Go back first。

but,Just go back,Easy to find,I am not easy。
after all,These three senior sisters,Arranged for someone to come and shoot me。
Probably,Also want to test me。
Think of this one,Lin Yu is on his own,Several wounds。
Face,Also marked a few wounds。
Body clothes,Tore some。
Got these,Lin Yu just continued,Rush over to the place agreed by the previous seniors。
“Junior Brother,what happened to you?”
The few people waiting for Lin Yu at the intersection。
Seeing Lin Yu turning around,Simultaneously,Have wounds all over。
A distressed expression,Towards Lin Yu and ran quickly。
“I,I was just on the road,Met a robber。”
“As soon as they come out,Don’t ask,Just fight me,then,Take things on me,All taken away。”
Lin Yu,When saying this,Uncomfortable。
Several people,Heard what Lin Yu said,Secretly proud。
Said with a distressed expression:“Blame us,If we were with you,You won’t encounter robbers。”
“Brother,Don’t blame you,It’s my own bad luck。”
Lin Yu heard,Said seriously。
“Do not,Blame us。”

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