Just now, Mo Xiaosheng also thought that Yan Caotang hadn’t made a move at all,I still have a fire in my heart,I plan to question this Hu Qingfeng,Why did the secret take it away?,Don’t care about anything!

Fortunately, Hu Qingfeng didn’t let him down,Yan Caotang did not disappoint him either。
First0685Zhang Huan
Zhou Chen heard Mo Xiaosheng’s words in his heart,Raising his eyes and looking at Mo Xiaosheng emotionally,I really didn’t expect Mo Xiaosheng’s heart to be so broad。
Mo Xiaosheng smiled gently at him,Then turned his head and looked at Tian Dong and Zhang Dong who were standing in the rain under the steps,Squinting,Shen Sheng asked,“Tian Dong、Zhang Dong,Now you finally know whether this Yan Caotang exists or not?!”
“Got it,Got it!”
Dong Tian and Dong Zhang nodded bitterly,Almost crying,They never dreamed,This Yan Caotang actually exists!
“Then you guys tell me,Since you know that Yan Caotang is still alive,Why did you come here today?!”
Mo Xiaosheng smiled and looked at Dong Tian and Dong Zhang tentatively.,“and also,Tell me specifically,How did Yan Caotang deal with you??”
Although he knew that Yan Caotang was going to deal with this group of people,But he didn’t know exactly what Hu Qingfeng planned to use against them!
Now look at the look of Dong Tian and Dong Zhang so scared,Mo Xiaosheng knew that Hu Qingfeng’s method must be very sharp and effective!
“President Mo,We also just found out this morning!”
Dong Zhang is crying and dare not conceal the truth,“Overnight last night,Suddenly a large number of fakes sprang up from the antique world in the entire capital,And these fakes,All……All of them are several heavyweight fakes that have been auctioned off by our auction houses in the past six months or even a year.……”
Zhang Dong talks to the end,Crying,If not for restraint,Tell yourself to be strong,He might be unable to help crying!
Dong Tian on the side is also crying blood,Head down in pain,have to say,Yan Caotang is really ruthless!
The so-called hitting a snake and hitting seven inches,The use of Yan Caotang can be described as perfect,The few fakes that Yan Caotang has copied are all heavyweight head works that have been auctioned off by their three companies in recent years.!

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