine lines around the small fine lines around the eyes like thin strings. The most effective way to remove them is to use fine eye cream to “slowly move” and “touch” like plucking a lute.


Use your forefinger and middle finger to support the outer edge of the eye socket, and press the eye cream on the fine lines with the other hand, so that it can penetrate more fully.


Carefully flick back and forth with the ring finger in the direction of vertical wrinkles, as if to remove the fine lines.


When flicking to the end of the eye, end with a gentle push and lift.

  Zhao Ziqi’s popular female star eye sunscreen is more important than the face. I never use sunscreen on the body or face. The skin around the eye should choose an eye cream with sunscreen effect. Easy absorption will not cause a burden and reduce the burden.Sensitive possible.

In addition, black sunglasses covering half of the face are necessary for going out in the sun. It is best to add a sun hat and sun umbrella.

  Eat “ice cream” to dry your eyes. Drying your eyes for a day can cause terrible dry lines!

If I shoot a day in the sun, I will put the soothing eye mask into the refrigerator in advance to make it cold, and the cold feeling is especially comfortable to apply!

It will also soothe tired eyes and let dry lines spread out.

  25-year-old eye serum must be used for 25-year-old skin that has severely aged, it is best to use eye serum before eye cream, many brands now launch similar serums, and then use eye cream, it is considered to be the eyeThe best skin care.

  Zang Fenyuan International Licensed Aromatherapy Beauty Therapist Ring Finger Massage Makes Eye Cream More Effective When using eye cream, only the proper massage can achieve the effect of caring for the eye area.

The easiest way is to fully massage with the ring of your ring finger and pull up slightly.

The ring finger is the lightest of all the fingers. Applying eye cream with the index or middle finger is too heavy, and it is easy to cause wrinkles around the eyes.

  Eye muscles also need to “exercise” skin care products that cannot improve muscles. It is also important to exercise eye muscles to keep them from getting old.

Place your index fingers under your eyebrows and support your face with your thumbs.

→ Raise your eyebrows with your index finger resting on your brow bone.

→ Keep this position and close your eyes gently, feeling the tension between the upper eyelid and eyelashes.

→ Keep this position and tighten your upper eyelids and count to 5.

→ Open your eyes.

Relax and take a deep breath.

→ Repeat 3 times.

  Keep your head down when you smile. Gravity when you head down will make your muscles go down and your smile will lift up.

In addition, often opening your big eyes and looking at these small movements in the distance can keep bright eyes young.

  ”GOOD” recommended 1.

Han Shuqing Youth Restore Happy Eye Cream 198 yuan happy catalytic molecules make eyes younger2.

Fuxiu elastic gel eye cream 835 yuan instant effect is comparable to filling injection3.

SUPREME AUPRES Eye Concentrate Revitalizer 420 yuan worth eye cream 4

Qing Fei Bing Hai Jing Live Time Eye Cream 180 yuan lifts the eye skin and reduces fine lines 5.

Benefit Bright Eye Tightening Eye Honey 210 Yuan Instant Eye Lift Surgery

10 Anti-aging Courses for Mature Women

10 Anti-aging Courses for Mature Women


10 Anti-aging Courses for Mature Women

Lesson 1: Antioxidant.

hzh {display: none; }  给皮肤抗氧化是抵御老化至关重要的护肤步骤。There are many types of creams on the surface of cities that contain antioxidants.

However, their effects are the same: reduce the damage to the skin caused by free radicals in the environment, including ultraviolet rays, smoke and free radicals in cigarettes.

Good antioxidant products should minimize injuries and improve the condition of the skin.

  The most effective antioxidant is phlorizin, which is present in coffee beans in excess. This substance consists of vitamin C and ferulic acid, and contains idephenol, which distinguishes skin care products before bedtime and morning.Helps a variety of skin care products to their best effect.

  Lesson 2: Omnipotent Vitamin A In today’s beauty products, many are rich in functional vitamin A or retinoids.

However, the vitamin A contained in ordinary beauty products that are usually available over the counter is not targeted because it works with other multiple active ingredients. If the skin care effect you require improves skin texture and delays aging, then the typeThe product is enough to meet your needs.

  And if your own skin problem is more serious, deep wrinkles and seams, excessive sun exposure, etc., you will need to use medicinal substitute products to achieve more obvious results. Professional products developed by dermatologists will absolutelyTargeted.

These products may have a stinging sensation in the initial use, but after shortening, you can see more obvious results.

Abroad, a certain brand value.

  Lesson 3: Never get tired of sunscreen. Is it possible to try anti-aging products late?

The biggest anti-aging project is sun protection.

If you stick to sunscreen every day of your life, your skin will not age from the sun.

  Those who do not pay attention to sun protection in their teens should pay more attention after 20 years of age.

Daily skin care products are best to use the broad-spectrum sun protection function of SPF15, which can simultaneously resist sun damage including UVB and UVA. These are the culprits leading to skin aging and skin cancer.

Like night cream, you can use vitamin A-like products.

  It’s really troublesome to use sunscreen every day. Sometimes I really want to be lazy. For example, there is no need to rub sunscreen on cloudy days, right?

  The answer is: Absolutely not. You can avoid makeup, but you must not apply sunscreen.

Doris Day, associate professor of clinical medicine at New York University, called sunscreen a day cream. She said: “No matter how thick the clouds are, they can’t block UVA and UVB, so you must apply sunscreen even on cloudy days.

“Lesson 4: Struggling with weight all day. Suddenly one day, you will find that your skin condition is not as good as before. Are you afraid?

The aging of the skin is coming so quickly.

And the incredible thing is, looking back recently, have you experienced a drop in weight?

  The most direct way to save skin gloss is to maintain weight.

Dieting or losing weight can easily loosen skin and lose elasticity.

Patricia Wexler, an assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Miami, often advises people to keep their current weight, because it is easy to rebound after losing weight, and then continue to lose weight after rebound.

The meaning here is not to ask you to give up weight loss, or to avoid repeated weight loss in order to reduce the cost of burden on the skin. When you reach a weight that you think is more satisfactory, try your best to maintain it.

  Lesson 5: Neck patterns, women’s annual rings Someone said, “A neck pattern means 10 years old. How many neck patterns you have means how old you are.

“This is a bit mean, but it does have a warning effect.

In fact, most of the skin care products that can be used at both ends are also suitable for restructuring. When rubbing the sleeves every day, do not ignore the parts below the jaw.

If you invest in a neck cream, you will naturally overcome the pertinence and pay attention to your posture. For example, do not keep your head down, do not lie in bed and watch TV, or read a book. These bad habits will cause the neckline to worsen.

  If you want to see immediate results, it is best to turn to botulinum toxin.

Botox can reduce sagging aunts and horizontal lines on the neck by reducing muscle activity, relaxing above and close to the muscle tissue of the face.

To make the skin firm, a dermatologist recommends an instrument that releases ultrasound to raise the temperature of the skin surface to achieve smoothness and firmness.

  Lesson 6: Are you Botox today?

  Nowadays, injection of botulinum toxin has become common practice. After all, this is the most effective way to improve wrinkles and speed. However, professional aestheticians do not encourage customers to try this method easily.

  Many people worry that they will experience botulism.

Once botulinum toxin enters other parts of the bladder, it may cause facial paralysis or gout.In fact, such concerns are not unfounded.

Among those who are injected with botulinum toxin, 1% to 3% will have symptoms of drooping eyelids within four months after the injection. Although this symptom is not easy to cure, it is disturbing after all.

  The U.S. FDA announced the “Botox Safety Reexamination Program” in May this year. They also seem to intend to regulate the use of botulinum toxin. In China, many users who inject botulinum toxin have no obvious awareness of the dangerI think that it is enough to find an experienced doctor, and the most important point of injecting botulinum toxin is to consider its safety first.

  Lesson 7: Eye trouble cleaning.

hzh {display: none; }  常常有黑眼圈和眼袋,怎么办?The method may be simpler than you think.

The best way is not to stay up late and not drink water before going to bed.

Also, eat less salt and exercise more.

  Women living in coastal areas are more susceptible to erosion by dark circles than those living on land. Their circles are almost brown and there is a long period of melanin deposition around their eyes.

This part of the people want to eliminate dark circles, it is best to use high-protein antioxidants, or vitamin-containing whitening products, which can penetrate the skin around the eyes and neutralize the melanin in the skin.

  If the color of dark circles is purple, it is bruise caused by blood vessel swelling.

This type of dark circles is common in smokers and people near the equator.

Ordinary eye creams are not suitable for purple and dark circles. According to experts, no product can cure purple circles at present.

Use of products containing vitamin K and vitamin A will have some effect.

  The fastest way to treat dark circles is with a laser.

The Fraxel laser can specifically target brown dullness, and the purple bruise requires Vbeam laser, which requires about two to three treatments.

  Lesson 8: Skin Foundations Many foundation products claim to add anti-aging ingredients to nourish the skin while applying makeup.

To achieve, the foundation with covering function can hide dark circles, stains and wrinkles, it is an essential thing for mature women.

Dermatologist Heather Woolery-Lliyd believes that “with sufficient active ingredients in cosmetic formulas, the purpose of camouflage real age can be achieved.

“For example, adding the right amount of vitamin A to the foundation can relieve wrinkles and crow’s feet between 3 and 4 months.

In addition, whitening ingredients are added to the foundation, which can achieve a certain effect of eliminating pigmentation and dark circles.

However, the main role of foundation is to conceal and conceal it. This is the first principle for selecting foundations, and the important task of improving skin condition, you can still give it to daily care products.

  Lesson 9: Seeing the watch with great penetration, the carefully selected anti-aging products are obviously different, but why the effects of A and B are so different, the secret lies in the penetration of the product.

The key point of effective and ineffective maintenance of the product’s penetrability was thoroughly maintained, and preliminary substrate products came into being.

  On the same test strip, one side is coated with the base liquid first and then the skin care product, and the other side is directly coated with the skin care product. It can be intuitively seen that the side that has been coated with the base liquid penetrates quickly, and the degree of penetration is very high.Deep, can pass directly through the test paper.

The other side stays on the surface.

Base products may completely change the future of skin care.

  Lesson 10: Don’t die. With age, the skin will no longer slacken and become stiff. Here we will introduce another topic in the beauty industry besides the famous oxidation concept-saccharification.

Dr. Sven Gohla of La Prairie once said: Unlike skin oxidation caused by excessive free radical reactions, saccharification will increase sugar residue in the skin’s original collagen and elastic fibers, causing some “semi-chemical reactions”.

These “semi-chemical reactions” will degrade the skin’s connected tissues such as collagen and elastic fibers, making them fragile and stiff, and the skin will lose its original elasticity.

  And Chanel used an interesting experiment to explain the saccharification process of the skin. Raw sugar without any auxiliary materials is soft and elastic in the initial state. Squeezing or pressing will not affect its recovery.shape.

The process of gradual cooling of sugar, just like the process of saccharification of the skin, is no longer soft and fragile. When it is completely cooled, any attempt to change the shape of sugar will lead to the consequences of breaking and breaking.

And anti-glycation skin care products, what to do is to change the skin into soft marshmallow, not become brittle and stiff because of the glycation reaction.

Be careful with milk anemia

Be careful with milk anemia

Be careful with milk anemia

Newborns receive a certain amount of iron from their mothers at birth, but after six months, they need to be supplemented with iron. However, milk sold on the market contains 1,000 to 2.5 milligrams of iron, andOne-year-old children need to absorb about six milligrams of iron from food every day.

  Almost milk contains too little iron and its iron absorption is very low.

Iron is a basic element of hematopoiesis, and iron is not enough to cause iron deficiency anemia.

According to analysis, the iron content of milk is only 33% of human milk. At the same time, the absorption rate of iron in human milk reaches 50%, while the absorption rate of iron in milk is only 10%.

One of the promoters that can improve the absorption of iron is vitamin C, which contains the least amount of milk.

  At present, most people cook milk with metal utensils, at this time vitamin C is easily oxidized.

In addition, the lack of stomach acid in infants and young children is not conducive to the absorption of vitamin C. If you do not pay attention to supplementing vitamin C, the absorption and absorption of iron will naturally decrease.

At the same time, the content of calcium, phosphorus, and potassium in milk is relatively high, and these minerals make the stomach contents alkaline; phosphorus and iron combine to form a hardly soluble substance.

These will affect the absorption of iron, thereby preventing the correction of iron deficiency anemia, and may even worsen the condition.

In addition, copper is also the composition of many enzymes in the human body.

Most of the copper exists in plasma in the form of plasma ketocyanin oxidase. This multifunctional oxidase can catalyze the divalent iron ions that the human body cannot directly absorb into trivalent iron that can be absorbed and utilized inThe absorption rate of iron intermediates is a raw material for storage of hemoglobin.

And the copper content in milk is extremely low.

1,000 ml contains only about 0.01 millimeters of copper, which is difficult to meet the baby’s physiological needs.

This is also one of the causes of “milk anemia”.

  In addition, folic acid and vitamin B12 in milk are vulnerable to loss.

At present, almost all milk fed by infants and young children is boiled at a high temperature, and the amount of folic acid and vitamin B12 is over 50% after boiling.

Vitamin B12 can be smoothly absorbed only under the action of gastric mucin.

Due to infant stomach endotoxins and mucins, simply using milk to maintain health will inevitably cause a deficiency of folic acid and vitamin B12, which will cause the cell’s nucleic acid metabolism disorder, which will cause infantile megaloblastic anemia.

  Therefore, infants and young children should be supplemented with appropriate food and diet without breastfeeding and after weaning.

Pediatric anemia can be prevented and corrected as long as it follows a scientific alternative.

Family cooking medicated diet is easy to enter

Family cooking medicated diet is easy to enter

Family cooking medicated diet is easy to enter

Soup-making is a common method for citizens to cook medicated meals.

Some citizens searched for medicinal recipes, boiled medicinal herbs, grabbed Chinese medicinal materials such as angelica, astragalus, wolfberry and mutton, and boiled beef to make medicated diet for this purpose.

Experts said that medicated diet is not traditional Chinese medicine, and the simple addition of food can be counterproductive and should be replaced by a doctor under the guidance of a doctor.

Experts remind medicated diet to pay attention to the reasonable ratio of medicine and food. Some Chinese medicinal materials need to be prepared in advance to connect to Chinese medicine. What Chinese medicine is added, the amount of medicine needs to take into account the personal constitution of the citizens, and can not be free to do whatever they want.

For most medicated diet formulas, if the citizens themselves do not understand the characteristics of the medicinal materials, do not combine them by themselves. If the Chinese medicine, food is not properly matched, and overdose, it may cause complications such as toothache, diarrhea, and increased blood sugar.

Medicinal diet should be supplemented with medicinal and tonic medicines, such as Chinese wolfberry, Cordyceps, and yam.

Too much medicine, the effects may cancel each other out, not beneficial for tonic.

In addition, there are quite a lot of contraindications to the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and food. Although some contraindications are still to be scientifically proven, they are usually accompanied by ancient experience when making medicated meals.

For example, pig’s blood avoids rehmannia, Heshouwu carp avoids cinnabar radish and radish rehmannia, Heshouwu dog meat avoids almonds, etc.

Jujube Tremella fuciformis treatment of neurasthenia

Jujube Tremella fuciformis treatment of neurasthenia

Jujube Tremella fuciformis treatment of neurasthenia

Now is the season to eat jujube. Fresh jujube is sweet, crisp, juicy, and nutrient-rich, with the highest vitamin C content.

However, for the convenience of preservation, fresh jujubes are often dried to make dried dates.

After drying, jujube has less vitamin C infused with water, which has a conversion effect on other nutrients.

However, the calcium content of dried dates is higher than that of fresh dates.

Fresh dates are best eaten raw, which is good for nutrient absorption.

The dried dates are more suitable for porridge or soup, and can release the nutrients well.

Here are two diet recipes for you: 1.

60 grams of red dates, 200 grams of celery, washed and boiled, eat in divided portions daily, and have the effects of hypertension, dizziness and headache.


5 grams of red dates, 10 grams of white fungus, the right amount of sugar, wash the red dates and white fungus, stew until cooked, add sugar every morning and evening.

Neurasthenia caused by insufficient heart and blood can occur, to achieve the role of nourishing yin and nourishing blood.

  Need to be reminded that jujube skin is not easy to digest, you must chew slowly.

Eat in moderation. Too much can cause stomach acid and bloating.

Chinese medicine teaches you to choose Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine teaches you to choose Chinese medicine

Chinese medicine teaches you to choose Chinese medicine

Core Tips: Tonic medicine refers to medicines that can supplement substances, enhance function, improve the body’s resistance to disease, and eliminate weakness syndromes.

With the improvement of people’s living standards and health care awareness, consumers who purchase Chinese patent medicines for health care have gradually increased.

  The first is the quality of medicines.

  First go to the hospital pharmacy or buy it from a pharmacy.

Because of its reliable purchase channels, standardized management can ensure its quality.

Consumers can choose products from well-known manufacturers such as Wanxi Pharmaceutical and Tongrentang Pharmaceutical, and pay attention to the degree of refinement of the product packaging, whether the bottle mouth is sealed, whether the medicine has mildew, and the validity period is far and near.

In addition, the price and quality level have a great relationship. We cannot just cope with cheapness and ignore quality.

  The second is consulting Chinese medicine.

  Consumers should pay attention to observe their own symptoms or other changes after taking supplements, especially the elderly or their chronic diseases, and they should contact a Chinese medicine practitioner in time.

  The third is to read the instructions.

  Consumers must read the instructions carefully before taking a tonic, pay attention to the method, time, precautions, contraindications, etc.

Such as taking kidney medicinal light saline can enhance the efficacy.

Tonic medicine should not be taken at the same time as radish, and should be stopped when you have a cold.

  The fourth is to accumulate medical knowledge.

  Traditional Chinese medicine requires dialectical treatment.

“Empty is the complement”, “Real is the diarrhea” is one of the basic principles of TCM treatment.

If the body’s qi, blood, yin, and yang are insufficient, the resulting syndromes are called qi deficiency, blood deficiency, yin deficiency, and yang deficiency.

  Qi deficiency mostly refers to deficiency of lung and spleen, symptoms of fatigue, weakness, laziness, and shortness of breath, sweating, etc., you can choose Shenlingbaizhu pills, Buzhongyiqi pills, Shengmai drink, Jianpi pills.

  Blood deficiency shows dizziness, pale face, pale lips, and irregular menstruation in women. Guipi pills, nourishing blood, and compound gelatin can be used.

  Yin deficiency can be seen in weight loss, dizziness, tinnitus, red lips, palpitations, insomnia, night sweats, etc. You can use Liu Wei Di Huang Wan, Qi Ju Di Huang Wan, Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan, etc.

  Yang deficiency is more common in spleen and kidney deficiency, symptoms are cold and cold, limbs are not warm, urine is clear and long, stool is thin, Fang Ru Fu Li Zhong Wan, Gui Fu Di Huang Wan.

Five methods of pear dimples smiling Baimeisheng artificial dimples_1

Five methods of pear dimples smiling Baimeisheng artificial dimples_1

Five ways to make Lisu smile Baimeisheng artificial dimples

Ivory smiles and smiles. The dimple has a great impact on the overall appearance of the face. It can increase a person’s charm, become more charming, and give a sweet and lovely feeling.

According to relevant statistics, only 15% of women are born with dimples, but with the continuous development of plastic and cosmetic technology, beauty lovers can create dimples through dimple shaping.

Do you know there are 5 ways of artificial dimples?

How is it made?

Let ‘s take a look!

  Principle of Dimple Surgery The determination of the dimple position is very important. Generally, a parallel line is drawn from the corners of the mouth, and then a vertical line is drawn downward from the outer corner of the eye, and the point where the two lines intersect or goes up to 0.

5 cm is the ideal dimple position.

  Five methods of dimple angioplasty: ● suture method The dimple method of dimple angioplasty, also known as suture method, directly on the retinal surface dimple position, using silk suture to connect muscles with the dermis to form a dimple.

The suture method is simple and easy, and does not overlap with the operation, but the effect is not certain, and the dimples after the formation are easy to disappear.

  ● Introduction method The introduction method is simpler and faster. A pair of dimples can usually be completed in a few minutes, but the long-term effect is not certain.

  ● Incision method The incision method is to make a vertical 2cm length on the vaginal mucosa in the mouth to separate the mucous membranes and muscles, cut out a small amount of muscles and light tissues, and wrap a portion of the muscles and dermis with a needle in the interior so thatA shallow depression is formed on the skin, and a mucous membrane is added.

This kind of surgical operation is complicated, but the effect is certain, it is the most commonly used method.

  ● Ligature method The subcutaneous ligature method is to draw 3 at fixed points on the face.
5mm short line, 3mm arc small cross-section is made at the intraoral mucosa corresponding to the fixed point, some long axis is parallel to the nasolabial sulcus.

Use absorbable threads to pierce the mucosa with a small amount of muscle bundles slightly above the fixed point, and then insert the needle from the original pinhole to replace the two needles as usual to form a dimple.

  Note: The subcutaneous ligation method is not suitable for patients with minor complications of the diabetic department. Such beauticians need to use the incision of the mouth.

  Intraoral incision is performed on the intramucosal mucosa at a position corresponding to the fixed point of the mouth.
10mm horizontal alignment, remove the appropriate amount of muscle fibers, and finally, the incision of the mucosa in the mouth is aligned with the subcutaneous dermal layer at a fixed point to reduce the appearance of the artificial dimple.

  Although the operation of artificial dimples is simple, it should not be sloppy. If the attendant doctor’s mistake is likely to cause the artificial dimples to fail, and it will affect the entire face, it is necessary to choose a distance hospital for surgery.

6 parent-child games that dad must know

6 parent-child games that dad must know

6 parent-child games that dad must know

Kangaroo father (suitable for age: 0 to 6 months) Game purpose: To share happiness with the baby and establish a good parent-child relationship.

  The game starts: Dad straps the baby to his belly with a baby carrier, and the baby’s back faces Dad.

This way you can play toys and read books with Dad.

Daddy should “report” his baby what he sees and hears from time to time.

  Hide and seek cat (suitable for age: 0 to 6 months) Game objective: To improve the baby’s exploration.

  The game begins: cover a toy with a handkerchief and ask the baby: “Baby, the toy is gone, where is the toy?

Observe your baby’s response.

Then he moved his handkerchief away and attracted the baby with an exaggerated voice: “It turns out the toy is here.

“Repeat twice, and guide the baby to open the handkerchief on his own in search of toys.

  Drive a small “car” (suitable for ages: 6-12 months). Game purpose: Let the baby feel the space. The game starts: Let the baby sit on a blanket, and dad pull the blanket gently, and the baby will move with it.

  Sit and watch the world (suitable for age: 6-12 months) Purpose of the game: Train your baby’s sense of space.

  The game starts: The baby sits on his father’s shoulders, and the father remembers to hold the baby, then slowly rises or squats, so that the baby can feel the feeling of rising and falling.

Dad can slowly turn around and walk around, letting the baby see different scenes.

  Three legs (suitable for age: 1 to 2 years old) Purpose of the game: To cultivate children’s balance.

  The game starts: tie a baby’s leg to a dad’s leg with a rope, and walk or run together.

  Pocket football (suitable for age: 2-3 years old) Purpose of the game: Continuous jumping can exercise your baby’s willpower.

  The game begins: blow a plastic bag, tie the mouth of the bag with a rope, and let the baby kick it as a football.

If you are indoors, you can use the sofa or the door as a goal, and father can play a small football match with your baby.

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