The actions of Liu Xiaoyun and others,Also shocked Shen Ruoxi,They didn’t expect:These few naughty little girls usually,When it’s time to do things,Will be so hard working hard。

Hard work will always pay off。
At a distance of more than 150 meters from where the two bodies fell,Shen Ruoxue was the first to find a bullet case in the floating soil on the ground!This is undoubtedly a very important discovery,This proves at least one thing:That’s in this tunnel,There was a gun battle!This is reasonable。
“well,carry on!”
Qin Liang praised Shen Ruoxue,Then he began to carefully examine the bullet case Shen Ruoxue handed over to him.。
“This is not a bullet used in regular firearms,This should be a bullet fired from a homemade shotgun。”
Experienced Qin Liang,Quickly made an accurate judgment。
“That means,It’s not a professional soldier who fought with the brothers and sisters?”
Swallow asked immediately。
“Hard to say,Wait and see,Just a bullet case doesn’t tell much,It can only show that at least one of the opponents is not a professional soldier,But there is also another possibility,He is a professional soldier,But he did not use the weapon he should use,Either his own weapon has no ammunition,Either he didn’t carry his weapon with him,All possible。”
Qin Liang seriously analyzed。
“Isn’t it the same as saying nothing?……”
Yanzi said with a wry smile。
“Do not,Saying it doesn’t mean not saying it,Now at least we already know one thing:In this tunnel,Our brothers and sisters did have gun battles with people。”

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