“I have a hasty…This~~Such a scene is so embarrassing”

Qin Liang sighed,Eyes can’t do without。
“Pull me up……”
Liu Rushi stood in the water for a while,I looked down and looked at the water on my body.,This is how to greet Qin Liang,But Qin Liang didn’t respond,Did not speak……
“Why don’t you pull me up?”
Liu Rushi looked up in surprise,But I found that Qin Liang was looking at his body completely,She looked down again,Only then did I find my upper body,It’s already springing up!
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Chapter six hundred and seventy six You are my surprise
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Liu Rushi shouted,Immediately protect your chest with both hands,Then quickly squatted back into the water。
“amount……what’s wrong?Why are you back in the water again??”
Qin Liang came to understand,Seeing Liu Rushi go back to the water,He asked in confusion。
“I won’t go out!”
Liu Rushi is really about to cry this time!
“What’s up?”
Qin Liang still didn’t understand。
“I have no face to meet people……”
Liu Rushi curled up into a ball in the water,Protect your chest,Muffled and whispered。

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