The key is the high level of this place.,Will try our best to hide your identity。

Not a letter,I don’t know if I am doing.。
So,Within the scope of the nine major domain,Sweeping other forces intelligence location,It’s all right to meals.。
In other words,In the world that people touched,This kind of battle has never stopped。
However, no one thought,Only one night,More than a thousand intelligence locations in people,I have been a bloody storm。
Never one or two forces are shot and push,There http://www.dvjuwr.cnshould be many forces involved in it.。
Night,The strong people in the world don’t know how much death injury。
Those families that maintain a good relationship between people,Also all have been warned。
More people,In the world, the masters outside the world。
Shortly after,The post behind the scene reveals it out。
It turned out to be from the sacred church of the country!
In order to target people world,The Holyism can be used to use it.。
Not only master,More Joint cross,Threat,Or forced some forces,Never participate in it。
And the sacred is coming out,It is said that the killing has died within the cemetery of the ghost valley.。
It is very simple purpose,To completely unplug the people in the Western underground nails。
For people in the world,This is a terrible disaster。
Monor commission,Among the bases of the third world,Encounter from the murdere from five mercenaries。
This night,The moon commissioner killed too many people。
When the A big people break out,Mercenary group originally have thousands,Leave less than 100 people。
Luo Tian、Linger、Xiao Feng is all assassinated,Fortunately, it is still an alarm,Although the injured is extremely heavy,But it saves a life,Have to the order of Maji,Enter the Department of Summer。
“People within the world,Don’t fight hard,protect yourself,My king is not dead,Waiting for Wang,Let their blood bonds!”
This is the notice issued by Maji to the whole world.。
Internally,Maji is more connected to the headquarters,Let the headquarters master the kingdom,Not only active!
So,Although the Thunder of the Holy Team is shocked the world,Coping in the world,It also makes people have to admire。
Soon after,There is news,The madness of one of the nine hegens,Masters leading the madman,Zhixuan to Xiayiwei。 Half day,Another message,The holyism actually secretly promotes the Magic Party and Ministry of the Party,It seems to be actions to the neutral party。
This is obvious to another hegemony,Victoria。
Completely chaotic。
Overnight,Seems to have changed,Let many power and masters full of panic。

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