Unlike,Others become group team,And he is a single family。

He is from Qilu Town, Qilu。
to be exact,He is a person of Laung。
At the same year,Master and forces worldwide,Are embarrassing summer。
琅 琊 王 氏 has been vigorously。
It’s just that the master is dead.,Therefore, the dangerous king is not limb。
Even for so many years,Not completely http://www.fanqir.cnslow。
Today, the Summer Nine King is returning,Maximum worry,It is like a family like Tongli Wang.。
I am afraid that I’m clear。
So after I learned that Xia Jiuwei was seriously injured.,Guo Yu was sent to Su Hang in the first time.,Let him see the machine。
This summer is abolished,Guo Yu naturally can’t let this opportunity。
Just didn’t think,Some people dare to work in the hospital,So let summer lose traces。
Here,Guo Yu was angry for a few days.。
Just when he is about to give up,I got a summer message。
Guo Yu knows,This time in the people in the summer,Many people like him……Most of them are Summer Summer Henture。
Or,It’s all in the year.,Have a strong family and forces。
Of course, there are many existence of a lot of water.。
http://www.chuauto.cn However, Guo Yu has confidence to catch or kill the summer.。
He has a very strong experience of jungle,And the essential force of itself!now,I have passed half a day。
According to his speculation,Some traces left in the mountain forest show,Those people still don’t catch the summer。
And over time,A large number of people are dispersed.。
More than 300 people,Seems to be a lot,But disperse among the big mountains,Isn’t really nothing?。
Just starting to hear 咋 咋 咋 声,But now,I can’t hear anything.。
Suddenly,Guo Yu stopped,Strive to breathe a few air。
He strive to breathe a few mouthfuls of air。
Then go to the left side carefully。
After a moment,He found a few bodies in a bush,It is the ancient military person who came to encircle the summer.。
These people’s death is a hemp,All by a knife,And http://www.qdjiyazhailipin.cn they die, not long。
There is also a bloody and wound.,Even。
Guo Yuyu,Hurry and take a closer look,But very quickly,Stigma!He halfway bow,Side turn head,Listen。
After ten seconds,He launched a figure,Quietly rush to the left direction。
Hundreds of meters,He saw the truth。
A shadow is being slaughtered in Lin!Knife light flash,Blood light。
An ancient martial arts is like a ripe apple, which is generally dropped.,Thoracic bumps, a few scarlet bloodlets。

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