Several male assistants are also very young,Like a boy who just went to college。

“Wow,Liang Ge,You finally came。”
“Liang Ge,You are more handsome than in front of the camera。”
undoubtedly,Brother Liang is a handsome guy,His face can stand the test of the lens。But he has a flaw recently,Just got a little belly,I hope these rich women don’t mind。
“Several sisters,let me introduce,These are my brothers。”
A rich woman asked:“You brothers look good,Will you enter the circle in the future??”
A little assistant saw the boss staring at him and looking up and down,Know the opportunity is coming,Immediately come forward to pour sister a glass of wine:“sister,I like acting。I’ve been in TV series since I was a kid,I admire actors,Think they are awesome。Can act so vividly for a character who has nothing to do with him,They are so amazing。But the person I admire most is Brother Liang,Brother Liang is a playboy,He is really charming when acting,I was fascinated by watching。”
The boy’s answer sounds acceptable to Brother Liang。It has brought closer the relationship between the boss and himself,Without appearing vulgar,At least he treats his current master as a person。
Sister nodded:“You look so handsome,There must be a chance,You should ask Brother Liang to recommend you,Let you go filming。”
Another man walked to the side of the boss,moan and groan:“Of course we also hope to be an excellent actor like Liang Ge。But now the money in the circle is the big one。If one has no money,So even if this person is dedicated,Love filming again,Will not succeed。Even a dedicated director like Gu San,He also looks at money。Otherwise, that kind of thing happened to Wang Sha not long ago,How could the suspicion be removed all at once。That is because the capital is strong behind them,Even Gu San has to listen to them。”
Brother Liang secretly liked this male assistant,These rich women just don’t like the evil spirit,Charming and sexy female star,Wang Sha has been so ugly recently,These rich women must not like her。
In the fish circle,It’s not easy to hold yourself up,But it’s not too simple to belittle another person。Capitalists care about face,Just say something bad,They immediately persuaded。
The sister said:“Do you often follow you brother Liang?Are you filming on site??What’s interesting?For example, what Shah just now。”
The male assistants immediately babbled。
“sister,You asked the right person,Some of us often follow Brother Liang in filming。Brother Liang is very dedicated,Even if you don’t have your own role,He will still go to the scene to see other people acting。Like sister Han and brother Qiao Long,These two are just a play bone,They really have a tacit understanding when acting,You can’t see any trace of acting。We are on site,I think these two people are a couple。”A sister who likes Qiao Long is a little scared:“So to say,Will Qiao Long do a fake show with Xiaohan?,I like Qiao Long,I hope he won’t be hooked by the female star。”
Male assistant smiled:“rest assured,The two of them really didn’t call at all,In addition to talking about the script,,Nothing else。Anyway, I haven’t seen them do some very inappropriate behaviors,I don’t think they have an ambiguous atmosphere。”
Sister who likes Qiao Long breathed a sigh of relief:“I knew it,Qiao Long is a good man,Why did you fool around with others。”
“Eh,What is the name of the actor who worked with your brother Liang,Looks so young,But not very popular。”

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