Kiki also slept.?

He especially wants to hug your daughter.,Think of daughter’s sweet smile,His heart is soft like water。
Lu Haocheng smiled deeply with a deep breath,Lessing down,It seems that I can sleep well tonight.。
Lan Xin did not sleep,Instead, watching Tao Mengyi’s information gave her.。
“Jiang Lan Xin,is that you?”
“You are back.,right?”
“Jiang Lan Xin,What do you want to do??Don’t hide,What do you want to do?,Say,Don’t hide this。”
“Jiang Lan Xin,You laugh in the knife,Effect of hypotheses,I raise you so big.,Do you pay attention to me like this??”
See the last message,Laughing。
She said that she says her words.:“Tao Mengyi,I am not laughing in Tibetan knife,Uncomfortable like a snake,How to match your face of the beast and virtual。”
She used her kind,Feeding dogs with no conscience,Finally, I was also biting bloody.。
She never takes the initiative to provoke others,But this does not mean that she will be slaughtered.,She is kind,But also!
Blue Xin put down the phone,Looking at yourself in the mirror,The eyebrows haunts faint sadness and anger。
In fact, I have passed so many years.,Her suffering from her previous suffering,She also wants to pay。
If you are bitten by a mad dog,Do you want to kneel down??
But,She only has one heart knot,Is Tao Mengyi from where she took her away?
Who is her biological parents??
What she can’t put down is these。
Newcomers often,Her dreams often dream,Indeed to let go of yourself。
That is,Her feelings have hated!
Seven years,There is no wound healing。
She shuts down the phone,Then hide the place where others can see。
Also see,Jiaqi sent a message,She has arrived home.,She laughed,Only go to sleep。
Early next morning,Huan Jin Lan Xin,Still not sleeping lazy,I got up to morning running。
She habits in the morning,Especially the weekend。
Morning run back,She will also buy vegetables by her way.。
When she went out,Leave your mother with a note,She will buy vegetables back by the way,Let your mother don’t have to buy food。
Her family is not far from Shen Jiaqi.,There is also a vegetable market over there.。
She is going to go on the other side.。
When Shen Jiaqi’s gate,She is already sweating.。
She stopped,I saw Shen Jiaqi’s gate.,Look at the time,Just eight o’clock,at this time,People who are home should also not get up.。
She smiled slightly,That beautiful face,The red lotus after exercise is like a chairman。
She turned,Plan to go is the market。
“Jiaqi,Where are you going?”
Blue Xinyi heard the word Jiaqi,I stopped the footsteps in an instant.。
“Gu Yi Lin,Where are I going?,No need to manage,go away。”
Blue Xinyi,I saw the direction of the voice.,That is the place where Jiaqi’s back door。
How is this Gu Yi Lin so early??
Blue Xin runs in the past。
“Jiaqi,I know,It’s my fault,Jiaqi,sorry!I don’t protect you and our children.。”

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