As for Jenos,Ok,Lian Qi Yu is so unreliable“Exercise plan”Can study a half-day guy,I don’t know how to say that night is now.。

And now Jienos wants to pay attention to the night.,I hope that night will pay attention to him.,Rapid way。
But the night is refused.,Don’t say it first“Sickness”Jenos,It is not the one who knows at night.“Funds”。
Jienos this whole metal 瘩,Does there is no mesentery“Chakra”Not so good。
Night returns,Since then Qi Yujia,Out another salted fish。
exist“Lacquer bullet”Dad in the past few years,Night is now finally all over the clothes to reach out,Life to Zhangkou。
But Qi Yujia who is still a life,Plus a salted fish average night,Instantly make the fiscal situation of the financial situation in the snow。
Now except Night and Qi Yu,Occasionally“Non-humanoid”Geek,Can beaten,Other time is the bubble.。
Today, I will go to the night.,With those aunt,Jenos is preparing for dinner,And Qi Yu is distressed, watching several steels on the table.。
at this time,TV suddenly appeared“Hero association”New round“Heroic assessment”advertisment。
The host is in good faith.“hero”This kind of occupation,Let the original uncomfortable Qiyu,Hearing a ripple。
Obviously the host said,“hero”Just like a star,Have their own“Fan group”This is attracted to the bald head.。
Even let him start fantasy,I was wrapped in a signature of the female fan.。
And Jenos looked at this state,Like a uncomfortable, I vote for a heavy message to Qi Yu.。
“I heard the hero who registered in the Heroes Association,Destroy the corresponding level and quantity,It is possible to get the corresponding compensation。
And each level of hero,There will be corresponding salary every month.。”
Jenos apparent news is relatively weak,If the number of treasures said“Hero association”Welfare。
Side sides,As early as Jenos said that there is money to take it,Just enter the exquisite state。
“Call the monsters and have money?Actually there is such a good thing?”
Qi Jade feels this time,At least a year of 100 million,He and the night have not known how many geeks have been killed in the past few years.。
It is in the obligation to work with them.?
“Yes,Now heroes belong to a profession,Is it the most popular profession?。”
“Jenos,How to sign up,Let’s go to sign up.!”
Qi Jade is a series of benefits said by Jenos.,Can’t pull it out,It can still be done there。
“Now I want to register online now.。”
Then both people are on the computer,A tiger’s operation。
“Help the night, also report a name,This registration time is deadlined.。”
After the two people have their own information,The bald head suddenly said to Jenos who operates the computer.。
“But don’t you need to ask for a night??If he disagree, what should I do??”
Jenos has a little asked,It is about every person like it“hero”,I have been troublesomey as he used to。
“Will not,The guy fidilized the limelight.,And he has to redeem his collection,I will definitely agree。”
Seeing Qi Yu, a vowed,Jenos also puts the identity information of the night,Also edited a one upload online。

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