“Brother-in-law,I feel relieved,With you and your dragon soul warrior,What can I worry about。”

Meizi said with a smiley face。
“You said the wrong thing again!What do you call me and my dragon soul warrior?how about you?Aren’t you dragon soul warrior?As if you have nothing to do with us。”
Qin Liang asked Meizi with a smile。
“Yeah……Look at my memory!Forgot again!Not intentional,Sorry!Hehe。”
Plum naughty answer,She is in a very good mood,Because she suddenly felt;It seems that everything will go well,There won’t be any more twists and turns,And frankly;If you can solve ten major cases in one breath,That to her,It’s a great opportunity for Yang Shiyun!
“You have forgotten countless times!If you forget it again,I really want to spank you!You remembered it for me!”
Qin Liang deliberately held back his laugh,Said to Meizi with a dark face。
“Spanking again……Can’t you change it?Really!Can a girl’s butt be slapped casually??”
Meizi protested unwillingly。
“Two thousand standard push-ups without spanking,Choose one of two。”
Qin Liang’s nonchalant answer。
Meizi decisively stopped talking,Then turned his face to look at Li Hai,Deliberately pretending not to hear what Qin Liang was saying。
“Say……What excuse do I use to ask the hospital to prepare a ward for me??”

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