Even Liu Yong,There is no way to save him this time……I can’t fake public welfare for his own sake,Lie to the sky!And this violation of principle,Offense,Liu Yong wouldn’t be able to kill!Although I don’t want to believe,But that car drove to another city to rescue“Skin monkey”’S police car has been detected!Basically, the true extent of this matter can be determined,Because all the Haishang city police,I’ve already confirmed that I haven’t gone out,And this paragraph

Who left Haishang in time,There are only two people, Song Junming and Liu Jian!
And these two people dare not even send real-time positioning to themselves……
Plus the joint identification of Liu Xiaoyun and Yang Shiyun,Song Junming and Liu Jian,Basically it’s already inevitable,Can’t explain anymore。
The sun is shining outside the window,Cloudless,Is a very nice weather!But Liu Yong standing at the window,But my heart is full of clouds,Thunderous!Every time Yang Shiyun led the team out to perform tasks,He is all hoping for her to return triumphantly as soon as possible!
But this time……He hopes Yang Shiyun can come back as soon as possible!Because he really doesn’t want to face her,Don’t want to hear her tell myself;Song Junming and Liu Jian’s criminal facts have been verified,unambiguous evidence!
How embarrassing will make him,What a shame~
But that day is coming sooner or later!Sooner or later he has to face the moment he least wants to face!
Liu Yong sighed deeply,Then reluctantly sat back behind his desk,Dumbfounded。
There was even a policeman who knocked on the door with two documents to greet him,He didn’t even hear……Then the policeman put the file on his desk,Quietly back out again。
A Song Junming,Make Liu Yong and Yang Shiyun depressed,Can’t pour out bitter water,He doesn’t have any other skills!And he and Liu Jian,At this moment, I still naively thought they made a perfect fit,It’s not dripping。
Wind and rain are coming!now,A terrible storm is coming,Liu Yong,Yang Shiyun,Song Junming,Liu Jian, these four people,Are going to endure the blow of this storm。In fact, the real life is like this;Without your knowledge,Maybe something unknown will be waiting for you on the road ahead!Then you were caught off guard,Is about to take a head-on blow!After the disaster,Some people can still stand,Then move on,And there is
People,But will fall,Since then, the path of life has been completely different from before……

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