After Hu Lai and Song Jiajia passed by,The people who had separated are gathered again,It’s like the sea is rising again after the low tide。
He looked down at the half of the bread he was still holding,But it’s not the sweetness of bread,But the strong smell of shit just now……
The original delicious chocolate filling is underpinned by this flavor,It also seems to have become rare。
He can’t eat this lunch at all。
The angry Li Zhiqun raised his head,Staring at the back of Hu Lai in front of him with murderous eyes。
Then he snorted in my heart。
He originally thought Hu Lai would not dare to come here to watch the list,Unexpectedly, Hu Lai not only came,Still so high profile。
Does he really think he can be selected for the school team?
impossible……How could he be selected for the school team?Which head coach has an abnormal brain that will select him to fill the school team……
The coach of our school team is said to be very good,How could you make such a mistake??

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