“Don’t teach me a lesson,Zhang family,Do not know at all,Here,It’s the site of my Lin family。”
“correct,Father summoned me back this time,not,Let me inherit the family business?”
Lin Yu,The most feared is this one。
Precisely because of this,This is how to ask。
“do not know。”
“but,Patriarch this time,seem,Something else,To arrange you。”
“specific,I do not know either。”
housekeeper,Know things,Are family members,Something everyone knows。
Too top secret,Basically don’t know。
of course,Master Lin,I won’t tell everyone。
“That can only wait to go back。”
Lin Yu finished,Look at Lu Yingying next to me,Again:“Go back in a while,Don’t be so nervous。”
“Ok,I know。”

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