Guan Hao picked up one of them,Sniffed,Said:“It smells so good,Seems to smell of mountain breeze。”

“The smell of mountain breeze?”The secretary is obviously puzzled。
Guan Hao was taken aback,I knew I was distracted,He said to the secretary:“Carry it out,Give everyone a taste。Beijing can’t buy such original apples。”
“Original Apple?”The secretary is even more puzzled。
Guan Hao smiled,The secretary must not understand him。
After the secretary and a staff member carried the apple out,Guan Hao picked up this piece of paper again and looked at it。He had long heard that this old friend returned to his hometown in Jinanshan District after parole,After recovery,Did not go back to the city,But to help my nephew look after the orchard,He was released two years early,Simply contracted a small orchard in the mountainous hometown,Lived the life of a Tao Weng of men farming and women weaving with his wife。It seems,Back then this“Mayor of Shigan”Still worthy of the name。
Leisurely idyllic life,Calmed down many desires and demands,Also restored a lot of authentic things,So today this apple also has a lot of unspeakable content。
Thought of here,He put down the piece of paper,Pick up the apple on the table,Although his eyes are looking at this apple,but,Thoughts have drifted far, far away……
He did smell the mountain breeze。That is the unique taste of Jinan Mountain,This smell,It reminded him of the death of fish in Mingzhu Lake after taking office;I remembered the severe hail disaster in Jinan Mountain;I remembered my affectionate curtain call;Thinking of Ducheng Qilian。He even saw the petite figure in a pink dress again,Saw him stand up hurriedly,Blushing,Said shyly:“Good Secretary Guan。”
now,That beautiful person,Long ago slipped out of his arms,Floated away from his hand。Turned into a deep memory,An indelible image,An unforgettable thought……
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