Do not misunderstand……He can’t help but,During the death。

“what……How can I have blood on my leg?……”The bedroom is simultaneous,“Happen,What did you do yesterday?!”
“Humph,The old lady still wants to ask you.。”
“court death!”
“Who is afraid of who?!”The sound of the voice is constantly。
NS260chapter Your eyes are so deep
Early morning。
Liu Qingqing opened his eyes。
Her eyes are confused,使,Thoroughly。
Make a break,The head is still a bit grower,Can’t help but eyebrows,“so tired。”
Self-language,She slowly sat up。
But next second,Face suddenly changed。
How is so tired??
Backache leg cramps……Especially the waist,Symatic。
What happened??
What did you think of,She immediately opened a towel。
I remember wearing sportswear yesterday.,but……Clothes?Pants?
She carefully recalled what happened last night.。
Yesterday, I prepared to retaliate that bastard,I didn’t expect to be demolished on the spot.,Then……Then that guidth surname,Pressed on yourself,Then……
and then?
Then what happened?
Liu Qingqing 甩 动,No matter how memories,Still can’t remember。
I seem to think of some kind,Her face is pale,The whole body is like lightning strikes,It’s a blank in your mind.。
not real。
Must not really。
At this moment,The unknown pre-promise in her mind is unlimited.,Creating rumbler thunder。
suddenly,What is found in the eye angle?,Liu Qingqing turned around。

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