Wait for the storm to pass,The elder’s voice sounded unhurriedly,Marks the end of this battle,It also represents the beginning of another legend。

Elder,That’s the elder,On weekdays, the cities around the Cangliu Mountains have always believed that they must not be disturbed,I didn’t expect to admit defeat。
of course,Giving up will not provoke a trace of gossip for the elder,On the contrary, there is a kind of daredevil spirit,It’s just that everyone thinks this thing is too weird。
“The Great Elder accepted,If you don’t lower your realm,I’m afraid I can’t do a single trick in your hands。”Xia Chenglong didn’t dare to be too presumptuous,Hurriedly returned with affection。
“Hahaha,Lose is lose,There is nothing to be ashamed of,I can only teach well in my college,Blue is better than blue。”
Old fox,In a few words, the disadvantage is returned to the board。
Today’s game came to an end after their battle,Mainly because the damage to the martial arts field is too serious,The next game can only be played tomorrow。
I thought the game on the second day would be affected by the first day,However, there is no need to worry about this kind of thing,Although the battle afterwards is not as grand as this time,But still full of many wonderful changes,Let the audience have an addiction。
The last passing is a bit breathtaking,Because there is a guy,Obviously every battle is not so stunning,In the end, it reached the fifth place in the inner court rankings.。
The key is that this student is still a freshman this year,Zhang Shengyi。
If it comes to more than twenty,There will be some luck in it,But that’s fifth place,If you are not a fool, you know,That freshman definitely has two brushes。
For such results,Zhang Shengyi is satisfied,Xia Chenglong is also very pleased,Maybe they will see each other again in a few years,All dominate one side,At that time, you don’t need to prove yourself so hard。
On the edge of the mountain behind the inner courtyard,Great elder,Xiao Lao,Zhang Shengyi,Standing,Looking at the sky in the distance,The young man who suddenly appeared in their lives,At this moment, it has swept away。

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