Shen Ruoxue continued to ask。

Qin Liang blurted out,Then really left!He really just left like this……
The girls looked at each other,Even Yang Shiyun had no idea。
“What’s going on here?Why did it happen all of a sudden!”
Meizi asked everyone in surprise。
Liu Xiaoyun didn’t say anything,Immediately turned around and chased it out。
“Neurosis is simply!”
Yang Shiyun said something calmly,In fact, my heart became a mess,Of course she knows:Qin Liang must have been hurt by his attitude just now。
“But you can’t blame me!Who made you upset me,Humph,You angry,I’m still angry!”
She secretly thought……
“What can I do!”
It was Shen Ruoxue who was in a panic,Tears started to roll in her eyes!

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