Four copies of Yangchun noodles on the plate。

“Give it a try!”Shui Qianyu put it on the small stone table,“If the taste increases this time,Then let’s talk about preventing leakage。”
Shen Huan put a little in a bowl,Then I stirred the noodle soup and noodles for Shui Qiang,Handed it to her again。
It’s dinner time,All four are hungry,Huhudi finished Yangchun noodles。
Shuiqingshan eats fastest,Less than two minutes,Then finished。
“I thought the spice powder from before was the best,I didn’t expect this upgraded version to be better!”Shui Qingshan put down the bowl,Sigh,“It does not enhance the soup with a rich taste,But to promote the aroma of the noodle itself to blend with various spices,Achieve a very good coordination,It tastes very fragrant and fragrant,I can’t help but want to eat more。”
“I also feel that way。”Xia He put down the bowl,“I lost weight,But now I think this noodle is too delicious,You can eat one more bowl!”
Shui Qianyu is obviously satisfied,By the way, reached out and returned:“Shen Huan,I want to see the recipe。”
Shen Huan smiled,Handed her a piece of paper,“Xiaoshuishui,Don’t trouble them now, right?We have improved our quality in this way,It’s the same advantage that they crush,Why bother with them?”
“But how do you stop them from stealing the spice powder like before,And then crack the secret recipe?”Shui Qianyu looked at the recipe,Questioned。
“You just felt it,Upgraded version of spice powder,Has a peculiar fusion and stimulating effect。”Shen Huandao,“I have tried it the other day,Once lack of any kind of material,It will become the same as the spice powder that was not upgraded before……So unless they get the complete formula,Otherwise, it’s just researching out the spice powder before!And it’s only 60 to 70% of the effect at most。”
Hear this,Shui Qianyu is not aware of the slight jaw。
Upgraded taste,Indeed and the previous normal version,There is a very big gap。
You can eat it,Not only unforgettable,And there is a sense of satisfaction。
Upgrade gap,Make people feel clearly。
If it is really difficult to crack the imitation as Shen Huan said,It’s very reassuring。
Take a look at this to be accurate1Gram material ratio,Shui Qianyu thought,If this can be matched by others,Then they don’t need to be human,Better than a dog nose!
Seeing Shui Qianyu finally gave up the idea of punishment,Shui Qingshan and Xia He quietly gestured a thumbs up to Shen Huan。
In their view,Shen Huan is mature and steady enough。
Like this little fly,If you are going to fight,It will definitely involve a lot of energy,But there is no way to get the corresponding return,Totally unnecessary。

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