“My dad already knew about us,But not what I told him,I always thought I kept him in the dark,But now i know,The one who has been kept in the dark is me。”

Fluttershy said helplessly。
“Did your bodyguards tell him??”
Qin Liang accidentally missed his mouth!
“My bodyguard?You know i have a bodyguard?”
Xiaodie was also surprised!
“Ha ha……of course,I already knew you had a large group of bodyguards。”
Since I have said everything,Hide again,There is no point in finding supplements,Qin Liang simply admitted directly。
“So you know everything!Ha ha……I’m actually the stupidest,I just don’t know anything!Am I as stupid as an idiot?!”
Fluttershy is uncomfortable!
I was in the game and didn’t know it。“What nonsense are you talking about!What does it have to do with being stupid?I always see the same group of people behind us,Neither harass us,Don’t bother us,And I don’t know them at all,Then they are naturally your people,It’s nothing hard to guess, right?You say yes
Is not?”
Qin Liang comforted Xiaodie。

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