Yesterday’s case of the Second Meeting, Three Merchants and Four Halls has undergone earth-shaking changes,Zong family is gone,Three business and four halls were resolved by Xia Chenglong,The Warrior Association and the Fighting Tournament were originally independent,Bincheng seems to have really become the world of the Zhao family。

For this three-legged situation is acceptable,The Zhao family will certainly go straight ahead in the future,of course,If anyone wants to hinder their development,Then only one word,“kill!”
Phoenix Mountain Villa,After a busy day, everyone rests,Today is very important but also a bit regretful。
“Fourth brother,Drink tea。”Zhao Shaojiu came over。
Xia Chenglong nodded and stopped talking:“Sorry,Let Zong Xueqin run away!”
Xia Chenglong will not apologize in general,Because he is the dragon king,The majesty of the king cannot be taken lightly,Apologizing today shows that the matter is really serious。
That woman was the chief culprit in the destruction of the Zhao family,I didn’t expect it to run。
Zhao Shaojiu quickly waved his hand and shook his head,All achievements achieved today are given by the other party,How can you complain about a small matter。
“Fourth brother,nothing,Let him pass the past,I’m very happy that the Zhao family can stand up again。”
“Ok,rest assured,No matter where the other party hides,I will definitely catch,Give you an explanation。”
The answer that seems not to be asked,Both of them use their own position to give each other comfort and promise,Relatives will always be relatives,Xia Chenglong feels this at this moment。
“Long……Uncle Long,Play with Qianqian。”

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