“Major Mo,what’s wrong with you,You are not responsible for this!”

Hu Fan immediately eagerly winked at Xiaosheng,Means he can settle。
“Hu Shouchang,Actually, I have always been a temporary post in the Military Intelligence Department,Actually, it doesn’t make any difference to me whether to fire or not。”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled faintly,Said,“Mad dog barking,Just to eat meat,You don’t throw the meat to them,They won’t stop calling!”
“Mo Xiaosheng,Count you smart!”
Tokugawa smiled and said something,Then his face changed,Only then did you understand Mo Xiaosheng’s words thoroughly,Cold voice,“Who are you calling a dog?!”
“Director Hu,Please hurry up and make a decision!”
Fukuyama said with a calm face,“I can tell you very clearly,The existence of Mo Xiaosheng,Will greatly destroy the relationship between our Kendo Master League and the Military Intelligence Department,It will also greatly damage the relationship between Wa and China!”
Hu Fan’s face changed,A little overcast,Then looked at Mo Xiaosheng,A trace of loss and weakness flashed in my eyes,Shen Sheng:“Well,I promise you,Remove Mo Xiaosheng Major Mo from the military……Delist……”
A trace of triumph flashed across the faces of Tokugawa and Fukuyama,Only then nodded with satisfaction。
A gleam of light flashed in Yuan He’s eyes,Glancing at Mo Xiaosheng,Snorted coldly。
He knew that Mo Xiaosheng belonged to Ye Bing, Hu Fan’s direct descendant.,Mo Xiaosheng is naturally**People over there,And he followed**I didn’t deal with it,That’s why he did everything possible to kick Mo Xiaosheng out of the military。
“But I hope you can also abide by the agreement,No more private revenge against Major Mo,Otherwise, we will know what little actions you did to Major Mo behind your back,Our Military Intelligence Department will never sit back and watch!”
Hu Fan immediately added a cold voice to Tokugawa and others。
“Do not worry,Director Hu,Our kendo masters believe in words!”
Tokugawa said。
“Hu Shouchang,Thank you for your care during this time!”
Mo Xiaosheng snapped a salute to Hu Haifan,Although he never met Hu Fan before,,But I also know that Hu Fan has always been behind him,Many things are also Hu Fan’s support for him,He dared to do it。
Speaking of Mo Xiaosheng, he saw his MI ID card out and handed it back to Hu Fan.。
Hu Fan reaches out,A little bit in the air,Sighed,Then I took the officer ID。

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