Last words,Peng Changyi deliberately gritted his posterior teeth and said it blankly。

Yin Jiashi laughed,Said:“Don’t,Don’t!”
Peng Changyi pointed to Bao Zhigang and Yin Jiashi:“One is unintentional,One is intentional interpretation,I’ll blame it without complaining!”The Yin family really has nothing to say,I wanted to intentionally humiliate Peng Changyi and Jiang Fan,I didn’t expect to take the blame,It seems,I can’t take advantage of Peng Changyi。
Everyone smiled and walked out of the meeting room。
Out of the meeting room,Bao Zhigang and Peng Changyi unanimously followed Jiang Fan,Came to the office of the secretary of the municipal party committee。
Jiang Fan wanted to put down his laptop and go home,Turning to see Bao Zhigang and Peng Changyi coming in,He just looked at them,Asked strangely:“you two……Something?”
Bao Zhigang and Peng Changyi looked at each other,Bao Zhigang said:“I’m fine,Changyi, are you okay??”
Peng Changyi looked at them,Also said:“I’m fine?”
Jiang Fan said:“It’s okay, what are you two doing behind my ass?I understand,Didn’t you see me for days? I missed me?Want to sit with me for a while?”
Bao Zhigang and Peng Changyi both laughed。
Bao Zhigang said:“It’s really interesting,Otherwise, let’s gather in a small area at noon?”
Jiang Fan hurriedly waved,Said:“There will be a few minutes before get off work,I have to go home,I just said,How can I get jet lag??If you two find me something,Let’s talk about work in the afternoon,right now,I’m getting off work。”
He finished,Regardless of the two people in the house,Pick up the handbag and go out。
Bao Zhigang and Peng Changyi looked at each other,Bao Zhigang whispered to Peng Changyi:“It’s like Lao Yin said,Pay attention to color than friends?”
“Hahaha。”Peng Changyi smiled and walked out。
Jiang Fan heard their smile,Turned around and waved at them,And then walk to the car,Xiao Gao ran out quickly,Jiang Fan said:“I’ll go back by myself,I don’t need you。”Talking,Just sat in the cab,Drove the car out of the gate。

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