Yao Bin says:“No way,If this plot is given to her,Let her be the bus parking lot,It’s a pity。”

Wang Jiadong did not participate in their topic,He just listened quietly。
Peng Changyi said:“Lao Lu,Ronman really wants to get on that piece of land?”
Lu Hua said:“I heard Fang Li talk to me that day。”
Peng Changyi nodded,That piece of land is reserved for the government office building,Now it’s the nursery of the Forestry Bureau,Many people feel that it is a pity that this square plot is used to grow flowers and trees,It’s natural for some people to think about it。right now,The bus terminal is in the site selection stage,It’s not surprising that Ronman thinks this way。But one thing,Even without building an office building,It’s impossible to use such a good plot as a parking lot。
Peng Changyi didn’t say anything,He just hummed from his nose。Just this one,Lu Hua knew Peng Changyi’s attitude。
They went back after eating,Because Wang Jiadong has a lunch break。
at night,Jin Jiang Hotel,Cadres above the provincial development and reform office,Is holding a dinner here,Welcome to the newly appointed party secretary of the Development and Reform Office、Comrade Jiang Fan, Deputy Director。
Director of Provincial Development and Reform Office Surname Shen,Shen Guangrui,Jiang Fan knows,Is the former secretary of the municipal party committee of Langzhu City,Once Zhai Bingde took him and Peng Changyi to Langzhu to find Secretary Shen for a drink,On the spot they drank one of their military district political commissars and another。and so,When Jiang Fan reported today,Recognized him at a glance。
morning,Jiang Fan is full of spirit,Arrived at the Provincial Organization Department on time,He was received by the Deputy Minister of the Organization Department,After the Deputy Minister announced his appointment by the Provincial Party Committee,Fan Wenliang, Director of the Organization Department, had a 10-minute conversation with him。
Looking at this former partner who is still carrying the dust of the grassland,Fan Wenliang has a special feeling,He didn’t say a word,Just watching him quietly。
Jiang Fan was taken care of by him,Smiled,Said:“I came back to report to the organization。”
Fan Wenliang also smiled,Has always been slow,Calm expression,Said:“Xiao Jiang……Ha ha,It’s inappropriate to call Xiaojiang。”
One sentence,It brought the two people closer。

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