[Homemade practice of wood beard meat]_Wood beard meat_how to make_how to make

[Homemade practice of wood beard meat]_Wood beard meat_how to make_how to make

There are many things that need to be prepared when making the wood whisker. Generally, it seems that many people need to prepare black fungus and cucumber when making the wood whisker. In fact, some eggs and pork need to be prepared. Generally, the pork is fatInterphase, cut into thin slices, do not thicken the meat, which will affect the taste, so that the fungus will not be glutinous when fried.

Ingredients Pork, eggs, black fungus, cucumber, ginger, cooking wine, salt, starch Method 1. Prepare ingredients: pork, egg, black fungus, cucumber, ginger (see picture) 2. Wash and slice pork, put ginger, cooking wine,A small amount of salt, starch, pickle and marinate for a while.

3, black fungus bubble hair, remove the root pedicle, put some salt and scrub, wash away the sediment.

Add water to the boil, add the fungus, cook for about 20 minutes on medium heat, and remove the drained water when cooked.

4, wash the cucumber, cut thick slices at both ends, pay attention to points can be changed to diamond-shaped slices.

5. Wash the egg skins, scoop them into a bowl to break into egg liquid, add cooking wine, salt, and a little water to stir well.

6. Warm oil in a hot pot, turn to medium heat, pour in egg liquid, and cook for serving.

7. Leave the base oil in the pot, turn to low heat, and put the meat slices to disperse and discolor.

8. Turn to high heat and stir fry the cucumber.

9, put the cooked black fungus, stir fry with an appropriate amount of salt.

10, put the eggs and stir fry the pan and serve.

Tip # 1: After cutting the pork, you can use the knife to pat loose, the meat is extra tender and tender.

2. You can add day lily, carrot, magnolia slices, etc. according to your personal preference.

Ingredients One cucumber, proper shreds, two eggs, proper amount of fungus, onion, ginger, garlic, and MSG

The fungus is soaked in warm water, washed, sliced cucumbers, shredded lean meat and set aside. Eggs are broken into bowls. Pour oil into the pot, pour in egg liquid, spread into egg pancakes, and shred.


The preparation is completed. Add oil to the wok, add shredded pork, scallion stir-fry, add salt, fry the shredded pork until the color is white, and it is almost cooked. Add black fungus, fry for a while, add eggs, stir fry a few times.Add cucumber and MSG out of the pot.

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