I can’t say this,I can only think secretly,You have to keep a smile on your face。

“What is your brain?Show courtesy to an actor who hasn’t filmed for years,What can it do?And this is a famous neuropathy,Want to get her favor,It’s not as easy as you think。”
Sheng Tiange, who was ignored by Luo Xiaohu, felt very depressed,Very disdainful of Luo Xiaohu’s choice:
She decided not to be familiar with such a vulgar person。
Thinking:“This guy can’t speak,Got beaten a lot,That’s why I practiced Sanda??”
“Sanda champion?very impressive。”
Hear“National Sanda Championship”These six words,Zhan Li finally showed a polite smile on her face:
About to lose my temper,I saw Luo Xiaohu snatched the suitcase from her,Said cheerfully:“Sister Li,My name is Luo Xiaohu,Won two national Sanda champions,Also learned martial arts,If there is a role suitable for me in the future,Please recommend。”
——Meaning two,“Former idol”,Explain that he was only his idol,Not anymore,Do you want to say that I have passed??Don’t you deserve to be your idol??
——Meaning one,“once”,That’s the past,Do you want to say I’m very old??Doesn’t belong to this era anymore?
second,“Former idol”Several meanings?
First of all,She is also a senior in this circle,A junior called her name directly,It is a very rude thing in her opinion。
I’m already very dissatisfied。

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