“Xu,How are you feeling now,Do you feel nervous?”

During the pre-match interview,TNTXu Xuan’s hardcore fan is sent here,Buckley。
Seeing Barkley’s appearance,Xu Xuan smiled lightly,Pointing to the braised egg that seems to have just come out of the steam room:“I’m okay,but,Why do you look more nervous than me。”
Heard what Xu Xuan said,The fans in front of the TV and at the scene were amused。
indeed,Barkley is now like a large marinated egg,Still just out of the pot。
“Xu,How do you feel about yourself now?”Barkley hit a haha,Change the subject。
“not bad,I had a meal with Stephen yesterday,This guy makes me show mercy,But you all know,I am a selfless person,and so,I sternly rejected him!”Xu Xuan spread his hands,Jokingly。
Fudge or you.Buckley made a complaint,Then asked:“Do you have confidence in this round of the playoffs?”
“Faith must have,Kobe once said,When you do something without confidence,There is no need to do it anymore,That will only waste time。”
“Ok,last question,How will you play this series?”
“Eight characters:Give it all,No regrets!”
6month2day,late,Golden State。
Accompanied by the Oracle Arena fans seated one by one,And from all over the world800Journalists from many media have set up their own seats one after another,NBA2015-2016The final suspense of the season is about to be revealed!

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