There is already a smile on Mu Guishu’s face at this time。

A few old friends beside,Are complimenting him,Praise him for having such a good daughter。
Mu Guishu breathed a sigh of relief,I didn’t shame my daughter。
Seeing Mu Ruru happily,He really feels that nothing else matters,As long as the little padded jacket is happy。
Shen Huan is not so nervous anymore。
It’s unknown for what reason,Ma Liangyuan didn’t choose him first,Is also the best2number,And Mu Ruru played super level,Put15Number is selected。
Then the rest is the question of how much Mu Ruru can win。
I can’t think that the little girl is really lucky and lucky。
In the voice of everyone,In everyone’s expectations,Another half hour passed,The jade from such six pieces of jade,It’s all on the table。
Mu Ruru has5Piece,Ma Liangyuan has7Piece。
A large piece of rough jadeite,Sometimes there is more than one jade。
There is even a case where a rough jadeite is out of several pieces。
Now they are obviously lucky,There are many charges。
however,Including Ma Liangyuan himself,The eyes are just looking at the emerald jade which is bigger than the fist of an adult。
Such a large piece of jade,It’s perfectly fine to take two jade bracelets。
After hundreds of years of mining,If today’s emeralds can make big pieces like jade bracelets,It’s already a lot of material。
At least one jade bracelet is priced3000Wanqi,Don’t think it is expensive,Some people come to grab。

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