When I saw the small dish pulling myself in front of a Ferrari,Qin Liang was puzzled;This girl is still young,Driving such an expensive top luxury car!And the bartender just said:She is the diamond in that ballroomVIP!So what is her background and origin?

“What are you shocked?Get in the car quickly!”
The small dish already in the driving seat,Seeing Qin Liang stupidly standing beside the car, motionless,Can’t help calling him loudly。
“I was scared……Such a high-end luxury car,Ferrari!”
Qin Liang pulled the car door and sat in,Exaggerated。
“Just a transportation tool,do not worry about it。”
Xiaodie answered faintly,Then started the car……
“Ha ha……Your transportation tool is tall enough!”
Qin Liang made a joke。
“Don’t care about these extraneous things,If it weren’t for this car, my father gave me a birthday present,I don’t know how to open it……It feels very swaggering everywhere……All right,We don’t talk about it,Say something else。”
Xiaodie just briefly explained a few sentences,So I won’t go on,It seems she doesn’t want to show off her family background,And it’s her,It made Qin Liang look at her even more。
“No wonder……It turns out that this girl’s father is a rich man,It’s not difficult to understand。”
Qin Liang secretly thought。
Two people chatting,Drive to the destination。Qin Liang didn’t notice;Not far behind their car,There are also four Mercedes-Benz cars following them unhurriedly,Those are the bodyguards of the small dish……
Xiao Die took Qin Liang to a very high-end restaurant,The two chose a secluded place to sit down,Qin Liang observed it habitually,I found that there are not many hungry customers in this restaurant,But all dressed well,At first glance, they are all rich or rich。
Two people ordered something,I started talking while eating。

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