Ruan Jiahao’s House300Billion yuan of huge wealth,In Yang Feng’s400Billion dollars in front of,Nothing。

Since he is relying on the power of money,When meeting a super rich man with more money,Naturally。
“Ruan Dashao,You have to try with Xiao Huan tomorrow?”Yang Feng said with a smile,“After today’s fiasco,You still have courage?”
“I missed you today,But for calligraphy and painting collection,I have a lot of experience,There are also very good products。”Ruan Jiahao bit his head:“I will win tomorrow!”
Yang Fengyi clap your hands,“Remember the past tomorrow,I will also be there!Haha,It’s so fun!”
He himself is a lively person,Encountered such an interesting competition,That is definitely not missed。
Yang Feng doesn’t worry about Shen Huan at all。
Because Shen Huan is such a smart person,If you are not sure, it is generally impossible to compete with others。
Mu Guishu on the side,Also listened to the little girl.Another paraphrase。
He also has curiosity in his heart,Looking at the embarrassed and determined Ruan Jiahao,Looked at Shen Huan with a plain face,Unconsciously nodded secretly。
Such a good show,But don’t miss it!
“But I think only good works,Not interesting enough。”Ruan Jiahao gritted his teeth and said to Shen Huan,“More than collection is more than financial,I am richer than you,Can’t just bully you。”
“What do you mean?”Shen Huan asked。
“Apart from competing against whose collection is better,Also add one,Game eyesight。”Ruan Jiahao Road,“We produced three works in total,One of the pictures is a fake。As long as you can recognize which one of mine is a fake,Even if you pass。And if i don’t find out,I lost this project,how about it?”
Shen Huan looked at him,Did not speak for a while。

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