Want to inquire about my situation,Lin Yu,Naturally won’t tell the truth about yourself。

“Oh,So this is ah。”
“Then you and the Tongtian school,Do you know?”
Brother Seven,This time,The reason for coming。
Also risking and before,Second brother’s thoughts,Find out about Lin Yu。
especially,Lin Yu,Speed of learning,Extremely fast。
fundamental,Not like an ordinary person,The possession is speed。
“Know,The chef of their martial art,Is in our village。”
Lin Yu heard,Replied。
“Except this one chef,Is there anything else,You know?”
Brother Seven,Continue to ask。
“Have,A few more。”
Lin Yu,Replied。
“Oh,is it?”
“Who else?”
This time,Brother Seven,Finally appeared,What expression did you find。
The second brother inquired before。
Continue to let the second brother come,That’s easy to show your feet。

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