Shen Ruoxue suddenly jumped out such a sentence。

Song Min was caught off guard……
“Sister Minmin is that kind of beautiful and attractive,Can’t watch more,I’ll fall in love with her if I watch too much。”
Liu Xiaoyun said sweetly with a little mouth like honey。
“Oh my god!what is it today?You two actually praised me?Isn’t there anything that needs my help??”
Song Min said dumbly。
Song Min’s beauty is certainly not in Shen Ruoxi,Under Murong Shan and others,But her beauty is different from other girls,She really belongs to the kind of beauty that easily makes men have that kind of criminal impulse!
The five eldest sisters of the Shen family,Everyone is a girl with a peerless beauty,Among them, Shen Ruoxi’s beauty is dignified and elegant;Murong Shan’s beauty is graceful and luxurious;Chen Haomei calm and quiet;Yang Shiyun’s beauty and heroism,But Song Min’s beauty is the kind of charming and dispelling……
No wonder Zhuang Shenghui did not use all means to forcibly detain her in his underground casino。
“No,I just want to praise you。”
Shen Ruoxuejiao said with a smile。
“You two girls are so amazing,Obviously the two people always look at each other,The person who praised last was me,Who did you learn this trick of fooling sister??”
Song Min asked helplessly。
“No flicker,We are telling the truth,From the heart。”

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