Short time,Witness the legendary rise of Adong,Gave her too much feeling,What you did before,Introspected a lot。

Have some deep understanding of feelings and life。
At the small courtyard that day,She still can’t figure it out,I want to stop disturbing Brother Adong,But after listening to his new song A Dong last night,She really wants to understand。
I can really see my heart,I saw her feelings for Brother Adong,Dependence on Adong。
She can’t live without Brother Adong,otherwise,Even on the cloud,She won’t be happy。
Just like the lyrics of Brother Adong,Being loved is extravagant happiness,She has had luxury happiness for so many years,She still wants to continue to be extravagant in the future。
And never care!
Tomorrow night is a performance,after that,And truly embarked on society,Only at this time,She suddenly realized,Without Brother Adong’s company,She is insecure in the face of society。
This is a psychological dependence,After so many years,Unchangeable。
060chapter:Mo Ruchu
Lin Dong has been busy in Yunchu until dark,Just recorded five songs。
And waited for him out of the studio,I was amazed by a big beauty in front of me。
An instant,He knew that with Chen Lan and Mo Xiaoxiao,Big beautiful women standing together,Mo Ruchu。
Beauty is only one aspect,Equally amazing,It’s this big guy,These big legs are really long!
The proportions are so perfect,The facial features are more like carvings,Quite refined,Have a strong sense of contour。
Lin Dong is almost subconscious,Look at the little Mo Xiaoxiao。

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