“Mr. Mo,Really trouble you,And let you take a hard time!do not worry,This love,We Mohist remembered!”Mo Ziqin glanced at Mo Xiaosheng,Cold snort,Although he is still very unwelcome to Mo Xiaosheng,But he has to admit that Mo Xiaosheng’s medical skills are very good。

“Director Mo,I think you misunderstood,With the face of your Mo family,It’s really not worthy of my help,I can’t see Jinqi’s face alone!”Mo Xiaosheng smiled at him faintly,Turn around and walk straight out。
Mo Ziqin’s face paled,Angrily staring at Mo Xiaosheng’s back,Obviously what Mo Xiaosheng said was in his heart,The face of the entire Mo family is no better than the face of Mo Jinqi alone。
“what!Our Mo family is selling you face?”
Mo Yanyan also followed angrily,It seems that I have forgotten Mo Xiaosheng’s life-saving grace to her.。
Mo Jinyu also wants to scold,But remembering how he had to follow his father to beg Mo Xiaosheng like a dog,I couldn’t help but swallowed it back。
After Mo Xiaosheng came out of the hospital, he called Li Qianhao,Asked:“how about it,Have you found out what I asked you to check??”
“Checked it out,These Japanese people are a group,Except for the three of them,There are more than 20 people in their boxing gym,And the ranks of Taekwondo and Judo are not low!”Li Qianhao hurriedly reported,“But I can’t find out their specific information,I asked a friend to check from the National Police Agency,There is no information about these people……Don’t know why?”
Li Qianhao couldn’t help but have a hint of suspicion in his tone。
“No information?”Mo Xiaosheng raised his brows slightly,Feel a little surprised,And open a boxing gym,Three or five coaches are enough,How come they have so many people here?It is possible that the identity of this group of people is not as simple as it seems on the surface。
“Give me the address,I’ll take a look!”
Mo Xiaosheng whispered,I plan to meet these people directly。
He doesn’t care what rank the opponent is,Regardless of the identity of the other party,He doesn’t even care what international disputes will be triggered after his identity as a major in the Military Intelligence Department is found,He only knows,Pay the debt,They owe Mo Jinqi a leg,Then they have to return it,And doubled!
Mo Xiaosheng took a taxi and went to where Li Qianhao was sending him,Li Qianhao was already waiting by the road。
“Brother Mo,Their boxing gym is over there!”
Li Qianhao greeted him quickly,Pointing at the Karate Boxing Gym in the distance。
Mo Xiaosheng raised his head and looked at,I saw a bright sun pattern on the door of the boxing gym,It says below“Rising Sun Jingwu Hall”A few characters,There are eight words written on both sides of the door frame,Left is“Rising sun”,Right is“Benevolence”。
“What a rising sun,Today I will let the sun go down!”
Mo Xiaosheng said to Li Qianhao as he walked,“Qian Hao,Dare to step down their martial arts gym with me?”

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