Not for a while,By taking a rest,Sang Qingrou helped Sang Xiaoxi back to the house,Ouyang Shuo。The guards outside are distributing decoctions to treat the epidemic,Sang Xiaoxi sitting on the couch,Staring at Sang Qingrou。

“right now,No one else here。Sang Qingrou,You should give me an explanation。What exactly is going on?”
Sang Qingrou clapped her hands,Say easily:“You don’t have to thank me,I do these,Just mutual benefit,Take what you need。”
Sang Xiaoxi suddenly became nervous,She looked at Ouyang Shuo:“Prince,Did you agree to the eldest sister’s request??When i was in a coma,Eldest sister threatened you?In the end what happened,Don’t hide from me。”
Sang Qingrou widened her eyes and looked at Sang Xiaoxi,I just said one sentence,She actually thought,I did this privately with Ouyang Shuo。
How bad is your personal setting!
“Sang Xiaoxi,I saved your life anyway,Are you thinking of me so badly??I don’t bother to take advantage of others。”
“What the eldest sister did,Make me have to think about you。No matter what the prince promises you,Don’t count。I woke up,What do you do first,Can come at me。”
Sang Qingrou smiled:“Do you think,Are you valuable to me?”
She gave Ouyang Shuo a depressed look:“I am too lazy to explain,Tell her slowly!”
Ouyang Shuo sighed,This will clarify the whole story。Sang Xiaoxi listens more and more quietly,Until Ouyang Shuo finishes,Sang Xiaoxi was stunned。
Took a long time,She looked at Sang Qingrou。
“prescription,You brought it out?”She frowned,Don’t seem to believe。
“Don’t have to be like you,Only after reading so many medical books can he heal。There is no problem with my prescription,Aren’t you the best proof?”
“Then why do you say,I developed this prescription?Sang Qingrou,Are you deliberately trying to mock me?”
She has read so many medical books,I have also seen many diseases,Not as good as Sang Qingrou。This to her,It’s a shame。
Sang Xiaoxi began to doubt,She usually studies medicine so hard,What’s the use!The gap between her and Sang Qingrou,It’s so big。

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