Anyway, everyone said yes.,Nominated,It’s not a prize anyway。

Anyway, this is a very embarrassing thing。
But what makes many people feel more embarrassed today is,This Jackson·Silo is lashing out on the third constant conjecture,And criticize the seven equations listed by Wang Yufei one by one。
This is probably what no one expected。
This kind of world-class seminar everyone brainstormed,It’s no problem to express their opinions。
There is no problem even thinking that the third constant conjecture cannot exist。
But speaking on the stage with this kind of view will usually come up with a very detailed argumentation process。
Relative to falsification。
obviously,Jackson·Silo’s style is not like this,His speech really seems to be against it for the sake of understanding。
For example, his first equation posted by Wang Yufei on Weibo,Also known as the first equation of Yufei,Should describe an ideal steady state,Particle ground state、First excited state、A set of equations for the second excited state relationship。
But Jackson·Silo obviously doesn’t think so。
He tried to prove that this equation was wrong from another dimension,To put aside the absurdity of the unification theory。
The effect is obvious,Someone listened with gusto,Drowsy,There are still people filled with righteous indignation。
The more perfect effect is,The organizing committee has sent two groups of people to the stage to apologize to Wang Yufei。
Of course this is understandable。
After all, as an organizer,Failure to fulfill audit obligations,Failed to distinguish some messy speeches,Also arranged for this famous guy to speak on stage a second time,Everyone needs a cold sweat。
But from another angle, we can’t blame the organizing committee for this.。
After all, the time for this seminar is tight,And it was Wang Yufei’s request。
In fact, the organizing committee reviewed the draft of the first speech in detail。
That is a physicist from England,The theoretical foundation is very solid,Some thoughts given make people’s eyes bright。

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