“What social sister Yun?……How can i have,I’m just going to help Xiaoyu out,Those people dare to bully Xiaoyu,Do you think they should beat?Xiaoxue has beaten them once,I’m also a sister,I have to do it again,That’s fair。Is there anything wrong?”

Liu Xiaoyun’s excuse for herself is very high-sounding,It really sounds like that。
“Don’t say that,Come,You also make me a pretty,Let me also see what my Xiaoyun’s beauty plan looks like。”
Qin Liang said half-truth and half-false。
“what……I do not know……”
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Chapter Ninety Hundred and Eighty Six Believe it or not, I’m spanking you
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Believe it or not, I’m spanking you
Liu Xiaoyun blushed completely,Can you use beauty tricks with anyone??Really……Moreover,Make a beautiful plan for Qin Liang,Didn’t you dig a hole for yourself?,He promised to do it,I will suffer again by then……
“will not?how is this possible?I heard that your beauty plan works well,That bunch of bastards will follow you,I also want to learn,come on,Don’t be embarrassed,fast,Make me a beauty。”
Qin Liang entangled Liu Xiaoyun with a cheeky……
“Can you stop making trouble……master……”
Liu Xiaoyun pleaded quietly,She is really scared,Qin Liang now likes to pester himself more and more,And regardless of time,Place and occasion,Is he not afraid of being seen by his own family??
“Then you choose one,Or show me a beauty trick,Or let me kiss the little mouth,Where to go,You choose,Hehe。”
Qin Liang said with a smirk。

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