“So bring us to this island,Just to make us suffer?”

Shen Ruoxi misunderstood Qin Liang’s meaning again。
“That’s definitely not!I speak frankly:I want to start a small kitchen for six of you,I want to personally train six people for a few days。”
Qin Liang’s serious answer。
“You can train us yourself at home。”
There are so many questions for Shen Ruoxi!As expected of the curious baby Shen Ruoxue’s sister,Not only beautiful and similar,The personality is actually very similar,most of the time,The two sisters of the Shen family acted like the same person。
“Silly wife,Can there be such an environment at home?You have to be there to feel the same,To have the effect of training,It’s like:Even if we do simulated battles at home every day,That’s not the same as fighting on a real battlefield,at home,Our hearts are always at ease,Because we know that no one will die!But it’s different on the battlefield,Reaper will come oncoming at any time!”
Qin Liang’s explanation,It can be said to be very detailed, vivid and specific。
“Ok,It seems to make sense,I accept。”
Shen Ruoxili is poor in words,It’s also very reasonable and stopped,Physical exhaustion,So that she no longer has the urge and desire to lift the bar。
“What do you want to train us?”
Chen Hao took over the topic,In other words, it changed the subject。
“You can train them anytime, anywhere,Like now:Do we know how to travel in this lush grass??”

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