[Days of menstruation to eat black beans]_Menstruation_Effect

[Days of menstruation to eat black beans]_Menstruation_Effect

Black beans are one of the varieties in soybeans. It has much richer nutritional value than ordinary soybeans. Black beans also have a very strong anti-aging effect, so female friends eating more black beans has a great tonic effect on their own body blood.

And whether it is to take black beans into medicine, or to think that food is okay, some women choose to eat black beans to replenish qi and blood during menstruation, so can they eat black beans on the first few days of menstruation?

First, when to prepare black beans for pregnancy, you can eat some black beans during pregnancy. If you want to add estrogen, you can start eating from the first day after menstruation, and eat for 6 days.Both eat a bowl of black bean porridge; if you want to promote follicle growth, you should only eat it when women detect that there are superior follicles, and stop eating after ovulation. If you eat when there is no dominant follicle, it will inhibitFollicle growth.

And in a day, it is beneficial to eat at 5-7 pm, this time period is just when the kidney is opened, this time the best effect.

Second, the precautions to eat black beans for pregnancy 1. Black bean skin is particularly nutritious, and many are effective on the skin. Therefore, it is recommended that you can first boil the beans or make them into bean paste, soybean milk, and do not filter the pulp with residue.Eat it all.

2. Pay attention when choosing black beans, because some unscrupulous merchants will take black kidney beans as black beans.

Really, after the black beans burst open, you will see green-yellow bean meat. If it is white, it is fake.

4, pregnant women do not think that black beans will help in the long-term large-scale replacement. If excessive estrogen supplementation causes the normal balance to be disrupted, the endocrine will be imbalanced, and the combination will cause acne. More importantly, it will cause ovulation to collapse or simplyDoes not ovulate.

5. Women with polycystic ovary should not eat black beans. Black soybean itself contains certain plant hormones. In patients with polycystic ovary syndrome, small follicles in the ovary will continuously release estrogen, and hormone metabolism will cause endometrial cancer and breasts.The occurrence of cancer, if you eat black beans often, it is “oil on the fire”, so women with polycystic ovaries should not eat black beans.

6, black beans should not be equivalent to milk, spinach, soybean milk, tetracycline, castor beans, magnolia, gentian, five-ginseng.

7, be careful not to eat fried black beans, because this kind of heat is very large, eat more easily get angry, especially children can not eat more Oh.

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