Lu Shanshan grabbed the magazine on the side and threw it at Xiao Wu:“You are mentally retarded,Lu Shanshan is very normal。”

Simon sees his own three young masters have changed their old high-cold image,Pick up magazines and throw people,Just like a little girl。
It is said that people in love have zero IQ,This is not false。
Lu Shanshan threw the magazine to discover that she had done something against Shen Zhiyue’s image,Shrinks his neck immediately。Ruined,Shen Zhiyue is not good at acting,If you continue like this, you’ll find someone has changed inside。
Xiao Wu and Simon looked at each other,Hush a few more words before leaving。
Leave the hospital,The two immediately reported to their boss。
Simon:“Second Young Master,I think there is something wrong with the third master。The usual three young masters are cool,Gives people a feeling of a city,He actually quarreled with the assistant today,Also picked up the magazine and threw the assistant。I think we still don’t push him too hard,Three young masters rarely find someone you like,If you force them apart,The third young master might do stupid things。”
Xiao Wu:“Sister Linda,I saw Brother Yue,Brother Yue is like an evil。He actually admitted that he liked Lu Shanshan!Sister Linda,You come back quickly,I really don’t know what to do。If Brother Yue keeps going crazy,I can’t keep my job。”
in hospitalvipLu Shanshan, who was eating, sleeping, and sleeping in the ward, had no idea that she was stamped with a neurotic seal by someone close to her.。She kept thinking,How to use Shen Zhiyue’s identity to get rich,Let mom live a good life。
Lu Shanshan is bored,Click to open video chat,It didn’t take long for Shen Zhiyue to connect。
“Yue Ge,what are you doing?”Lu Shanshan smiled at the phone。
Shen Zhiyue turned the camera,There is a middle-aged woman following him,Holding a pile of plastic bags。
Lu Shanshan immediately dissatisfied:“How can you let my mom hold everything,My mother has shoulder spondylitis,You help her。”

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