A soft sword slipped out of the woman’s hand,This shows that the other party really wants to do it,Black tiger step forward,Staring at each other。

Xia Chenglong’s move yesterday was already very dangerous,Today he plans to block the opponent’s attack。
“We can join hands to see those people under the mountain,If you were still willing,I can fight you。”Xia Chenglong felt it necessary to say something。
As for the consequences after talking,It depends on the other party’s judgment,It seems that what I just said is completely useless。
A woman’s soft sword is very powerful,This was already understood the last time he shot,Even if the black tiger has reached the extraordinary peak,It is still impossible to block the opponent’s blow。
Soft sword did not hesitate,I instantly pulled out a few swords all over my body,Form a very lethal martial art。
Black Tiger is ready to stay,Somewhat unexpected,The seemingly powerful martial arts did not rush in their direction,Instead, he went behind the woman。
Two extremely tragic sounds appeared from the underside of the stone platform,And quickly disappeared between heaven and earth。
The other party can make noise,Because the woman’s sword is fast,So the moment the sword strokes the opponent’s body, it recombines,So there is time to scream。
An’s brows are getting deeper,Just because their counterpart was heard by a third party。
Wanshan, which was extremely quiet, has become restless today,Ambush failure,Many people don’t need to work hard to hide under the stone platform for half a year,They can draw out their weapons,Surround the three people in front of you。
Whether it’s Anshi or Xia Chenglong,Those people who suddenly appeared are not their biggest concern,The powerful enemy still comes from the two。
Xia Chenglong gave the other party enough temptation,This change can’t make a woman change her inner thoughts,Then you can’t blame him。
“Smelly woman,Damn it,You lied to us,I didn’t expect to dare to collude with outsiders,Today is your death date!”
The speaker is the Li family from Xihai,They are the same as the Wang family,It is also a big force weaker than the Shao family,This gave him a lot to talk in such an arrogant tone。
Besides,Another reason why he can speak so arrogantly is that he broke the mirror not long ago,Become a supernatural powerhouse。
Transcendent realm is a watershed for warriors,A fighter who can step into this level can definitely be synonymous with the strong。

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